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Violet's life changed the day someone she knew and trusted led a gang to defile her, nearly killing her. She never expected to be discovered by a supreme being who offered her power in exchange for her soul. She took it in order to exact her vengeance on those who had wronged her, and as a result she became an existence that defied nature, was powerful, and obtained what she desired. She will go to any length to achieve success in life and love.

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I have read the books by this author and she is an amazing writer! I just love her.
2022-01-19 17:28:34
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Blessing Nwodo
There is nothing I like more than writing about a strong FL. Good job, author ...
2021-12-14 15:58:04
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I like how the story is moving and showing the FL progress. Love the storyline and the flow. Great job author!
2021-10-14 03:20:14
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Fighting was no longer an option; she just lay there, tears streaming down her cheeks, as the vicious men continued to vandalize her. They were strewn all over her body. Her body had become too numb for her to do anything.Everything started one beautiful evening when she was sent outside to run an errand. And, as she always did, she took the shortest route she knew well. She was walking when she noticed a young man she recognized; he was her older brother's friend, so she remained calm.She came to a halt to speak with him, only to black out in a matter of seconds. When she opened her eyes, she was naked in a deserted area, in a place she was unfamiliar with, with a huge man in between her legs.It was excruciatingly painful, so she cried and screamed, but the more she did this, the worse it became.While that man raped her incessantly, she noticed her brother's friend staring at her. She couldn't read his emotions, but she was filled with hatred for him
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TWENTY YEARS LATER There was one thing he despised, and that was school. The thought of being in class all day irritated him, but he had no choice. There was a lot on the line. Dylan Dark was born in a very rich family and never lacked anything but when something he really loves gets threatened; he was left with no choice but to what he was told. He grew up with his mother and never met his father until one day his mother abandoned him at this large house and told him that his father would look after him now. He hasn't seen her since, and that was sixteen years ago, when he was only five. Living with strangers you had to call parents and siblings was difficult at first, but he adjusted over time. When that old man discovered he was skipping classes, he threatened him with his mother. The old man stated that he knew where she was and that if he continued to act in this manner, he would never be able to see her, even if she died. So, ever since
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An entourage of cars arrived while he was distracted by the scenery in front of him. Three cars came to a halt directly in front of the club where he was. Between the two black Maserati sedans was a one-of-a-kind and stylish white limousine. What was happening in front of him was familiar; it looked exactly like how his father did things. He stood there motionless, waiting to see who was in that car. The doors of the black cars opened at that moment, and three women dressed as bodyguards emerged from the car in front, followed by three men from the last car. Finally, the limousine's front door opened, revealing a stunning beauty who, judging by her attire, appeared to be someone of great importance. But the show was just getting started because the beautiful lady dressed in that stunning and expensive black gown opened the other limousine door. For a brief moment, he believed he felt a cold breeze passing by and had goose bumps all over his body. After the do
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It was one of those once-a-month occasions when the entire family gathered and pretended to be a family, or something along those lines. Only if they knew how much she despised it. Anne opened the door for her and she entered; it appeared that everyone had already arrived; it was only she who had not. She put on a bright smile the moment she walked into the room. Her younger sisters were both present, and she enjoyed seeing their expressions more. She admired their freedom and carefree way of life. They were fortunate to live a pain-free life, in contrast to the one she led when she was their age. She sat down, and Anne sat next to her. She greeted her parents and older brother first, followed by her younger siblings. “It hasn't been that long, and you've gotten a lot fatter,” Violet said as she pinched her fifteen-year-old sister. “Am I overweight?” In disbelief, Lucy wondered aloud. If there was one thing her little sister despised, it was being fat
