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Abigail, A normal soil scientist, and a mysterious CEO of AG Agro Groups PVT. LTD. The uncrowned Queen of Business Sector. When her life was going further in her usual boring way... she met a man like a miracle. He made her life beautiful and bright. But he disappeared all of a sudden and never appeared in front of her. Searching for her soulmate and her love she starts her journey to find him with the help of her super natural powers. But when she found him all she felt was nothing but pain, betrayal, and heartbreak. That was when she vowed to get her revenge. She vowed to end everyone who made her life miserable. But in the process of her revenge... she unravels the secrets of her birth and the reason for her birth. What were the secrets of her birth? Why did her love betray her? Why did she have supernatural powers? Wasn't she a human? To know more join the journey of Abigail.

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Lilia Tautoan Sardual
tagalog pls
2024-02-26 00:24:46
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This author Priya.. I’ve been following her from WN to GN. Young talented author and damn sure not gonna missed any of her pieces of work. This book a FL, she’s a scientist with some super power named Abigail. In search for her love, I can’t wait how author will unveils her real life. Let’s go!
2022-02-25 21:04:01
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Aarti Shankar
I'm impressed with the storyline, the author is going amazing job. loving it and looking forward for more chapters.
2022-01-18 21:48:58
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The story line is intriguing and the cover is beautiful. Good job author
2022-01-18 20:52:53
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Anonymous writer
Story line is great and author has a way of pulling you into the story. Looking forward to more of this book.
2022-01-11 06:42:50
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A. O. Anjay
Really interesting. Great job author!
2022-01-10 20:39:34
user avatar
The author has done a great job in creating an excellent plotline and characters. This is a good read. Keep up the good work author.
2020-12-30 02:34:30
108 Chapters
She is jealous
"What is it this time?" She heard a grumpy voice.  She saw a middle-aged man walking towards her with a stern expression just like before. He was wearing a white cloak. The mask that covered his mouth was pulled down to his neck. His lips had curved downwards that showed he was utterly displeased.  As he walked forward, the crowd made way for him.  "Abigail...." "What did you do this time?" He asked, his voice carried a frustrated tone.  "Dr. Carson, I will tell you what happened exactly," Ellie interjected as she advanced towards Dr. Bill Carson on her high heels.  "As you know, I and Abigail Grace are competing for senior scientist post. And I'm working hard to experiment with something new. I was in my process of experimenting and while doing it I ran out of potassium chloride crystals. So, I
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Abigail was standing at the center of people, who gathered to watch the show. They weren't only seeing, but also were throwing some statements about her. She was receiving a lot of scornful gazes.     But Abigail didn't care     "Dr. Bill Carson, how can you make a judgment with just one personal statement?"   "If I wanted Sulphuric acid, why would I go to the farthest table to get it?"   "Okay, as you all said, I am jealous. Let's leave that thing."   She turned toward the side to face Amelia, then gave a 'friendly' smile to her.     "Ms. Amelia, you said, I came here to take the sulphuric acid, that too ten ml. Right?"     Abigail noticed Amelia nodding her head.     "Then I have a question. How do you know that I took exactly ten ml?"  
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Don't you think something is off?
When everyone heard Abigail's last words, they began to inspect the issue in a different light. That's when everyone began to find loopholes. They never thought that the calm, weak, and constantly bullied Abigail would be this fierce when she retaliated. They wondered if all the previous acts and accusations in the past were also setups.  But now, they believed, it was more like a setup, they didn't forget that Abigail said that she didn't come to take the acid. So, if it is genuine, then is it true that it was all a setup? But why would anyone plan such a dangerous feat? They wouldn't set it up unless they had a power behind them to cover up.   Ellie was the only person who had the power. She got that power by using her bed skills. As they went deeper into the issue, it became clearer.  "How would I know? I don't know anything! Why are you asking m
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You Need 'JUSTICE'
"Miss. Ellie, both you and Miss. Amelia has been accusing me of acting against you out of jealousy. Today let us make it clear. "Can you start by telling us about your experiment theme? We both are already at the end stages so it should not be a problem right?" Abigail inquired. She then turned her head towards Bill Carson and asked with a slight smile, "Dr. Carson it would not be wrong to summarize our experiment theme, would it be?" To which he replied his consent with a nod. "Now tell me, what is your theme for your experiment, Miss. Ellie?" She asked again as she faced her, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "Creating a new kind of fertilizer which could be used for all kinds of crops in any season." She said proudly. But the truth is this idea belonged to Rebecca.  Rebecca had been working on it from the day she joined the research cen
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Dealt with them!
