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“We did it. We did it, Luna Alice….” I mumbled back at my mate while pecking her forehead.

The day we had been waiting for finally came. Dad decided to give me the pack even before my 20th birthday. I guessed my refusal to back down about Eugene, and my ignoring Mom’s tactics opened his eyes to the fact that I was ready to leave this pack anytime.

And with no one to pass the title on, it terrified him, especially when he realized the people were more comfortable doing business with me than him. Or simply because he was already tired.

The arrogance in his eyes had been long gone. And I seldom hear him raise his voice. Eugene leaving the territory started the spreading of news that he was the Luna’s son but not the Alpha’s.

Even in modern society, this is still frowned upon. The Alphas could have many pups, but the Lunas were supposed to be perfect. And if I were not who I was at this point, I would probably be on the side of the people mocking my own father for this.

Cassandra M

THANK YOU for taking this journey with me, lovelies! 💜

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Naomi D.
great side story! love how their bond redeemed them and made them better. can't believe Alice turned into someone I rooted for
goodnovel comment avatar
Paydahbin Aby
Literally crying! I love both Josh and alice! Thank you for taking us on this journey!
goodnovel comment avatar
congratulations Alpha Joshua & Luna Alice.. wonderful side story.. I never thought I would love them and their story so much

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