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"Just by looking at her your heart starts to beat faster, if you look into her eyes you want to respect her, her skin is soft like silk, just by looking at her you want to cage her and never let anyone see her""Mafia king and my best friend, the most precious thing to Chands is none other than their mafia Princess , Ashly Chand".

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Alexander Branson, the new mafia king is ready to rule everywhere like his father and mother did. The king ordered everyone to gather in the conference hall. Now people are waiting for theirnew mafia king to arrive. After his father and mother got retired, because they wanted Alexander to start implementing whatever they taught him, Alexander had to take the position of the mafia king. If you ask where they ruled, then the answer is simple,"the Branson's ruled everywhere", they practically controlled the world, accept one place. Alexander was happy when his father gave him his position, it meant to him that his father trusted him more than anything or anyone. At a very young age, his parents started training him, so that, he can become a great mafia king. Day by day ,after his training, he grew stronger. Physically,mentally and spiritual
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"What are you trying to imply Mike  You know I don't tolerate nonsense, so don't joke around" Alexander hiss and Mike roll his eyes.His stupid friend."Alexander my dear friend ,I speak nothing but the truth. The most precious thing in ChandLand is none other than Ashly Chand, the mafia Princess. She is the so-called Miss. Beauty, has a reputation for her divine beauty, even many princess girls from other are jealous of her for having such beauty." Mike continued speaking."You know your mother and the elder Queen, Queen Braze is famous for his beauty and people say mafia Princess Ashly is the only one whom we can compare with Queen Braze's Beauty."Alexander takes a deep breath.Yeh, his mother is the most beautiful person in this world. His father has to fight and God knows how many time killed people because of his mother's beauty.People attacked Branson's to take The Elde
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Queen  Maryes Chand, a beautiful woman, she lost her husband in a war with American Mafias.   Her husband sacrificed himself so Chands can live peacefully.   She still remembers. It happened the day her baby girl was born.   Her beautiful daughter who is the most precious thing for her and for whole ChandLand people.   Her daughter is a sassy person but she is reasonable from inside.   As a mafia Princess, she treats everyone with respect, Maryes always wants to give her daughter best.   Maryes stood up from her chair. Her eyes filled with rage.    "What!!?"   "Branson's are attacking!?"General Jones bowed his head down.    "They are at the border of ChandLand, ready to attack us."Maryes frowned.    "Why the hell Branson's attacking on us" a
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"General Jon, " Queen addressed him with a cold voice."Why do Branson's want to make deal with us?""You are all around ChandLand. And we both know that it will only take one nod from the mafia king to burn down ChandLand into ashes" Queen didn't waver her gaze."And as I know Queen, Branson's have more golds and diamonds than us, so Generals ,what do you want from us? You have everything" Jones asked with a cold voice."You have a point"Jon said."And you have a good mind general Jones, but you know, our King does not have everything. There are many things in this world which are more precious than the diamonds and Gold" Jace continue with a small smirk on his face."Instead of having a bloodbath, Our Mafia king wants to make a friendly deal." Jace continued. "That's what I don't understand General. As much as I remember, we don't have any precious thing w
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Jon and Jace couldn't believe their  eyes.   They had heard about Chand's mafia Princess being beautiful like their elder Queen, but they never considered it to be actually possible.   Their elder Queen was so beautiful and elegant and by looking at Princess Ashly Chand, Jace and Jon were perfectly sure that the Princess belongs to Branson's.   Princess Ashly Chand was standing in front of them. She was nothing but a creation of God. She was way alluring and gorgeous. Such a beautiful young woman.    She was wearing a white shirt, black pant and a black robe with golden embroidery.   Jace and Jon were short of words.   The same happened to them years ago, the moment they saw Elder Queen Braze.   Ashly took a deep breath and decided to speak.   "What does your King desire ?" Ashly asked them. She heard everyt
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Alexander was at the border of ChandLand. He knows very well that he is going to win and make Chands bow their head down to him.While he was holding a meeting with his Generals inside his tent.A guard walked in."General Jon and Jace has arrived"He informed Alexander."Send him in" Alexander ordered.Jon and Jace stepped inside. "My son" Alexander nodded and asked them to take a seat."No need for a blood bath my son. Miss.Beauty has agreed to be yours" Jon informed him with a smile.Alexander smiled victoriously."I am going back to the capital tonight. Take a group of soldiers and escort Chand Princess to the Capital." Alexander ordered, It's time to him to become a Lord Mafia."Ceremony will be held there, I will inform mother to start prepa
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Inside the main hall of ChandLand."What were you thinking!?"Queen Maryes was furious. Ashly sighed as she arranged her trunk box.She can't let this happen, her husband scarified himself so that he can protect Chands and to protect his beloved child.And here she is, she can't even protect her baby, her only family."I had no choice Ma. Die with our people or die alone" Ashly answered her."And Ma please don't take this to yourself, I know what you are thinking Ma. You always protected me,  your whole life, you protected whole ChandLand . Now it's my time to protect my people and provide them a better and peaceful future" Tears rolled down the Queen's cheeks, she really can't do anything."He will not kill you. He will torture you and make you regret about being born. We Chands never bowed our  heads down to Branson's. He will make sure to ta
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Ashly took a deep breath and looked towards her mother and smiled. She was about to walk out of the door. But her mother stood in front of her."Don't go!" Her eyes were pleading."Ma I have to, I have to do this for my people, for you" Ashly whispers the last part."But baby , If he sees you, he will never let you go!" Maryes knows very well how everyone wants her daughter because of her beauty.Tears are falling down her cheeks again. She never cried this much in her whole life, not even when her husband died. "I lost my husband to an American Mafia . Now I can not lose my only  daughter."Jones stares at both mother and daughter. He knows very well that he cannot do anything to help them. Chands always lived peacefully ,they never wanted war or anything . If they showed disagreement to this offer ,whole ChandLand will pay the conseque
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Alexander was sitting in conference Hall of the Chand palace with Elder Queen Braze and Elder King Branson sitting beside him waiting for their future daughter-in-law to arrive.   Standing beside him was his two generals, Simon and Mike .Jace and Jon sitting besides each other and waiting for their new Queen to arrive.   Elder Queen Braze decided to break the silence.   "So my baby  decided to hold the ceremony in Branson's headquarter?"   Alexander looks towards his mother and nods his head.    "Good , and I hope you will invite  Chands also, they are going to be your in laws and our family. We treat our family with respect." Elder king Branson said, while looking towards his son.   "Yes father, I know ,don't worry , I will never make you regret your decision of choosing me as King" Alexander answered with a determination that made Braze and B
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After signing the contract, Ashly took her time to bid farewell to her mother.Everyone came to give a Noble farewell to their beloved Princess.They didn't want their beloved Princess to go anywhere, especially with Branson's.But they knew that their Princess made this sacrifice for them.Queen Maryes hugged her daughter. "I will come to Branson's headquarters before your wedding with your bridal garments and all"she said. " Stay safe. Stay strong. Be careful with your words. Try not to be sassy with the king"Ashly released herself from her brace and smiled."I will be fine Ma. If no one provokes me, I won't use my mouth. But if they ever tried to insult me, I will cut their heads off," Ashly said with determination."I am Chand Ma, Ashly Chand. I will bow down my head out of respect, not out of fear".
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