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After Joshua and I talked briefly about Mom, he told me to come over to the packhouse, as he had already told Luna Matilda that we were coming over to speak with her about River.

I was surprised that she actually agreed to meet us because, as far as I could tell, the Luna didn’t want anything to do with me. And I honestly never bothered. If she was thriving while ignoring me, then that was fine.

I was still showing her courtesy, such as greeting her, but I only got a cold stare, so if one day I stopped acknowledging her, no one could say I didn’t try.

I was Renee’s daughter. I could stand my ground, and to hell with everyone around me. It might sound arrogant, but I knew this time I was actually on my best behavior. As long as I have Joshua, I will be fine.

But I had to meet Luna Matilda for River. She needed to let her go so this sweet girl could do better things in her life than worry if she would upset her or the Alpha. I only wished it would be easy, but I was willing
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Joshua has been hypnotized

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