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I heard Joshua close the door before he pulled me to his side. “I’m sorry. I had no fucking idea why I couldn’t do or say anything.”

“It’s okay. I don’t think anything you say or do would make her change her mind.” I answered him as we continued walking.

“The Council is a long shot," he said.

“I know.” I stopped walking as my shoulders sagged. My eyes watered as I turned to my side to face him. “I have a bad record with the Council, with what Mom did and the fiasco I made to Amara.”

“What did you do to Amara?” He asked as he pulled me towards an empty receiving room and closed the door once we were inside.

“I almost attacked her if I was not stopped. She was already nine months pregnant. It was outside the Council building. Someone saw that and reported me. You know how you’re not allowed to touch, threaten, or hurt a Luna? So I got a warning. Roan pleaded on my behalf.” The tears fell from my eyes as I dropped my gaze to the floor. “And now, I’m going to blow the chance
Cassandra M

Hello, lovelies! We have two chapters (sorry, I got too busy) today! And we have two more scenes and the epilogue left. However, I am uncertain about the total number of chapters, which is likely to be between 3 and 6. But we are so close to the end! I will not be updating tomorrow (24th) or on the 25th! So I want to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! Enjoy and keep safe! Thank you for sticking with me! You're one of my best gifts this year! And lastly, don't forget to gift me some gems before they expire at the end of the year! ^_^

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Merry Christmas!
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Kami Metzler
merry Christmas to you and your family as well. I hope Joshua gets the Alpha title and Eugene goes away but I also really something good happens for River she deserves it. it's not her fault who she was born to she shouldn't have to live the life she's being given because of it.
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Merry Christmas my dear author take your break Christmas is time for family

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