Struggle for a Chance

Struggle for a Chance

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She was infertile. Her husband said he would love her no matter what. For three years, he had always been gentle to her, She was happy that she found someone who truly loved her and didn't mind that she couldn't give him a child. Until one day, She learned the fact that he's been cheating on her a long time ago, living a double life and having a baby with someone else. And that woman was someone she know. she was mad and slapped her, but didn't expect it would kill the baby. His husband was furious and sent his lawyer to force her to sign the divorce agreement. She was told not to take any jewelry he bought for her, and no property would belong to her, all she could do was just pack and leave. Three years later, She came back with another man...

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Dis Covery
Awesome book!
2023-06-21 02:25:44
user avatar
Queen Harvey
Enjoyable read, but l didn’t care for Irene’s angry woman vs self sacrificing role.
2023-03-09 13:20:59
default avatar
Ava Wolf
Awesome book!!! The author needs to write a spin off and it should be about Nathan and his true feelings for Irene. Also about how he feels about Rowain
2022-12-08 10:08:15
default avatar
Ava Wolf
All in all this was really a good book. I truly enjoyed it. The author was very graphic during the revengeful plot, but I gotta say…had me jumping out of my seat. Even though I was routing for Edric and Irene to get back together… I really felt bad for Nathan. There should be a sequel about Nathan.
2022-12-08 10:03:47
default avatar
i love how the story flow.
2022-11-07 12:57:56
default avatar
with whom she end up in end ????
2022-02-07 13:25:26
user avatar
Val Dockery
I can't get past the 1st chapter. It's on repeat. Both slaps, the lawyer's office. Please have someone edit this before its posted. It's not fair to the paying reader.
2021-10-20 13:06:43
247 Chapters
Chapter 1
The smell of disinfectant pervaded the air in the hospital. Irene Nelson dashed out of the doctor's office excitedly with the lab results in her hands. Just when she was about to make a phone call, her cellphone rang. When she picked it up, she heard her uncle say, "Irene, is everything alright between you and Edric?" "We're fine. Why did you ask?" "I heard that Edric brought a pregnant lady to the hospital for a prenatal checkup the day before yesterday.." Irene burst into laughter and replied, "You think Edric has a kept woman?" "Yes!" "Don't worry. Of all men, Edric's the last person in the world who would do such a thing." After Irene hung up the call with her uncle, she called Edric Myers. However, he only answered after the phone rang for a long time. "I'm very busy. Don't call and disturb me if it's nothing important! That's it for now." He sounded cold and emotionless and hung up before Irene could say anything.
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Chapter 2
Three years later... The night was young and many luxury cars and reporters geared up with cameras and equipment gathered at the gates to the San Fetillo Hilton Hotel. The Golden Age Group was hosting a party here tonight and had invited the business tycoons of San Fetillo to the event. When the reporters caught wind of the news, they flocked over in hopes of obtaining news that would make the headlines. four At eight p.m, a sleek Maybach pulled over before the hotel. "Mr. Reed! It's Mr. Reed from the Golden Age Group!" the reporters yelled and rushed over with their cameras and gear. Jordan Reed was dressed in a white suit and wore a frivolous smile on his face as he got out of the car. Supermodel Lulu, who was dressed in a chic off shoulder evening dress, got out from the other side of the car. Jordan then reached out to hold Lulu's hand before they decently posed for the camera. I Irene was seated in the passenger's seat with a briefcase in her han
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Chapter 3
The commanding tone of voice sounded familiar. When Irene looked up, she saw a woman who was slapped with a thick layer of makeup. "Isn't she Lily Cook's best friend, Freya Howard?" Irene thought. Freya was momentarily stunned as well when she saw Irene. As Irene was dressed in work attire, Freya mistook her for a waitress and was startled when she found out it was Irene. "So it's you?" However, Irene merely ignored her. But just when she was about to brush past Freya, Freya managed to recover from her shock and stopped her immediately, "Are you actually working as a waitress here? Haha, what a joke!" "Is it that funny?" Irene asked coldly. "Of course. You were so arrogant in the past, weren't you? Tsk tsk. To think that you would end up as a mere waitress. Every dog has its day. That's quite apt for your situation now, isn't it? Hurry up and get me something to eat!" Freya appeared pleased with what she had just said. As Irene was beautiful, morally upright and bles
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Chapter 4
Many people were startled by the commotion and glanced over. The security guards, too, rushed over. As this was a party for members of the upper class, the security guards were unusually snobbish. Irene, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, was naturally taken for a waitress. Thus, without even getting their facts right, the guards immediately shoved her out of the hall. As Freya's eyes were burning from the chili gravy, she was quickly sent to the hospital. After Edric heard of the news, he rushed over only to see Lily with a clear palm print on her face and her expensive evening gown stained with soup. Surprised by the awkward state that she was in, he asked, "What happened?" Lily was actually afraid that Edric would come to know that Irene had appeared at the party. However, she knew that she couldn't hide the truth from him now that things have reached this state. Thus she cried and complained, "Edric, I saw Miss Nelson. She's working as a waitress here. For some
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Chapter 5
