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WARNING: This book is extremely steamy, if you’re patient enough to get to where it all starts. ~~~~~~~ Bianca Bianchi has had a huge crush on the billionaire businessman; Manuel Russo, for the longest time! When she gets the opportunity to work as his favorite cousin’s personal assistant, she jumps on it because that means she gets to be in a closer range with the man she had admired for years. Unfortunately, she starts working for his cousin and realizes that things didn’t go the way she thought. She did get to see Manuel, but only once in a while, and he never really seemed to notice her. Things get more unfortunate when she finds out he already has a fiancée, and she decides to give up on her crush that seemed to have developed into real feelings. Manuel Russo is the perfect description of a businessman by day, and a ruthless mafia boss by night. When Manuel Russo decides to be spontaneous and abduct his fiancée for a dream island wedding surprise, on her birthday, his men get it all wrong. They kidnap the wrong lady. A woman whom he recognizes to be his cousin’s personal assistant. Luck is not on his side, when due to travel restrictions, they get stuck on the island together. A lot could happen within 3 weeks of being stuck, including being strangely addicted to Bianca’s body, and getting her pregnant.

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4th July, 2021.BIANCA'S POVWith my hand on my still flat tummy, I thought for long how the past months had turned out for me. Nerve wrecking. I told myself I was doing the best by disappearing. Yes, disappearing! That was literally what I had done. I just disappeared like a puff of smoke. I hated the fact that I had to leave my boss and my job, which I loved so much. But then, at this point, there wasn't a better option left for me. If I didn't leave, then it would just be a big mess. How was I supposed to tell a man that was stuck on an impromptu vacation with me, due to simple mistake his men had made, by kidnapping me instead of his potential bride..... How was I supposed to tell that man that our few tumbles in bed had resulted to this? I was pregnant for him and was so scared to let even my own parents know. God! My father was gonna skin me alive if he got to know about this. That was why I had to take the drastic actions I took once I found myself in that deep hole of shit. I
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April 2019BIANCA'S POVI zipped up the back of my dress and took a three sixty turn in front of the mirror. I smiled satisfactorily at my reflection on the mirror. It was Amara's day, but very funny how I was more concerned about my appearance. "You already look perfect, Bianca!" Mom shook her head in disbelief, as she walked into our room. "Get busy with assisting your sister." She ordered, and I nodded. Amara chuckled from the other side of the room and I gave a sheepish smile. She waited for mom to be out, before teasing me."I thought it was just my convocation. Do you have a date?""Really? Amara really?""What?!" She threw her hands up in the air, and I gave her an 'are you serious?' look. "Who knows? you may have invited Kylie...""Kyle!" I corrected. "His name is Kyle. And no, I didn't invite him. He wouldn't even come if I did." I muttered the last part, feeling quite shitty."Oh, don't say that now." She shook her head in disapproval and fully turned her attention towards
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3 YEARS LATERMANUEL'S POV"Really? Can you not handle anything properly?" I yelled in annoyance. It was becoming so annoying."My apologies boss. W.. we..we... we didn't know her father was in the same building well." Miliano stuttered, further pissing me off."Bastardo!" I kicked the foot of my desk angrily. "Vaffanculo." I muttered. "Was any member of the Ferrari family hurt?" "None, Don." Massimo replied, and it made me wonder for a moment how the operation could have gone wrong with him present. I looked at the rest of my men and made a hand gesture for them to leave."Massimo, you stay back." I ordered, making him halt his steps. After the other 8 of them had completely walked out, I focused on him. "Massimooo.." I drawled as I walked back to my seat. "You were present in this mission, so how exactly did it go wrong? Do you care to explain?""Apologies Don. I think I have an idea as to what occured.""Have a seat." I waved over the seats opposite me, and he sat on one of
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BIANCA'S POV I smiled at the screen of my laptop as I read the mail over and over again. For 3 years, I worked so hard in college, just so I could graduate with a good degree and be able to bag a job at Alexander Russo's company. Yes, it was for the sake of being in a closer range with Manuel Russo. And yes!!! I was still a hopeless fangirl. I still crushed on the man I had only seen once. The same man whom had been standing on the podium on the day of my big sister's convocation ceremony. In my opinion, Manuel wasn't a kind of guy one forgot so easily. I knew there were probably a lot of girls fangirling him like myself, but what made me different from them was the fact that I was more than ready to make something possible. I know I sound like an obsessive stalker, but trust me, my likeness for him is healthy. My efforts in trying to bag a job with his cousin may have been quite extreme, but it comes from a good place. Also, let's be real. If things do not turn out as I wish, I have
