By:  Catherine Creel   Ongoing
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“…. become my mistress and run my house like a wife would. Look at it like a normal job; you make me happy and I pay you at the end of the month. Only this time, making me happy also includes sexually.” Eric Ferraro, a CEO and billionaire told me. “I’m sorry, but I don’t fully understand this. What do you mean?” I asked nervously. “Perhaps you’d understand if you read it,” he told me and before I could understand what he meant, he opened a black notepad on the table and took out a document. He handed it to me and I took it with a shaky hand and read. It was a contract! A contract stating I would be in a sexual affair with him and run his house, like a mistress. Not a girlfriend. Not the love of his life. A mistress. A whore he paid to satisfy him!!! Olivia Jack, against her better judgment, accepts a contract proposal from billionaire Eric Ferraro to pay for her mother’s stem cell transplant, thus signing away herself to him. Against the contract agreement, Olivia falls in love with Eric and finds herself in a crossfire when his ex wife, old flames and other forces surface to tear apart their relationship. Will Eric fight for their love and make her his, or will the contract come to an end?

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Aniemeke Priscillia
You are my new role model when it comes to novels I love this sooo much I want to b like u ............
2024-05-24 02:43:31
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Ify Mirabel
You're such a good writer ...
2024-05-24 02:33:52
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Eniola Olusola
Very Interesting. Can't wait for the rest chapters ...️...️
2024-05-24 02:29:45
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Faith Omorowa
this book is amazing. I love it soo much!!! ......️...️
2024-05-24 02:12:37
22 Chapters
I didn’t like going to parties but it was my close friend, Lisa’s Dad’s birthday party. She would be mad at me forever if I ditched. So I was present, in the only expensive thing I owned—a tight red dress and six inch heels, swaying slightly to the music and holding a glass of champagne. I just turned twenty one and could finally drink alcohol. What a relief!I met Lisa Lowe in college. She was the sexy IT girl and I was the girl who did not exist. We became unlikely friends from a group project that I actually did alone and of course, we got an A. Since then, I’ve been her plus-one and honestly, it has not been easy walking in her shadow. She was a sweet girl, but she could be mean sometimes and that had a lot to do with her bipolar disorder, which she was diagnosed with two years ago. So, I kinda have to put up with her.Lisa’s Dad was in his late forties and he was a multi-millionaire, another reason I put up with her. I'm telling you– Her family has a lot of money. This party was
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My mom was diagnosed with leukemia the year I got into college. It got worse the year after, and she was admitted to a hospital, so she had to quit her job as a secretary. My Dad was not in the picture. He abandoned us before I was even born, so I may have some unresolved daddy issues– that's probably why I was into that older guy from last night.During college, I worked several menial jobs to buy her medications and started saving up for her treatment. I just graduated college, I worked at a small cafe downtown, and my salary was barely enough to feed and pay for my mom’s medical bills. I was always in debt, trying to pay off rent and buy the basic necessities. I’ve sent countless emails to companies for jobs, but none of them have given me feedback.Being friends with Lisa had its perks, but I never asked her for me, and now that I think about it, she never even offers!The world was a cruel place to me and my Mom, and we had to fight everyday to survive. She was the only family I
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I sat opposite him and watched in nerve-wracking silence as he carefully sipped from the cup of latte he had ordered. He also asked that I make one for myself and sit with him.“Tastes better than the ones I have every morning in my office,” he told me and I smiled nervously, trying not to stare at him, but he was so handsome to the point that one had to take several glances at him to comprehend his attractiveness.Like seriously, how can one man look so damn good?“I’m sure you’re surprised to see me,” he said and I didn’t bother denying it. I nodded.“I would have been here earlier but I had a series of unending business meetings,” he sighed.He looked stressed, I could see it in his beautiful green eyes. I felt like somehow easing his stress.“Well, you seem like a very busy and important man,” I finally spoke, trying to appear calm, but my voice came out shaky.He stared at me for a moment and then, readjusted in his seat.“I remember asking you for a date.”I almost choked on my
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“Shut up!” Kate gasped in surprise when I told her Eric Ferraro was in the cafe two days ago.“I’m serious,” I giggled and Kate screamed a little before slapping her mouth shut.“What’s going on, Ladies?” Mr Marcelo asked as he appeared from his office.“It’s ladies’ talk,” Kate told him and he blushed. He was down bad for her. Kate was very pretty. She’s blonde and slender, and her big blue eyes were captivating, not to mention that she's packing one hell of an ass behind those curves. She used to be a freelance model in college before she had Kendall, and after that, she retired.“Okay, just don’t keep my customers waiting,” Mr Marcelo said with a smile and returned to his office.“You know Mr Marcelo has a crush on you, right?” I told Kate and she blushed, “Seems you like him too.”“He’s nice and he's a cutie. What’s not to like?” She shrugged and we giggled. “So, about Eric Ferraro. Girl, I so wanna be you right now!”“But Kate,”“No, Buts. He wants you. He drove all the way fro
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“Mr Ferraro, this is absurd!” I blurted out as I kept reading the document in my shaky hands. “Two thousand dollars every month for this?!” I almost shouted. “Plus a weekly allowance of six hundred dollars, to encourage your performance,” he added. He looked confident, like he was absolutely certain that I would like the idea. I actually did not. At the bottom of the document was a dotted line for me to sign. He actually expects me to sign this? I thought to myself. “I don’t think—” “Please, Olivia, don’t give me a reply now, just think about it. I’ll give you time,” he pleaded. “Why does it have to be like this? I could just be your girlfriend,” I told him but he shook his head. “It has to be like this. It’s a business. You perform a task and I reward you.” “What? I’ll be like an employee to you. That’s so strange, that’s not..,” Dare I say it, “That's not love.” “No one is talking about love. I want you sexually, and my house needs a woman to run it.”
