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“You have this last case to prove yourself miss!" Mr Troy said with a fixed cold stare at Jessica. Jessica is a detective of the state agency who struggles evidently in solving cases. Now on a high-profile case involving a billionaire philanthropist and benefactor named Liam, assigned to her after much plea from being terminated, by her boss, Mr. Troy. Liam's family is known for their legacy and questionable wealth, with his mother ever cunning to protect the family legacy since the sudden disappearance of his father. To investigate Liam, Jessica takes up the role of his new secretary but Liam has ulterior motives for hiring her too. Jessica struggles through the new phase of her life as she tries to uncover troubling family history and questionable business dealings but she's caught in a dilemma as tension grows between her suspect and herself. As she delves deeper into the case, she is faced with new challenges, putting her in a pool of hard decisions and possible emotional vulnerability. Wavering through, she's taken by what she finds out about herself, her job, and her case.

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The last days of a person's career are always gloomy. The sky didn't open up as early as they usually did and all this young detective wished for was it never opening. Jessica's neighbor, Ms. Felicia knocked on her door as early as that.“Hello! Neighbor! Hello…”Jessica wished Ms. Felicia could just go away and leave her in her mystery to sulk as a failure. “Not even a single case have you solved successfully!” Mr Troy had blasted at her last week at the office. “You can consider this your last case with the agency!” He added coldly. Mike wasn't even helping issues. She had gotten home that day to meet Mike in his dirty green shorts and cream socks, buried in his game with his lazy-ass friend like him, Jay. “You're moody because of a job?”“Lighten up! Make me some omelet!”“I haven't showered too. You can run my bath too.” He said, itching his crackly neck. Jessica thought of her current life as a mess and Mike's weight on her made it worse. She had met Mike at a Christmas
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Olivia was a lady of character and everyone at the office knew her bitter spot for Jessica. She was a bright lady as well. Smart and audacious in a way that makes her daring. Jessica on the other hand had her own simple qualities but Olivia wasn't going to let her have her place in the agency. And luckily for her, she's witnessing her leave the organization due to failure to prove herself worthy of being a detective. “You look pathetic.” Olivia continued. “I mean, who could have thought that those little cases that even a janitor in this organization could have solved would cost you a dismissal.” Olivia continued coldly, noticing what her hurtful words were doing to Jessica's expression.“You should have stayed with your father, that way—” Olivia continued but Jessica cut her. “That's enough Olivia.”“I get it! I get it!”“You wanted me gone. Here I am, leaving!”“I guess that's enough for your fill!”Jessica summoned her speech out even though she would have preferred to be qui
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“I got my job back!” Jessica screeched over the phone to her dad. “You deserved it love!” Her dad echoed from the other end of the call. “I was stunned. Felt so unreal!”“Seems I'm still going to make you proud dad” Jessica added excitedly. “You sure would!” He responded. Jessica's front door opened with a munching sound and little soft barks. It was Mike. And with Ms Felicia's dog!“Oh why. Hello Jess. Got fired?” He asked sarcastically. “Is that Mike?” Jessica's dad asked audibly that Mike could hear.“Yeah it is.” Jessica responded with rolling eyes and her hand stamped to her face in sudden regret. “Hello Mr Willows! Jessica got fired!” He said loudly. “Is he drunk?” Her father asked. “I'd be surprised if he wasn't.” Jessica responded. “I'd speak to you later, dad” Jessica added and ended the call. She quickly turned her gaze to Mike, who was now seated on the couch, drunk and munching on a snack while he fondled the poor dog aggressively. “Why did you take the dog?” J
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Getting an email from TRIX was the greatest delight for Jessica.The TRIX company was one with a lot of prestige and reputation as it stands as a world class firm.Update on acquiring a job in the company reached Mr Troy and other trusted board members of the agency. Her reports were slated to be given at the end of each working day. Bright and early this day, Jessica got all ready for her new place of work. Definitely, she has been on several detective cases but not one she had to disguise for.This was a new turn!“Taxi!” She boarded.She got in and pondered on how this phase of her life was going to turn out; if she was going to get her case closed up or if it was going to be like the others. Then her mind drifted to Olivia. “Oh good Lord!” She said and heaved quietly, then the driver spoke."A great day, isn't it ma'am?". The driver asked, noticing she was drawn away from the world."Very well, it is". Jessica responded, collecting herself back and forcing a smile out from the
