172- Confessing and committing

I alternate between feeling miserable and furious on his behalf as I listen to the Canine and Avian Alphas going on and on about how he is trying to fulfil a role that he, as a man, is just not suited for which is just completely sexist. Alpha Kohen chimes in with a slightly more reasonable argument.

“While I don’t think this is the right time to be discussing this, the workload an Alpha has is intended for two people. I don’t know how I would manage without my wife.” He admits dryly. Okay, so maybe that’s a slightly better point.

“I have help.” Bellamy mildly answers.

“Your sister hardly counts. She’s not the Alpha, she can’t make any REAL decisions.” The Canine Alpha grumbles.

“I don’t see your mate being permitted to make any decisions further than social events and taking care of your children.” Bellamy grumbles.

“EXCUSE YOU?” The Canine Alpha growls. I can practically feel Bellamy repressing an eye roll.

“Now, now everyone. We’re all here for a reaso
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