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“Greta!” The girl screamed as I tried to understand the entire situation of Eric having a daughter! Why didn’t he tell me?“Isabel…”An old lady called, entering the scene. She must be Greta, the lady Eric had told me would settle me in. She looked nice but her expression was guarded, her grey hair was in a short curly bob.“There’s a stranger in our house!” Isabel told Greta, giving me a dirty look.I was lost for words, I couldn’t say anything.“You must be Olivia,” Greta said after assessing me briefly.“Yes,”I nodded.“Who’s she?” Isabel frowned.“A… friend of your Dad’s” Friend? That was far off from what I was to Eric, but it was better than calling me his mistress in front of his daughter.“That’s a lie,” Isabel folded her arms, “She’s another one of them, right?”What? What did that mean?“Isabel, go to your room, now!” Greta ordered and Isabel snarled and stomped away.“I’m Greta, the head staff,” Greta introduced herself.“It’s nice to meet you,” I told her, nervously. I w
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“Did you forget my birthday!?”Lisa snapped as soon as I picked her call. She has been calling non-stop since morning and the incessant buzzing of my phone had woken me up.“No, Lisa. It’s tomorrow, I didn’t forget.”I groaned, feeling a headache already as I sat up and scratched my itchy eyes.“Where are you!?” She asked, suspiciously. I never spoke to Lisa about Eric and I had no intentions of ever doing that. Aside from the fact that the contract stated strict discretion, Lisa would be very mean about my decision to be a contract mistress to Eric.“At Kate’s,” I lied quickly.“And why didn’t you tell me you quit your job at the cafe?”“How did— I didn’t want to bother you with that.” I told her, hoping she would buy it.“Whatever! I’m heading out in a few minutes to Queen’s Mall. I need you to come with me and pick out my dresses!”Not again. She was the most indecisive person I knew, she would spend the whole day at the mall!“Lisa, you’ll have to go without me. I need to be at t
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What would I do now?Isabel was being kissed by her therapist! A grown man!Do I go in and stop this or just walk away?. I contemplated for minutes with a racing heart and eventually, I decided to walk away and talk to Isabel later about it. It wasn’t the best idea but it was what I could settle for.Dr Reynolds informed me of my mom’s surgery procedure, I held her scaly hands with hope because she was finally getting her treatment! I couldn’t wait to see my mom all better like I promised her!Against my initial plan, I texted Lisa to meet up at the mall, when she didn’t reply because she was still mad, I bought her favorite soda and went ahead to the mall to apologize to her.“What are you doing here?”She frowned immediately she saw me approaching her on the jewelry aisle.“Lisa—I tried to apologize but she held her hand up, shutting me up.“I forgive you.” She said, like I had actually offended her. “I got you your fav soda.” I smiled, handing the soda to her . “I hate it
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I woke up to beautiful roses on my drawer. It was such a beautiful sight to wake up to. I picked up the note and read it. Beautiful flowers for my beautiful lady P.S You make a cute drunk and I’m downstairs in my office if you want me. -E And then I remembered that I was brought home drunk from Lisa’s party, but I took only a few sips! I groaned, feeling a slight headache. I took my bath and put on a short white silk robe and went downstairs to Eric’s home office. “What a lovely sight.” He adjusted his glasses as walked in, his eyes were fixed on my full cleavage. Damn! He would make a hot professor. “Good morning Mr Ferraro.” I teased as I slid into his lap and kissed him. “I have a zoom meeting in a few minutes but it can wait.” He told me as his big hands gripped my butt. There was a laptop and a stack of files on his table. “You work too hard.” I complained. “I’m not sure about that but I’m sure how hard I am right now.” He drawled. O
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I still felt shaky from seeing the pictures of Jeremy kissing me in Isabel’s phone. When did that happen!? I remembered being dizzy at Lisa’s birthday party, I was drunk but I hadn’t drank much, Jeremy had brought that drunk and—I gasped, Jeremy!He roofied my drink! He kissed me while I was unconscious!I was so angry, I paced around my room, gripping Isabel’s phone in my shaky hands.I needed to tell Eric… but, could I? Was it best to tell him?I could just confront Jeremy and get him arrested.But what about Lisa? I’d be causing a rift in her relationship and she seemed so happy with him.Despite we weren’t on speaking terms, I didn’t want to hurt her. So, I deleted the pictures and went on about my day like I hadn’t seen them.“How’s Isabel?” I asked Eric as we ate dinner. He wasn’t eating, he was just tossing around his steak with his fork.She had been in her room all day probably crying.“She won’t eat dinner..”“This must be really hard on her.” I sighed.“Do you t
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