The Ex-husband's Regret: CEO'S Ex-Wife Returns As Boss

The Ex-husband's Regret: CEO'S Ex-Wife Returns As Boss

By:  A_rebelliousdreamer  Updated just now
Language: English
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So, this is the end?" I asked my husband in a weak voice. "I guess, it is. Addison is pregnant and I don't want my child to born a bastard. I must marry her but first we need to get divorced." He replied without any remorse. "When you come back, it'll be too late, Arthur." I said wiping my tears and signed on the death note of my marriage; Divorce Agreement. Addison Greyson's marriage with Arthur Linwood came to a drastic end when he announced his girlfriend Addison's pregnancy to her. She was forcefully betrothed to him and mercilessly thrown out of his life. How would she collect the broken pieces of her life and comes back stronger than ever?

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Very good story. I really like the plot. The female lead is strong, character growth is excellent.
2024-05-28 13:14:24
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good reader
Xavier please don't disappoint me this novel is different where the female lead emerge stronger with good character growth hope you keep it that way
2024-05-25 01:49:10
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Nice story again by my favourite author!!!
2024-05-01 21:16:54
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when did you write Vincent story eagerly waiting for it plz plz plz
2024-04-28 14:18:39
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Delinda Schumacher
44 chapters 4-10-24
2024-04-11 00:58:34
default avatar
Chapter 35 has the wrong storyline attached. Will this be corrected?
2024-04-05 17:08:44
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Great start! I am happy to see that it's not a weak heroine who will beg her cruel husband. Another interesting story by the author.
2024-03-22 14:51:15
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nice Ade.... protect xavier at all cost.thanks author .loving your book
2024-05-28 15:58:49
152 Chapters
Chapter- [ 1 ]
[ Adeline ]A marriage for some people is a union between two lovers who wants to spend their lives together. For people like I and Arthur, it is a diversion in order to attain a prize."So, this is true?"I glanced down on the papers, the black ink on white papers were mocking on my fate."I guess, it is. Addison is pregnant and I do not want my child to born a bastard. I must marry her before the end of this month and it can't happen until you sign these papers of marriage annulmentDon't worry, you'll get the compensation. " He said without any remorse.He made it clear since the beginning of this marriage. He has loved my sister Addison since the high school.It was my parents' pressure or rather I should say condition that Arthur must marry me, the elder daughter of Greyson family and he did but he couldn't accept me by heart."I won't divorce you, Arthur." I threw the papers away. My heart rioted inside my chest, a wave of pain surged through me."Do not test my patience, Adelin
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Chapter - [ 2 ]
[ Adeline Linwood ]Walking aimlessly on the deserted streets of the city in the earliest hours of morning, I could barely feel anything on my numb body, the chilly air brushing my cold skin, I tried to focus on the road not caring about the surroundings.I was alone and anything might happen to me, from robbery to rape, anything but at this point, I didn’t care.While strolling absent-minded, my feet tumbled on a stone and I lost my balance. I roughly hit my forehead on the sharp edge of a stone flake on the lamppost base. I winced as I felt red liquid on my finger tips. Sighing, I looked around. I thought I had to find a shelter for the night.Suddenly, I heard deep footsteps approaching me. I was near a river bank and no one around. My heart begun to beat loudly in fear.“Do you usually go out alone for a late night walk or tonight is special?” A deep, smooth voice came from behind me, one I recognized. I slowly craned my neck and came face to face with the familiar figure of my br
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Chapter - [ 3 ]
[ Arthur Linwood ]I closed my eyes as exhaustion consumed my body and mind after working tirelessly for hours and then babysitting my thirteen months old son. He was sick and no one could handle her, not even his nanny. I glanced at the clock, it was ten thirty in the night and there’s no sign of my wife. She has been busy in her new project which took her most of the time.“Sir, should I bring you something to eat?” A maid asked me as I was rocking a whining child.I lifted my heavy eye lids, she had sympathy on her face. I hate when my house staff gives me such looks.“Serve the dinner, I’ll be there after tucking Adam in his crib and send his nanny.” I instructed her.I had to hire a full-time nanny because Addison’s working schedule never gives her enough time to spend with her own child. We had a few fights lately but I came with the terms of taking care of my child on my own responsibility.The nanny came minutes later, I carefully handed her the baby and stood up, my muscles a
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Chapter - [ 4 ]
[ Adeline Greyson ]After the wait of an year, I felt an unexplainable feeling as I landed on my homeland. The air brushed, I immediately fell in love with the city where I belong.It didn’t change but I was a whole new person. When I left behind my past, I was a broken woman with nothing but hope and now, I am back to take back what was being snatched from me except the despicable man Arthur.“I love this hair style, Ade and this brunette colour suits your new personality.” Xavier’s voice forced me to turn and saw Xavier standing at a distance with his hands thrusted in his pants’ pockets.“And this light stubbles suits you, Mr. Linwood.” I said while I walked towards him. I was meeting him after two months. He used to come to London to visit me as a friend who was my well wisher and of course, the business which needed my signatures.“I’ll drop you off at your parents’ place first. They’re eagerly waiting to meet you. There’s a lot I need to discuss with you since you have been out
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Chapter - [ 5 ]
