Bidding for love

Bidding for love

By:  Orejay  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sarah, a vibrant young woman, becomes the breadwinner for her family. Desperate for money, she agrees to be auctioned off for a date with wealthy men. The highest bidder, John, proposes a contract marriage to secure a billion-dollar deal. As their relationship unfolds, they discover unexpected vulnerabilities but face challenges from John's ex and a scandal that tears them apart. Two years later, they reunite, realizing their enduring love. Will they give their relationship a second chance?

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5 Chapters
Sarah’s POVStriding down the paseo, heading for an interview, I’m thinking about my auctioning scheduled tonight. I’ve been drowning in problems, weighed down by family responsibilities and swimming in debts, hence, I agreed to Mr Maguire’s sick plan of auctioning me to filthy rich men who’ve got money to throw around. But I made it clear that a date is all the highest bidder is getting.“What the...?” I yell as soon as a puddle of dirty water is splashed on me. It swiftly greets my chin, trailing down my chest and finally stopping on my tight faded blue skirt. “Seriously!” I groan irritatedly, trying to somehow dry off the liquid with my hand.In utmost fury, my eyes dart to the stupid car that has ruined my outfit, my mood and possibly, my day. Like I’m not already having a bad day and the day has only just begun.I glare at the vehicle as it makes its way to the front of a building and parks there. It’s a shiny, black car, very fancy. I’m terribly concerned with the fact that my o
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Chapter 2
Sarah’s POV“$200,000, I meant to say,” the man’s aloof voice resounds in my ear for a couple of seconds.I still find it hard to believe that there are people like him who’ll waste that much money, trying to win a bid. Rich people will always remain a big mystery to me. No matter how hard I try, I can’t fathom how the minds of the these people work. What is it that they’re trying to prove?The whole place is thrown into a deafening silence and seconds later, murmurings, mutterings and gasps engulf it. I stare in awe and bewilderment at the man who’s at the verge of becoming the highest bidder tonight. He’s sitting so confidently and relaxed in his chair, wearing a forbidding look that he doesn’t seem to get tired of.Our eyes are still locked, we’re gazing at each other almost as though we’re communicating with our minds when really all I want to do is walk up to him and ask him how he can bid such a ridiculous amount to get a date in return. I know I should be psyched that he’s will
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Chapter 3
Sarah’s POVThe pang in my chest resurfaces and this time, it’s even harder and intense. My heart throbs erratically, my chest constricting. The feeling is overwhelming and foreign. And it took just those words ripping out of Mr Grim’s lips to get these emotions swiveling through my body.Mr Grim’s rival is still holding me in a firm grasp. His arm becomes even tighter around my waist and I can feel his nails piercing through my dress. I flinch and wriggle my body against his, trying to break free of his grip.“Let her go,” Mr Grim says again, the spite in his voice getting louder and more noticeable. He’s shooting daggers at the guy, looking at him like he wants to have his head on a silver platter.What the hell is going on? Who are these men and why are they dragging me into whatever conflict they’re having?“And why should I?” He spits, his expression and attitude very sour. He clenches his teeth and digs his nails into my waist.I yelp and Mr Grim takes note of it. I’ve been too
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Chapter 4
Sarah’s POVWhat the hell?My body grows hot and I quiver a little underneath Mr Stones’ touch. How dare he say a thing like that to me? I hope he doesn’t have the wrong idea. I may be wretched and poor but never has the thought of sleeping with a man for money ever crossed my mind nor will it ever.I gather all of my strength and try to shove the bastard off me. He doesn’t flinch, he’s too strong for me. He withdraws his body from mine and moves to the other end, now staring quietly out the window. I sit up straight and fix my dress which had been pushed up to my upper thigh, my lace thong almost coming in view.Shit! I sure hope he didn’t see anything.“Damian, stop the car,” Mr Stones says abruptly and his driver immediately mouths a “Yes boss” before pulling over. “Get out,” he utters in an extremely low voice, colder than he had been moments ago.“Excuse me?” Confusion spreads all over my face and all my attention fixated on him.“Get out,” he repeats without even glancing at me.
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Chapter 5
Sarah’s POVOn the floor, is my mother, unconscious with blood dripping out of her nose and mouth. She looks lifeless! God, I hope she’s not!Mom!” I squeal like a stuck pig, tears instantly pooling my eyes as I hurry to meet her. Her body’s cold yet she’s sweating profusely. I check her pulse and her heartbeat. I heave a little sigh of relief. Thank goodness! She’s still alive.“Mom!” I call out to her and lift her from the ground. She’s lost weight incredibly, now thinner and paler than normal. The red spots on her skin are still as evergreen as the first time they appeared.I carry her outside and bang on my neighbor’s door until the 40-year-old man comes out. He sees the tears welling in my eyes and my mother resting on me with her eyes closed. He doesn’t ask any question, he rushes in and grabs his car keys then helps me lay my mother in the backseat. We’ve been through this a couple of times before.I get in the backseat and we drive off to the nearest hospital. Hot tears are st
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