Teaching their Omega

Teaching their Omega

By:  Suzi de Beer  Updated just now
Language: English
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Being an Omega is the last thing I want, especially since it makes some Alphas think of you as a breeding machine. My luck with Alphas haven't been the best and I know that it's because of my past and the few. . .issues I have. Time is running out though. My heat is drawing closer which means that I only have a few weeks to find an Alpha willing enough to help me through it without bonding me. The Omega Centre tried to help, but they don't understand what I want. However, there might be an Alpha who could help. All I need to do is talk his Beta into agreeing.

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80 Chapters
1. SIN
“This happened on such short notice,” Draven muttered. “If they called sooner to let me know I might have had time to get things set up.” I glanced at him from the corner of my eyes but remained silent. There wasn’t much I could say to him that would change things. The Omega Centre told me that he had been listed as my guardian. It wasn’t like I had anybody else around. My mother was dead and my father had disappeared from the face of the earth a week before she died. I was an unclaimed Omega with no family, deserted in a small town where most of them disliked me for some reason. “Shit, I need to call Lauren to let her know,” he muttered. Swallowing, I focused my attention on the passing scenery. It was a small town basically in the middle of nowhere with few shops and even fewer houses surrounded by ranches for miles. The Omega Centre was located just on the outskirts of town, newly build and fully functioning. The center had been my home for nine years and now they wanted me go
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2. SIN
“If she refused to answer you the first time then it means that she’s not interested so why don’t you take a hike before I make you?” The Alpha scoffed and turned, giving me a view of the person who came to my rescue. “Mom won’t let you lay a hand on me.” “I don’t really give a fuck about your mother,” she said as she moved closer. “I’m sure your father—” “You know nothing so stop making assumptions. What are you doing here anyway? Is my uncle too busy to keep you occupied?” Her eyes narrowed on him but she didn’t answer or back down when he turned his full attention on her. Rolling her eyes, the woman moved closer. She walked around him and surprised me by moving in front of me. Her presence made some of the fear fade. “You have a very nasty habit of sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong,” she hissed. He smirked. “What are you going to do about it, Bella? Run to daddy?” She growled and took a step forward but at that moment, Draven and his mate appeared. “What’s going o
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“You know that it’s not only my decision, princess.” I glanced up at Michel as he entered the workshop with his phone pressed to his ear. Our eyes locked for a moment before his eyes darted away. Frowning, I turned off the machine and straightened. “Hold on, I’ll put the phone on speaker,” he muttered. Pulling the phone away, he pressed something on the screen before he placed it down on the table so both of us could hear clearly. There were a few minutes of silence before Bella spoke. “Is Ty with you?” “I’m here,” I told her. “Good.” She sucked in a breath. “I...A friend of mine needs some help. Draven offered for her to stay here with them but Lauren is being a bitch. She doesn’t want to stay here but she doesn’t have anywhere else to go.” “You want her to move in with us?” I asked her. “We all know why that’s a bad idea, Bella.” “I know,” she whispered, “but she’s not like that. I wasn’t thinking of her moving into the house with us. There’s the cottage that has everything
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4. SIN
I had butterflies in my stomach. It was something I had heard the other Omegas say when they were about to meet with an Alpha. I had never understood it until recently. It was supposed to be a good thing but it didn’t feel like it. This was a lot different than Draven telling me that I was going to live with them. I had gotten to get to know him over the years but now I was going to meet an Alpha I had never met before. “Are you sure we shouldn’t have waited for Draven to get back?” I asked Bella for the third time since we left.She waved a hand at me. “I’ll call him once we get home.” I nodded, but her words did nothing to ease some of the worries I felt. We left early because Bella said that it was best to drive before it got hot. Nobody had been awake when we left. “He’ll worry,” I muttered.“I’ll text him, okay? Will that make you feel better?” she asked me.“Yes.”We drove in silence for a few minutes. Being close to Bella felt nice. The only scent that clung to her skin wa
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5. SIN
I stood back with a smile, but it instantly dropped when I took in my handy work. Letting out a growl, I stomped forward and ripped the curtains from the couches. The living room wasn’t going to work because there were too many windows and the bedroom was too small. Letting out a huff, I glanced around. My brows dipped into a frown when an idea hit. It was a long shot and there was no guarantee that it was going to work. Gathering the curtains in my arms, I hurried down the hall into the bedroom. I dumped them on the bed and walked over to the closet. Pulling open the door, I studied the space with a critical eye. It wasn’t going to work either! Letting out a growl, I spun and studied the room again. The bed stood in the middle of the room with little space between it and the wall on either side. I stared at the window for a moment and then at the bed. The windowsill could be used along with the bed to hold the curtains up. With the picture forming in my mind, I hurried into the ki
