Chapter 116


All eyes followed her line of sight, and she was right — Zach just entered the ballroom with his Beta and his whole family around him.

I felt the air still as the noise dissipated around the ballroom that you would hear if a pin dropped.

“Zach!” Catherine exclaimed as she left my hold and hurried forward, walking and running toward them before she threw her arms around him. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

The silence stopped, and the crowd began to have their own conversation again, but my focus was on the Alpha, who didn’t even move his arms to hug my mate. Instead, a scowl was on his face as he waited for Catherine to pull away from him.

The moment she did, his gaze went around the crowd in front of him, which consisted of his friends and Alpha Circle. “Stop with the staring as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Enough, Zach.” Uncle Riley said in a low but firm voice. His forehead creased, and I could see he was already upset as well.

“We’re just happy you are here,” Catherine said
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goodnovel comment avatar
Such an awesome chapter!! Perfect way to shake things up again :)
goodnovel comment avatar
Jenn Siegfried
Great chapter that song is perfect!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Karina Vazquez
Maybe Zach is acting up because of what happened b Amara and Jace, he was fine back then. Maybe he doesn’t want that to happen to him who knows. No doubt we will read about it on his book.

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