Edric wore a look of indifference as he gave those cruel instructions to the guards and Irene lowered her gaze to conceal the look of sadness in her eyes. "Is Edric's heart made of stone? I've never let him down in any way throughout our five years of relationship and three years of marriage. Why is he so cruel to me?" she thought.  "Three years ago, Edric had sent me packing with nothing to my name. Now that we're meeting again for the first time in three years, he's going to send me to the police station without even bothering to get his facts right." Men were the most cruel creatures in the world and Edric was one of the leaders of the pack. 'I must have been blind to have fallen in love with such a cold blooded and heartless man back then,' she thought. Irene was adamant not to apologize and was eventually brought to the police station. Just when the police asked her some basic questions, Irene's phone rang. It was a call from Jordan. After I
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Chapter 6
Jordan's laughter came out of the blue and Irene merely stood and stared at him. After laughing for a long time, he stopped. "Irene, that was f*cking cool! You're so ugly and couldn't do anything well but who would have imagined that you could be so fierce? No man would dare to marry a woman like you." Jordan had always had a sharp tongue, so Irene merely lowered her eyes and remained silent as he spoke. Jordan couldn't care less if she was angry about what he said and continued, "It's all because of you. You wasted my time. I'd planned to spend a night with Lulu, and you ruined it... Take a cab back by yourself. Your bonus for this month will be halved!" After saying this, he got into the car and left. Irene stood rooted to the spot for a while before she made her way to the nearby bus station with a heavy heart. Less than five minutes after she left, a luxurious Aston Martin pulled over in the parking lot of the police station. Edric was seated in the back.
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Chapter 7
As it was getting late, Irene laid down in bed soon fell into a deep slumber. She then began to dream. In her dreams, she had returned to that day three years ago when Lily showed her huge belly to her and smiled gleefully as she announced. "Irene, I'm pregnant with his child." Irene merely slapped her in the face, but that led to Lily's subsequent miscarriage. She felt afraid and angry when she saw the blood that was splattered all over the ground. 'Smack! The crisp sound of a slap could be heard, along with the vicious cursing by Margaret, "B*tch, you're a fruitless tree and yet you simply can't allow others to do what you've failed to achieve, could you?" "This is the divorce agreement. Please look through and sign your name on it," the lawyer said indifferently. "Mr. Myers, don't have the time to spare. Stop wasting time. Hurry and sign it. It's better for all of us." Irene had loved and fully devoted herself to Edric for five years. She had thought that
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Chapter 8
For the past three years, as Irene had never paid attention to news about Edric, was unaware that he had yet to marry his mistress Lily. Jordan sneered coldly and remarked, "Since Myers is getting engaged to a secretary's daughter, I'll have to prepare a great gift for them anyhow." "What would you like to give, Mr. Reed?" "What should I give? How would I know what I should give?" Jordan rebutted and glanced towards Irene before he instructed, "I'll leave this to you. Go pick a gift." "I... I know nothing about gifts. Mr. Reed, please task someone else with this," Irene immediately rejected, for she was obviously unwilling to pick a gift for the scumbag Edric and his wretched mistress. "Well, you could always learn," Jordan rebutted. His favorite past time was to torment Irene. Irene was already twenty seven years old now and yet she did not dress herself up or apply any makeup and neither does she have a boyfriend. Thus, Jordon felt a strange sense of repuls
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Chapter 9
Steven immediately released Irene's hand. When the two of them turned around, they realized that Jordan was already standing behind them. Jordan was momentarily stunned when he realized that it was Steven. "Mr. Cook?" he greeted. "Mr. Reed!" Steven greeted and smiled awkwardly. However, Jordan added quickly with a forced smile, "Why are you holding onto my assistant's hand? Are you harassing her?" "Assistant?" Steven repeated and stared at Jordan in surprise before he looked at his daughter and asked, "Irene, are you working for Mr. Reed?" "Irene? Why are you addressing her so lovingly? Mr. Cook, I believe my assistant could already pass off as your daughter. Besides, she's not good-looking! It'd be a great mistake to have eyes for her. It'll be terrible to be embroiled in a nasty scandal," Jordon reminded sharply and pulled Irene over to his side as he spoke. "Have eyes for her? Embroiled in a nasty scandal?" Steven repeated and quickly realized that Jordan
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Chapter 10
Margaret was not the least afraid when she heard that someone wanted to call the police. Instead, she raised her voice and hollered, "Who do you think you're defending? Tell you what, this wretch is well known for her viciousness. She murdered someone three years ago. In order to seduce my son, she pushed down my daughter-in-law, who was four months into her pregnancy, and caused her miscarriage!" Margaret was a master in twisting the facts. When the crowd heard what she said, they immediately glanced at Irene disdainfully and criticized. "Who'd expect that a young girl like you could be so vicious!" Irene was so angry that her entire body began to quiver. She initially wanted to let things slide and leave, but after Margaret provoked her, she grabbed her phone and called the police. The police quicky arrived, but Margaret threatened arrogantly, "Do you know who my son is? He's Edric Myers, and Mr. Cook is my in-law. Take a look at yourself before you mess with me!"
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