173- Fulfillment and fantasies

The moment Alpha Kohen leaves, Bellamy releases me and spins my chair to face him. I barely have time to breathe before he presses his lips to mine. This kiss is passionate and a little out of control. Bellamy doesn’t hesitate or hold anything back. He’s holding me so tight that I can’t even move to wrap my arms around him. I start getting lightheaded and he must be too because he finally pulls back, breathing heavily. I can feel him purring deep in his chest. Still squeezing me tight, he’s as breathless as I am when he breathes out his confession.

“I love you.” He sounds absolutely elated. I am probably so bright red that I could outshine a stop sign. Even Bellamy looks a little flushed for once. I somehow end up in a slightly hysterical giggle.

“I can’t believe I said it first.” I admit. Bellamy leans back to look me in the eye, his own eyes are practically glowing with pleasure.

“To be honest… I can’t believe you said it first either. Although I might have thought ab
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