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6. SIN
“How’s everything going?” “Fine.” I turned my head to stare out the window again. Draven had asked Bella to give me a lift into town. The ride had been silent and slightly awkward. I had stared out the window for the whole drive but I hadn’t missed the glances Bella gave me as we drove. Had her alpha told her that I bit him? “Sin, can you look at me?” Draven asked softly. I sighed. “Everything’s fine. I only talk to Bella and sometimes her Alpha. They don’t bother me and they always make sure that I have everything I need.”“I spoke to your doctor.” My eyes snapped over to him. Draven stared down at the table top for a few minutes before he looked at me again, but with narrowed eyes. There was no need for me to ask what she said because based on the way he was looking at me, I already knew that she told him what she had told me. “This isn’t something you can ignore, sweetheart.” I flinched. Pushing the chair back, I stumbled to my feet and made a beeline for the exit. Draven g
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7. SIN
I tilted my head to the side and pressed a fingertip to a dark bruise a few inches beneath my ribs. There were two sets of bruises, one set from Jackson, and the other from Tyrone. Letting out a sigh, I turned away from the mirror and bent forward to take a look at the healing wound on my knee. My eyes locked on the bruises surrounding my ankle instead. It throbbed, but it didn’t hurt as badly as it had. I knew it was probably because of the painkillers I had taken the moment we got back. Straightening, I grabbed the towel from the railing, tried myself, and then wrapped it around my body. Just as I stepped out of the bathroom, the cottage door opened, and then slammed shut a second later. I turned and frowned at Bella who had come to a sudden stop when she saw me. Her eyes dropped but immediately snapped back up to my face. She licked her lips and gave her head a slight shake. “We need to talk.” “About what?” I asked. Her eyes narrowed. “Draven called me.”I clutched the towel t
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8. SIN
He sat on top of the dark brown horse with a confidence I envied. The horse was beautiful but massive and scary even from a distance. Pressing my forehead against the window, I tried to get a better look at him, but he was too far away. Michel and Tyrone were early risers. I’d watch them from the window as they walked to the barn, and a few minutes later they would ride out of their beautiful horses. They’d be gone for a few hours before they’d return and head right back to the house. Sometimes Bella would go with them, and other times she would greet them on the porch. In the past week, I noticed that she had left the ranch three times. Sometimes she’d have a few bags with her when she returned, and other times she’d be empty-handed. A knock on the window made me jerk upright. I blinked at Michel and then frowned. He smirked at me as he walked off. I pulled open the front door before he could knock. “Good morning,” Michel greeted cheerfully. “Where’s your horse?” “He’s waiting
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9. SIN
“W-why?” “She hasn’t been herself,” he muttered. “I know that she’s sad but I can’t do anything to cheer her up because I don’t know what’s wrong.” I bit my lip. Reaching up, I slipped a few strands of hair behind my ear as I debated what to do. I could lie or I could tell him that it was between Bella and me. Or I could tell him the truth. The moment my heat hits they were going to know anyway. “I lied,” I told him. “About what?” Michel straightened and turned to stare up at me. “What did you lie about?” “I didn’t actually lie,” I muttered, “I just didn’t tell Bella the whole truth.” “Truth regarding what, Sin?” He didn’t look angry but there was an edge to his voice that made me hesitate. My lips parted and just as I was about to tell him, the unexpected happened. There was a loud thud that startled both me and the horse. I cried out when the horse suddenly took off at full speed. Michel yelled something but I didn’t hear. He had told me what to do to stop the horse but I cou
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They were talking about her. I fucking hated it. I hated the possessiveness that hit me every time they mention her name. The little Omega didn’t belong to me and she never would, but I couldn’t fucking stop thinking about her. I couldn’t stop my cock from hardening whenever her scent hit my nose. They were all trouble. Omega’s only caused destruction wherever they went. Look at all the shit Kate caused just because she wasn’t happy with the fact that she had to share us with Bella. If there was one thing that wasn’t going to change was the three of us. We were a family and a fucking Omega wasn’t going to rip us apart even if the urges were getting harder to control. “You should have fucking seen her,” one of the boys hissed. “Fuck man, I wouldn’t mind having that piece of ass clinging to me.” “I’m sure she wasn’t wearing any underwear,” his friend muttered. “Definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. I heard that she’s staying in the cottage.” “We should pay her a visit. Make sure that she
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