Submission And Domination : His Submissive Student

Submission And Domination : His Submissive Student

By:  Lori  Ongoing
Language: English
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This book contains Steamy mature contents. Devon the master mind of everything and the owner of the Academy sat in the Dining Room and again reviewed the proposal he had before him. It was the result of a years worth or research and consideration, Something he had kept secret from everyone until recently. Master Devon convinces the Vassal Group to set up a voluntary training facility for the Domination and Submission culture, he intend to make women submissive and men dominant. And his dream was becoming a reality.

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6 Chapters
Chapter One
Devon sat in the Dining Room and again reviewed the proposal he had before him. It was the result of a years worth or research and consideration. Dominique and two of the shrinks were about to arrive and receive the briefing on the proposal, something he had kept secret from everyone until recently.Dominique entered the room and sat across the table from Devon and the two Doctors sat with her. Devon was alone on his side, and that was fine. He was proposing a huge change in the way that the group did business. One small voice in the wilderness as it were. "OK Devon, we're here, as promised. Now would you like to tell us what you've been looking at and are now ready to brief us on?"Devon smiled and slid three folders across the table. "Certainly Dominique, and thank you all for coming. In short, I believe it is possible, and potentially profitable to set up a more overt and strictly above board training facility.""Above board, you mean legally speaking?" Doctor Jenkins asked."Yes.
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Chapter Two
"I knew you were fascinated by her Devon, but this?" Dominique asked.Devon smiled disarmingly. His charm was legendary, as was his ability to manipulate people. "Dominique. I've given you the results of my research, the conclusions and how I arrived at them. The raw data is referenced, and I'm certain will be checked to confirm it. The training would be different from what we're doing here, no ability to program the candidate with Sandman, however the physical techniques, the tricks our slaves learn, would be able to be taught."Devon shifted and said. "The ideal candidate would have sufficient submissive traits, most probably discovered by self searching, or experimentation with sexual mates. We could seek out several of these, train them up, and then assist them in finding more permanent masters, for a small fee of course.""Honestly Devon, I like the idea of filing for patents on variations of our training tools. The idea of making some money on that research is probably going to
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Chapter Three
"Thank you Dominique." Devon said bowing his head slightly. He then walked to Control with Dominique and ran down the training board showing her the status of current product. Dominique decided to personally test one of the senior slaves, a male who was endowed with a cock that looked like a tree trunk. She descended the stairs and found him cleaning. She directed that he follow her and she led him to one of the live test rooms.Devon watched it on the screens for a little while; Dominique was like most of those involved, a former slave trainee. She had been identified as a potential trainer, and worked up to lead, finally to committee. Dominique was ruthless, and absolutely loyal to the group. She was a dedicated servant of the group, as all the lead trainers were, and every member of the committee. Devon privately thought that Dominique was a step away from the very top, and her words carried a great deal of weight.Devon glanced at the rest of the screens while Slave R was licking
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Chapter Four
"He gets three, plus that damn slave he's so fond of." Tony said. "Finally, everyone must be briefed in, and must choose this voluntarily. Once they leave our happy home, they aren't allowed to come back ever. That includes you Dominique. If you don't want to run this, you're free to say no."Dominique considered. Sure she was. She'd recommended approval, and if she said no the Committee would wonder why, and then wonder if she had said no because she felt herself not up to the task, or if she had said no because she'd reconsidered and not told them about it. "I'm in. I'll do what I'm asked to." Dominique finally answered.Tony nodded. "Robert, these ID's have got to be good. They need to be in the system at every level. Credit reports, the whole nine yards. Now back to Jeannette. She's got a fascination with her name, and won't give it up. The group said they wanted you to use her name, as her middle name. It would be as if she used her middle name to show she was playing at being a
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Chapter Five
"No Jeannette, you haven't been bad." Devon said smiling. "You've been very good, we're very happy with you.""Master, you're going, as are Mistress Rebecca and Master Thomas?""Yes, we're going. We'll meet another Master before long, Master Andre." Devon said."Am I allowed to stay here?" Jeannette asked in a tight thin voice."Yes, you may stay here. If you leave, you'll never again be allowed back to the farms. If something goes wrong, you're stuck out there." Devon said laying out the ground rules.Jeannette sagged slightly. She was obviously thinking. She looked up at Master Devon, but got no guidance on what she should say, nor any from Mistress Rebecca or Master Thomas. She thought about what she liked, and loved. She loved Devon. He had saved her life, she knew that. She had seen him do that. Master Devon had saved her life, and allowed her to serve. If Master Devon left, she'd miss him terribly, and sooner or later someone would decide she'd served enough.If Master Devon lef
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Chapter Six
Thomas sat and then nodded. "I'm in too Devon." Thomas looked soft. His face had a baby quality to it that made him look much younger than his years. He usually had a quick smile and his eyes sparkled with a hidden humor.At dinner Devon introduced Carl as the new Master's Master and then sat politely as Carl told everyone that work would continue and the pace would not slacken. After dinner Devon went for Jeannette personally and brought her upstairs. It was time to see what Jeannette would choose to do."Slave Jeannette, we're leaving and setting up a new training facility. One based upon this plan." Devon held up the proposal. "One where people come voluntarily. You would be free from the farms, but a slave for us. It's going to be a variation of what we do here. Would you like to come with us?""Master." Jeannette said. "Have I been bad?""No Jeannette, you haven't been bad." Devon said smiling. "You've been very good, we're very happy with you.""Master, you're going, as are Mist
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