I'm inside the car, sitting beside the armed mens.

I can't even say if how do I look at this moment, I can feel my sticky sweats flowing throughout my body.

There's a tape on my mouth that's why I couldn't really create any sound and most especially I can't move my hands and feet because it is tied. Those idiots, they make sure that I can't escape.

They're cruel as wild animals, what's their plan?

It took few hours before we stopped at the big house. It looks like a Mansion and there are so many guards in every corner of the house. Everywhere I look it's full of men in black.

Suddenly I felt weak when an armed man pushed me to the floor in front of their boss. He took the tape off my mouth and I started talking.

′′What will you do to me?" While my eyes are full of anger.

"So what's up, woman?Why did you let us caught you? So bad, you ended up here." he said while sitting on the couch and holding a cigarette.

"Ahh, so you're saying that this is my fault?" He signaled one of his slaves. Without hesitation, he slapped me on my left cheek.

′′Respect the one who supersedes you, you don't have the right to say that." He says without concern.

"You're so selfish!" I shouted.

"You are rich, but you can't treat me like this! Respect? You don't deserve that respect, idle. You're animals!" When the boss who talked earlier was about to slap me, the other boss who's beside him stopped him. Who is he? Being kind? Don't me! He can't bring me with that.

"We need her right? Don't

be too abusive to her." he hissed with a cold tone.

"Leave her, I'll take care of

her." he spoke seriously.

"Seriously, Helix? I thought I can do whatever I want?"

"Not for now. I'll make her

my slave." he said, with a smirk curved on his lips.

"Okay, fine. I gotta go."

"Come here" he commanded. I crawled towards his direction since I couldn't walk.

"Turn around," he said, calmly.

"What will you do?" I asked.

"I will untie it," he answered.

"Where are you going?" he asked coldly.

"I'm going home, it's already late." I said.

"You're not going anywhere,

or else Regan would hurt

you. Do you want that?"

"Then you should escape me." I said, then silence filled the room.

"Tsk. Why would I do that?" he asked and sarcastically laughed.

"Jerk, so why did you let me go?" I asked in anger.

"Are you deaf? As what I've said earlier, I want you to be my

slave. See? there's no

girls in here. Just stay on my

side, that's all." he answered.

"Just be on your side? What the..." I wasn't able to continue what I was about to say, 'cause he spoke.

"You'll be my slave or you

want me to kill you?" he strictly asked.

"Okay, I'll serve you then," I answered, as if I have a choice.

"Then what should I call

you?" I added.

"I'm Helix Fidalgo, you can

call me whatever you want." He left me hanging. Suddenly, a news thats I've read before popped out in my mind. Y-Yes, He is

one of the highest most

successful business man in the whole wide world!

But what's happening? What's their plan?

"Slave, come to my room

immediately." he commanded. I can't do anything but to follow on whatever he says.

"Coming sir!" I responded. When I reached his room, he immediately threw clothes to my direction.

"What are these?" I asked.

"Seriously? You're asking

me?!" he shouted, am I not allowed to talk? To ask? Duh.

"You'll serve me right? Then you wear that."

"What? Why would I?"

"Tsk. Go to bathroom and

take a bath. Let's talk about it later" he commanded. I rolled my eyes and headed my way to his bathroom.

While taking a bath, random thoughts came out in my mind. My parents left me when I was young, but still, I want to escape from this place as soon as possible.

After that, I did wear the fitted floral dress that he gave to me earlier. I didn't mind wearing my bra 'cause this dress has its pad anyways.


"Tsk, what took you so long? Are you wondering

how you will get out of

here? Don't you dare or else they will shut you down." he said when I finally went out the bathroom.

"Sit here beside me." he commanded.

"Have you already eaten?" he asked, what's happening to him? He's acting weird, uh.

"Not yet."

"Me too," he said, do I look like I care?

"Cook downstairs on the

kitchen. You are my slave, right?" he said with a sarcastic tone. I badly want to punch his face for calling me his slave, but I can't. He's the boss.

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