When Dr. Bill Carson heard her words, he was dumbstruck. He began to think that she might not be the one. He nodded his head and led the way to the security room.  People who came to watch the drama tagged along with them.  Meanwhile, Ellie and Amelia started sweating. They were thinking of different ways to stop them. If only Abigail accepted their accusations, they would not be in this situation. They hated her to their core.  When they reached the security room, Dr. Bill asked the security person to play the part they needed.  While everyone was focusing on the screen, Ellie nudged Amelia's elbow with an indication to remove the plug of the system.  Getting the message, Amelia sneaked over and touched the plug, but before she could remove, her hand froze due to unexpected force. She couldn't move her hand. She attempted to do it with her other hand, ye
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She tried to make Miss. Grace to fall from her Grace!
"Make a copy of that footage and hand it over to me. I will wait until you do it." Dr. Carson said. The security personal nodded at him. He busied himself with the task at his hand. "And you both shall follow me to the Chairman's office," he said as he looked at Amelia and Ellie while crossed his arms against his chest. "Abigail, I apologize to you for talking rudely without knowing what happened," he then apologized seriously. "Please cooperate with me by coming to the chairman's office," he asked her. Turning to face Rebecca, "You shall come to the chairman's office too," he continued. When he saw both of them nod their heads, he released a sigh. This matter had really blown out of proportion.  Another minute later, the security personal handed him a copy of the video. Dr. Carlson took it, and lead them to the Chairman's of
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Something Unusual
"Rebecca, they left, let's start our mission," Abigail said as she raised her hand and made a fist,  showing her fighting spirit.  They both went to Ellie's experiment table. There they tried to find Ellie's observation book.  However, they didn't find anything important there.    All they found was lots of junk food and her makeup stuff.  "She doesn't even know how to maintain a table filled with chemicals. " Rebecca commented.  "Well, it is not our problem to be concerned about," Abigail said.  "Yes, but what if her makeup stuff and her food reacted with chemicals. Who the hell in this world would like to keep those stuff near the chemicals?"   "If you are so concerned, then you can go to her personally and offer your piece of "kind" advice, " 
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You still didn't forget him?
"Wait," Abigail said suddenly. They went near the cabinets again and saw a certificate below one of the legs of the drawers. She didn't notice it earlier because she was completely focused only on the drawers. She went near the drawers and bent down to pick up the certificate. Earlier, when she snapped her fingers, she had made the room turn back to the state in which it was before they entered. However, she never thought she would find something important.She called Rebecca to come inside the cabin again. They both are stunned by seeing her certificates. Actually, the photo of the person in the certificate and Ellie's face were different. They decided to check the drawers again. This time when Rebecca tried to open a drawer she couldn't open it."Why can't I open this drawer?" She grumbled. "Maybe, it was stuck. Try a litt
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Is She Going for a War?
"You still didn't forget about him!? " It is not a question but a statement.   Abigail, who was sitting and checking the menu, went into a daze.   She still remembered that man's gentleness and warmth towards her. He treated her gently.  He always looked at her with a warm gaze whenever he was with her.   He accompanied her for many of her businesses. He defended her from many slanderings. When she was sick, he took care of her. He never crossed boundaries with her. He waited for her to accept him wholeheartedly. When she accepted him and was about to tell him that she loves him, he disappeared.   Two years had passed since he disappeared. He didn't contact her or even come to see her. She tried searching for him, but all her attempts were futile. She can be her true self only when he is around her.  
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The waiter came back to their table while pushing a trolley. He served them food.  And asked respectfully "Ladies, do you need anything else?" "Yes" "No" Both Rebecca and Abigail said at a time. Abigail glared at Rebecca. She turned her head towards the waiter and nodded at him. With that, he left. Abigail ate her food slowly and steadily. One can say that she had good table manners. She ate her food gracefully. While Rebecca stuffed her mouth with large scoops of food. She ate her food in such a way that someone is going to snatch her food. Her lips and chin are smeared in oil. But she didn't mind her posture. She kept on eating. In the first place, why does she need to care when there are lots of food in front of her? She finished her food rather quickly. After finishing her food. She took a tissue and cleaned
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