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I didn’t know I had fallen asleep on the train ride to Bernice City. I was grateful the female from whom I bought the ticket woke me up and told me we were approaching the station where I needed to get off.

After making sure everything I had in my bag was still intact, I took my aunt’s address out and asked her if it was a long way from the station. She told me I needed to take a bus to get there.

I was left with no choice but to tell her I couldn’t read and that I might end up somewhere far from this place.

Her eyes softened as she grabbed a pen from her pocket and ripped a piece of paper from her notepad. She began to draw something out of it before she handed it to me.

“When you get out of here, you will see a red building. Cross that street to get there. And in the direction where a colorful rainbow arch is, head in that direction. Follow that sidewalk. Just continue forward. You will pass three corners. On the fourth corner, turn left. Here.” She pointed at the
Cassandra M

Because you asked for it. Thank you for reading! If I don't update tonight, it will be on the 30th or 31st as I wrap up the remaining chapters. You are all amazing, lovelies! Don't forget to drop some gems for us before they expired at the end of the month! ❤

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yes she is
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Nikita Styles
Cassandra M, you are amazing. I’m glad I found your books.
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What an awesome story. So glad River made it safely to her aunt and it seems like she will be loved there. I’m sad that this story is going to end soon. I want to read about Cy and River’s story next more than Austin and Lexi’s

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