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I stood beside Gamma Julius as we discussed the final security instructions for Alice’s baby shower tomorrow.

We didn’t have many guests, mostly Alphas and their Lunas, so we had to be strict. I didn’t want this event to be the reason for us to be shunned if anything happened to any of the Lunas while they were in our territory.

Alice was already in her seventh month of pregnancy, and Nikka insisted on throwing a baby shower for her. It would just be a formal lunch and a small get-together after that.

The people she wanted to be here were all invited.

Who would have thought that Amara and Jace would be entering our territory tomorrow?

It took a while before Amara and Alice became comfortable with each other, but it finally happened. And I could only look back at all the stupid things I did and said to Amara, but I was glad that she and Jace both gave me and Alice a chance to be better and to make up for the way we acted toward them.

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Duygu Çınar Umdu
Cyrus: 2# Riley and River: 2# Nadia
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I hope when Joshua and Alice find out what Luna Matilda did to River, she will be kicked out of the packhouse. Or, much better, stay with Eugene. 
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I’m dieing for the next story.

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