Her Perfect Mate

Her Perfect Mate

By:  Halihab   Ongoing
Language: English
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Monalisa, a young girl who was abandoned at a very young age, lived with her relatives who used her as they pleased without giving her proper attention neither did they show her love or kindness, not even the people around her. She met and fell in love with a man called Bret but was heartbroken when she realized the man only used her because of a bet he made with his friends. Monalisa got pregnant from her short relationship with Bret and out of hatred for the father of her child she ended up abandoning her son to die by a seashore, she wanted to kill herself too but was captured by a vicious vampire, there, she sort to become powerful in other to be free to get back at all the people that had hurt her and made life miserable but will she succeed especially when she falls in love again and found out that her lover was the son she never knew was still alive, who had also become a powerful werewolf?

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64 Chapters
Chapter 1
Monalisa woke up to a sharp pain in her tummy followed by an indescribable pain around her waist. This was not the first time she was experiencing this and felt like it was going to stop just in the same way that it has done in times before.She managed to turn in pain on her other side, her gaze unconsciously rested on the broken clock at the corner of her room. It was barely one hour since she fell asleep, she said inwardly after seeing the time."Please let me sleep you wicked thing, unlike you I have to work in the morning," she muttered angrily, lowering her gaze to her tummy, referring to the baby in her womb and wondering why the pain isn't stopping yet like it would have. "What is wrong now?" She muttered angrily again as she started feeling like she wanted to pee and the pain wouldn't stop. She constantly goes to pee lately and worst of all, she would end up having a very small leak with her bladder still feeling full. This is so unbearable for her. She did not know how mu
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Chapter 2
Monalisa stared steadily at her reflection in a broken mirror in front of her in the shabby small basement she stayed in. Peering into her clear blue eyes, she could not help but wonder why life was treating her differently unlike the rest of the people living in this city, especially girls her age, who are all loved by their family members, friends and neighbors. She is only sixteen but had gone through so much trouble that she now thinks she has suffered more than Cinderella whom she had read about in books.She loved reading stories about girls who had suffered unjustly but had happy endings at last instead of reading stories of vampires, witches and werewolves which was the most preferred among the people in her city because she does not believe in its existence as most of the people do, she found such stories scary and preferred happy ending books like Cinderella's.Monalisa slowly lowered her gaze to a book in her hand which was still about Cinderella, this was the only Cinderel
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Chapter 3
Monalisa lifted her hand immediately against her cheek that had just been slapped, tears suddenly streaming down her face. “I am sorry aunt… I did not mean to do that…” she muttered, feeling her face hurt from the slap her aunt just gave her and her body trembling a little from fear.“You are sorry…” Annabel snapped, still glaring furiously at her and feeling nothing at all by the slap she just received from her mum. She was thankful for one thing though and that is the fact that her mum always protected her interest and showed her so much love and care especially in the presence of Monalisa and even though she taunt her whenever they were alone about how she need to maintain her physical body, she loved that her mum always did not hesitate to hurt Monalisa whether she did something wrong or not. “How dare you do a thing deliberately to me and pretend to be sorry about it,” she added, still glaring at Monalisa, wishing her mum would slap her again but saw that she was not ready to hit
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Chapter 4
“Then where is she? Tell me, is she here?” Lila asked, as she scoffed a little, making fun of Monalisa and glancing around her too. "Your mum is dead, Monalisa, she is dead… that is the reason why she has not shown up these past fifteen years or perhaps you are worthless to her, that was why she left you to me anyways, she knew how much I hated her but she still left you in my care, to be my slave…" Lila told her spitefully this time, peering hard at Monalisa who peered at her, tears flowing from her eyes down her cheeks.Lila and Annabel were the only family she had known and no matter how much she tried to please them, they still treated her badly and now she could see that they even wanted her dead and this hurt her even more."Leave my house this minute Monalisa," Lila said authoritatively and spitefully, gesturing for her to leave the house. "You have to stay outside tonight, I guess that would make you learn that you are nothing but a slave," Lila told her again, recalling how
