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The days turned into weeks. And then into months. But we never got the answer we were looking for.

River was still nowhere to be found.

The CCTV footage of her in the train station showed she went inside a train heading for Atlanta. On the same day, some of my men went to that city.

My father didn’t want to spend any dime looking for River, and since I had no jurisdiction to give orders to our trackers, I was not able to seek assistance from them.

Cyrus, however, extended his help again and sent his own trackers to do the job. And so did Roan and Kairo since their packs were nearest to Atlanta.

But even with them and their friends helping us and using their own resources, we couldn’t find her. Like she just vanished into thin air.

Alice had gone to her room the day after she left and checked if she left any clues, but there was nothing telling us where she had gone.

She saw Cyrus’ calling cards in the trash bins, and she told him about it. And I
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Well done Alpha Joshua & Luna Alice

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