A week later...[ Adeline Greyson ]I don't know why even I'm doing this? I promised myself that Arthur will be buried in the deepest layer of my past where I'd never go back and look forward to a bright future but when I came back home, the passion to avenge.Revenge gives more satisfaction when its served cold.I hated Arthur Linwood and my sister. They played with my emotions and stabbed me on the back.Tonight will be my night to shine. I was ready to strike back on Arthur, Addison and Linda. The woman made my life living hell. She was a cobra, so venomous both with her words and actions."Are you ready, Ade?"Xavier's voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I stared at his reflection in the mirror.He looked ridiculously handsome in a tailored black suit. I never paid attention on his features closely because I was busy worshipping my husband.His black hairs are styled and his cheekbones are adorned with light stumbles. His thin lips looked so kissable. I remembered when he kissed m
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Chapter - [ 6 ]
[ Adeline Linwood ]“My dear, Adeline. I have no words to express how I am feeling right now after seeing you with my son, Xavier. I wish I had made this choice last time.” Arnold Linwood opened his arms for me. He and Xavier were only people who liked me in the Linwood family.“Everything happens for a reason, Arnold.” I said.“I can not wait to introduce my son and his wife to the world. I have two reasons to celebrate tonight.” Arnold said.“Dad, I don’t think it’s a good idea, I mean Arthur and Addison are celebrating their second anniversary. I do not want to steal the highlight from them.” Xavier orchestrated.“No, for me, my sons’ happiness is equal. I gave up the hope that one day, you’ll find someone and start fresh and I can’t be more happier when you chose your best friend and my favourite daughter-in-law, Adeline.” Arnold was beaming and it made me guilty.“As you wish, Dad.” Xavier sighed.“Make a grand entry in next two minutes because I am going to address my guests now
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Chapter - [ 7 ]
[ Adeline Linwood ]“Adeline, I am quite surprised to see you back and that also a Mrs. Linwood. You amaze me with your shades but this one is the best.” Linda used a very calculative language. The pun was brilliantly laced in sophisticated dictionary. The sweetness is her voice was disturbing.“Linda, it’s an honour to receive such appreciation from you. in fact, you’re my inspiration.” I smiled. I also learnt to play this game in her way.“I am your inspiration. Well, I am flattered but may I know how?” She laughed.“Yes, your criticism of my uselessness pushed me to change myself for better and see, I am a university topper in business administration. Thank you, Linda for being the reason of my freedom and success.” I taunted her in the sweetest manner.Her eyes turned dark, she was trying her best to mask her anger and I really enjoyed her situation.“Excuse me, Mrs. Linwood, can I steal my wife for a moment?” Xavier interrupted our delightful conversation by kissing my cheek.“Ta
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Chapter- [ 8 ]
[ Adeline ]The cold breeze of the midnight kissed my face, I tried to forget Arthur’s words kept ringing into my ears and every time they hurt even more. His thoughts haven’t changed even when I left him without putting a fight or asking for more alimony, during our married days, I never asked him for extravagant gifts.“What are you doing here at this hour, Ade?” Xavier’s voice pulled me out of my trance. He stood beside me. None of us exchanged a word as the silence was soothing.“Arthur, how could he step this low? I mean he has no decency left. He called a slut when he knew very well that I never allowed any other men touch me except him, he was the first man who took my every first.” I poured my pain in front of him.“Does his thinking matter? He is the worst scumbag I have ever known. Our father gave us everything equally, in fact, he spent more time at home with him while I was sent to a boarding school because Linda was insecure of me. They are the meanest creature, Ade. So,
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Chapter- [ 9 ]
[ Arthur Linwood ]"HOW DARE SHE?"I yelled on the top of my lungs even though my vocal cord hurt but the anger was overpowering my rational mind."HOW COULD SHE ABORT MY CHILD?" I punched the glass window and it shattered into shards. A sharp pain shot through my knuckles as some pieces pierced deep in my skin."Calm down, baby. Why are you punishing yourself for that bitch?" Addison rubbed my back while cursing her sister."She aborted my child, Addison and you expect me to calm down?" I glared at her murderously. Sensing my sour mood, she backed away."You are a stupid man, Arthur. Adeline Greyson fucked you many times but your blinded ego couldn't see it. So, stop behaving like a four years old kid, act on your next move. She snatched our heir from us, your child. You must destroy her and her new lover." My mother, who had been watching over me from a distance, said."Dad insulted me in front of everyone in my own fucking party and you want me to act rationally and wait for the ri
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Chapter - [ 10
[ Adeline Linwood ]"Are you ready? Today is a big day for us and for Arthur. He'll be out on hunt for a new partner to save his sinking ship while yours will set for it's maiden voyage." Xavier said.I was both nervous and excited for my new inning."Do I look good?" I asked Xavier for his opinion about my dressing since I never tried wearing professional suits. So, I wasn't sure about my appearance."You're looking amazing, Ade. A badass businesswoman, I must add but there's something which will complete your look." He said.I watched him with curiosity as he fished out a small blue box. It was from Tiffany."What is it, Xav?" I finally asked him.He opened the lid and my eyes widened in admiration. It was a beautiful gold brotch with diamonds studded in the design of a rose."Wow! This is so beautiful. Did you buy it for me? It's quite expensive." I looked at him because I didn't feel good to take such pricey gift from him."No, it's my mother's. She used to wear it when she went f
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