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BIANCA'S POVWe all ascended the stairs. I didn't know if it was just me, or if every other person was feeling as giddy as I was feeling. We followed the dark man through a long hallway until we came before a door. He opened it and ushered us in. In a single file, approximately 12 of us walked in through the doors and appeared inside a fairly large hall. There were paired desk and seats, neatly arranged in the hall. "Please, get sitted and make yourselves comfortable." He informed, before making his way out. It was in that moment I realized not everyone felt giddy like me. Some of them felt tensed. I watched in suprise as a petite looking lady who was dressed in a black gown that definitely looked bigger than her, and a black rimmed glass that covered half of her face, randomly hit more than a few desks in the process of finding the perfect seat to occupy. She finally hit another desk and her pen fell from her hand. As she bent to pick up the pen, she muttered a few curse words and s
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MANUEL'S POV"Arrghhh!! Yes!!" She moaned loudly before falling to the other side of the bed. Oh, that was nice. I leaned in to give her a kiss on the lip, but she clearly had other plans as she turned her face away and got up from the bed."Why?" I simply asked, slightly irritated. "I'm sorry, but I have to get going now." She muttered, giving me that sympathetic smile that I hated so much. "We only just got here.""I know!" She sighed, throwing her hands up in frustration. "I know, but there is a dinner I have to show up at, with my father." At the mention of that, I went silent, trying to push away the feeling of annoyance that was slowly creeping in."Do you even talk to your father about this? About us?" I finally couldn't hold it in anymore. "Trust me, love.." She chuckled. "I do, but he is never interested in any conversation that has to do with you. I'm trying.""Then maybe you aren't trying enough!!" I yelled out, finally letting out my anger. "You are just not trying!""M
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BIANCA'S POV It had been two weeks of working as Mr Alexander Russo's P.A, and I was starting to see that the way to success wasn't so easy after all. The way was not just narrow, but crooked. Trust me, I'm saying all these based on experience. Having experienced what it meant to be efficient in the eyes of Mr Russo, I have decided success is not so easy to achieve. My boss may have been so demanding and expectant towards me, as his personal assistant, but what I wouldn't do is falter or fall short of his expectations simply because they were so mighty. I have always been a hardworker and have always loved challenges, so I decided to put in as much effort as I could. The past two weeks have been so stressful and tasking, but I always reminded myself that this was just a means to an end. I definitely wasn't going to be a personal assistant forever, but I needed to be 'it' for a start. It is so funny how much of a motivational speaker my work had turned me into. Maybe what made it all
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BIANCA'S POV It was already weekend, and I couldn't be more grateful for the short break from all the work I had done during the week."Working with Alexander Russo is more demanding than grooming a child." I muttered as Mila laughed heartily at the other end of the line. "But is it really that bad?" She asked, making me release a confused sigh. Maybe it wasn't so bad. Actually, it wasn't totally bad."To be honest, it's not so bad. I actually have a perfect job, if we exclude the work load. The pay is very juicy. I have a lot of allowances as well. Transportation allowance, wardrobe allowance, even housing allowance! I get to eat free and delicious meals at work. It's quite difficult to find well paying jobs like this, especially for people who are fresh out of college. And to top it all, my boss doesn't seem like a sort of man to sexually harrass me. He has been nothing but strictly professional, and that makes my work space really comfortable for me. The only problem is just the
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MANUEL'S POV I looked at the men in irritation, as I thought of the best punishment for them. These were the men who had the guts of working with Marco, to cheat me. I had fools in my pack! Their present states was more than enough to douse my anger at that moment, and let me make a right decision as to what best to do with them. The looked like they were on the brink of death from that much torture. I looked at Alexander, and made a signal for us to leave the guard room. We both walked to my study, with Massimo following behind. "I'm at loss here, Alexander. I haven't thought of a suitable sentence. That's unlike me.""It's not so hard." Alexander shrugged, flashing me that evil smirk. "How about they help us send a message to the Marcolinis? This time, their life would be in their own hands. If they fumble, they die. If they are lucky enough, they could escape with a few crushed bones and a disfigured nose." I loved Alexander's suggestion. He of all people knew that I didn't take w
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Bianca POVMy boss was already in his office? I could hear sounds from inside his office, which confirmed my thoughts. That was new. I always arrived before him, so what changed today? I had just gotten to work, and was suprised to see that Mr Alexander in was already in his office. Quickly fixing up my hair and brushing out a few creases from my blouse, I walked to the door connecting my office to his. I gave a knock and the next second, I heard him ask me to come in. The moment I stepped in, I stumbled backwards, probably due to the intensity of his smile. So far, I had worked for Alexander Russo for close to a month, but this was the first time he was actually smiling at me. Genuinely. Don't get me wrong, he never talked down on me or made me feel less of myself, but he had never actually smiled at me so widely. Not being able to hold back a smile of my own, I proceeded to ask him the reason why he had gotten to work so early today."Good morning Sir. You're very early today.""Oh
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