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“I know that. Tell me more!” He said with his gaze fixed on her.His phone rang!The person on the other end spoke and all he said was “Give me a minute. I'd be there.”“I'm needed immediately. Come!” He said standing up. Jessica thanked her stars that she hadn't answered because her confidence was already ripped off.They journeyed quietly in the elevator till the ground floor and upon opening, a woman who looked very important stood while Miss Beth engaged her in a conversation.Her ambience could be felt. She was heavily surrounded by her guards.Liam walked straight to the woman and they turned to face each other. “Hello son!” The woman said audibly.“Hello mom. Good to have you back!” Liam responded in the same pitch and hugged her.“That's interesting. His mom!” Jessica thought. They spoke inaudibly for the rest of the conversation and Jessica stood, observing all she could from the body movement and descriptions.Soon, Liam signaled her to join in their midst. He introduced
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Liam heaved a sigh of relief and smiled briefly.He carefully studied her body language, in search of her uncertainties and discomfort from all she had found out but he was pleased she had agreed to it.Well then," Liam said in a carefully measured tone, "I look forward to the journey ahead.""As well, I," Jessica replied, trying to compose herself. The conversation had been a whirlwind, and the weight of responsibility settled on her shoulders like a lead cloak.“— As for the secretary position," Liam continued, his voice taking on a lighter tone, "that can be considered filled. The company could really use a secretary after all.”Jessica blinked, completely thrown off guard, “I thought I was yet to be assessed for the position.”“Well, let's call it an unorthodox assessment. I'm the CEO and I say you're hired.” Liam responds calmly.“Oh. Yes…. Alright then” she had mindlessly forgotten he had the power of who comes in and goes out. It was a blatant abuse of power, yet she couldn't d
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The day has been a whole lot and this young detective was all exhausted from the whole drama of it. Reports were to be given back to the agency on the close of every working day. There was a separate phone allocated for that purpose and it was securely placed in one of Jessica's bed drawers. Mr Troy and the rest of the board has been eager to hear the updates from her first day of work as an undercover detective. It was a new dive in Jessica's years of being a detective but she had something to prove and they hoped it better be positive. She picks up the phone immediately she gets in her room and gets on the call with the required persons to hear her report. “How was your first day there, Jessica?” Mr Troy asked in a concerned voice. “ Good sir.”“Your update.” Another voice, one of the high members in the agency, spoke audibly.Jessica was held stuck on what to say for a moment. The part where Liam had asked for her trust to keep the secret of the company safe popped into her th
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Jessica hurriedly gets down from the cab and runs straight into the company. Every worker on that floor looked fully settled in for the day but there she was, running the hallway, through the reception and straight into the elevator. Panting heavily with her head bent down, hands on her knee and her handbag falling slightly off her shoulders, she cursed again under her breath.“Screw you Olivia!”The elevator clicked open at her floor and she ran out, noticing every see-through office was empty, but as she walked past the conference room, she found all the board staff there, organized and well seated. At that moment, everyone turned to notice her and she just stood still in awe. Not what she was expecting and not knowing whether to join in or just walk away!She definitely wasn't looking composed. Her hair looked all messy from the hurry of the morning and she wasn't her best physically, her face looked tired as well.Liam, seated at the head of the conference table made a signal to
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**JESSICA'S HOMEAnn stood outside Jessica's apartment, tapping her foot impatiently. When the door finally swung open, she was met with a stoic Jessica, a stark contrast to the animated woman who usually greeted her."Hey, girl. Are you alright? " Ann asked with concern, filling her voice as she followed Jessica inside. “You look pale. Did a cabinet fall on you or do you require some manly touch?” Ann asks, teasing.Jessica managed a weak smile, the humor failing to reach her eyes. "Something like that," she mumbled as they walked in.“But seriously, are you fine?” concerned once again."Yeah, I am," Jessica replied, her voice flat. Maybe a little too flat. "Just feel hungry, that's all." Ann dropped her bag on the couch with a thud, the sound echoing in the silent apartment.Ann wasn't buying it. Jessica might be able to fool an unsuspecting victim, but her best friend knew her far too well. "Uh-huh," she said skeptically, "and what kind of ravenous beast are you craving tonight?”
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Leaning through the lavish office windows, sunlight created lengthy shadows that covered Liam's desk. Jessica sat rigidly upright on the edge of the visitor's chair opposite him. A tightness sprang through the air, unrelated to the pile of financial records she held before her.Liam, looking unusually stressed, was ruffling his hair, tampering with the normal flawless swoop. He said, "These quarterly reports are a nightmare," as he furtively skimmed the pages.Jessica, couldn't help but point out, “I think handling them in batches would really help."Liam winced. “Oh brother!”Then he added, “Don't mind me. My father used to handle all this stuff. Unfortunately, his… absence has left a bit of a void."Jessica couldn't deny a sliver of sympathy. Despite her initial suspicions about Liam, a glimpse of vulnerability softened his polished exterior. She focused on the reports, trying to ignore the way his blue eyes crinkled at the corners when he concentrated. Her gaze suddenly fixed on a
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