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Despite having his own apartment, his old room at the mansion remained the same as if he had lived there. He finished dressing and went downstairs to the dining room, where his parents were already seated with a girl who looked familiar but he couldn't place. “Good evening, mom and dad,” he said as he sat down. They both responded to him, and he then looked at his visitor and greeted her coolly because he needed to keep his manners in check. “I believe you two know each other,” Mr. Dark said, looking at them both. He was surprised to hear the girl respond, "I don't think he does, but I know him." “Is that so?” his mother asked. “Dylan is well-liked at school, but he keeps to himself and his friends, so it's not surprising that he doesn't know who I am.” "Let's start with introductions," his mother suggested. "Dylan, this is Rita Norris, the daughter of the Minister of Home Affairs." “Oh, you're the one. It's no surprise
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Anne held her hand, as she always did, as they left the mansion for the club, which was one kilometer away. The staff had already been informed when they arrived, so her breakfast was quick. Martin arrived after she had finished eating, and she dismissed everyone. “Why did you want to see me, Violet?” “I was wearing this attire when I suddenly thought of you. How is your family doing these days?” “Thank you for your mercy, they are all fine.” "I am delighted to hear that," she said as she sipped her water, “didn't you hear Suzy is getting married to the first son?” “I heard it from your brother, yes.” “All right, then. I want you to surround that jerk sister of mine with security and make sure nothing bad happens to her until she gets married, whenever that may be.” “Should I inform her?” “She is an ungrateful bastard, no need to say more. Be her shadow, protect her without letting on. I wouldn't want anyone to harm eve
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The aunt took out her phone and dialed 112. She was a complete moron; did she think she was bluffing when she came here? She snatched the phone from the aunt's grasp and smashed it against the walk without even touching it. The aunt screamed, the uncle became concerned, and she smiled.“I told you that you would sign the forms one way or another. Should I put you in a death scenario to get you to do what I'm asking?”They thought she was still bluffing, so she suffocated the uncle, watching as he struggled to breathe, his eyes popping out like a toad, tears streaming down his cheeks.At that point, the aunt fell to her knees, sobbing and pleading for mercy.“We'll do anything; just let us live.”“You should have been cooperative from the start, and we wouldn't be making each other suffer right now,” she said as she walked away from the uncle.The ma
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She walked in wearing white and baby pink. With a single glance, you could tell she was dressed to the nines from head to toe. When it came to this woman, the supermodels had no chance. Everyone turned to look at her as she walked hand in hand with that beautiful young lady in black for the last time, even though she was wearing blue instead of black. This time, the white witch's hair was adorned with pink diamonds, and the head chain covered most of her head, with some silver chains dangling on her hair that extended all the way down her back.She was decked out in matching pink diamond jewelry from head to toe. That white dress had pink diamonds embroidered on it in such an attentive manner in the front that it could catch anyone's eye, but that wasn't all there was to her dress.His breath was taken away by the back design, which reminded him of his mother. She enjoyed creating one-of-a-kind garments, and she always made his clothes before leavi
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When he first saw her, he assumed she was unconcerned. Seeing her so self-assured even among those bodyguards, it appeared that everything was just right for her. When he first saw her at the hall during the engagement, he thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.Instead of focusing on the couples who were getting married, he was fixated on her throughout the ceremony. As a result, he inadvertently overheard the majority of their later conversation, which was mostly the white witch venting her rage at the Grant family.The identity of the mysterious sister was revealed as a result of that conversation. After all, the white witch was Samantha, but why were they calling her Violet? He could tell that every word Violet said was true based on how her family reacted when she made her statement.They didn't seem to care; it was as if they didn't consider her a member of the family. There was nothing wrong with her appearance; he liked it, despite the
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An adjacent door led her to her own personal gym, which allowed her to see outside. At night, she could see the beautiful sky as well as any TV channel she wanted, as the gym had three TVs installed.Another adjacent door led to her bathroom, which had a twin bathtub and allows her to relax even while cleansing herself, and finally her closet, which took up the majority of the space.Half of her clothes were mostly white, while the other half housed her shoes, designer bags, and other accessories that did not include jewelry. Her jewelry collection, which included necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, head chains, hair chains, chokers, watches, armlets, and anklets, was kept in the middle of the closet in glass boxes.She has an office in the mansion where she does the majority of her business, a personal library where she keeps all of her rare and unique book collection, a gallery where she stores and keeps all of her artwork, and her own personal swimming p
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