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Chapter 5
“Monalisa…” a male voice called out to her, startling and making her turn around immediately too to see who had called her name.“Bret…” Monalisa muttered, sounding a little out of breath because of how frightened she was a moment ago and surprised to see him standing in front of her like this. He had also called her name which was awkward to her because he normally would not have called her name and wondered why he did. "Sorry Monalisa, I frightened you," Bret said apologetically, seeing the fright in her face."What?" Monalisa muttered again and this time glanced around her, wondering what was going on at this moment and why Bret was talking to her and so politely too. No one was polite to her before and that includes Bret, in fact he has never spoken to her before, not that he has any reason to, he was way above her class. Bret is the son of one of Aunt Lila’s wealthy friends, who often visits the house with his clique of friends and sometimes drops by alone to see Annabel who wa
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Chapter 6
Monalisa’s lips parted slightly too as she peered into Bret’s face, her heart starting to race inside her, wondering what this was about. Bret had been a regular visitor in her Aunt’s house but he had never spoken to her before, it was like she never existed and now he is standing in front of her in this awkward moment saying this to her."Oh my goodness, Monalisa, I do not know how to get this out, please could you come with me, I am freezing out here and I bet you are too," Bret said, reaching out and taking her hand, making Monalisa’s pupil widen as he took her hand. She tried to pull her hand away from his but he held on to it."Come with me Monalisa, I am going to explain this to you but I cannot do it out here or we are going to freeze out here before I make you understand this." Bret told her and without wasting time he started leading her to his car. He opened the car and helped her to step into it while he walked around to sit on the driver's seat."I am taking you to my hous
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Chapter 7
Bret drove Monalisa back to her house a few minutes before the day became bright like he had promised he would, “take care of yourself Monalisa,” he said, wearing a sad face as she was about to step out of his car.“Thanks, Bret, see you…” she said in response and then stepped out of his car, feeling a little sad to be back to Lila and Annabel, as she watched Bret drive away again, she pressed her lips together hoping that it will not take long before Bret comes to take her away from here like he had promised her he would. She quickly went to sit down close to the front door of her aunt’s house, pretending to have stayed out there all night. It was still cold outside but she would stay warm with the thought of Bret, she told herself, feeling like the Cinderella who had gone out to meet her prince and had just returned home.About two hours later the front door went open. Monalisa quickly stood up from where she was seated to see her aunt Lila standing in front of her. “You are still h
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Chapter 8
"Get the door Monalisa," Lila shouted from the dining room, calling out for Monalisa who was heading back to the basement where she stayed. Monalisa paused abruptly, feeling angry as soon as she heard Lila call for her, she was thinking this is a time she would go back and have a little rest after serving them food and have her own food quickly too before she goes back out to clear the dining table since they usually do not allow her to stay around them while they ate. She was starving too, especially after what went down between her and Brett."Monalisa… I said, get the door," Lila's voice came again, sounding very angry this time as if she had done something very bad to her."Oh, for God sakes…" Monalisa muttered, and then turned around heading back to the living room wondering who had come at this hour. It is still morning, she said inwardly as she walked back to the dining room and out into the living room ignoring aunt Lila who's angry gaze was on her. It would only be a matter
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Chapter 9
Annabel giggled like a little girl, sitting back beside Bret as she waited for her other friends to show up at her house. "Why are you so excited?" Bret asked, wondering if she felt nothing at all after seeing that he made out with Monalisa, he thought that she had feelings for him but seeing her like this, made him wonder if he had been misled by her attitude and attention for him."You will never know Bret," Annabel said, smiling broadly like she has won some kind of award. "I cannot wait to see the look on Monalisa's face where she would realize that all this was just a plan that I had initiated," Annabel said, flipping her hair that had fallen over her face backwards, her gaze on Bret. She failed to see how disgusted he looked at her for a moment."Come on, why are you not telling me how it happened in detail, you know, I would like to hear about it," she said again, still giggling as she spoke."Well there is nothing to tell, Annabel, I have won the bet, that's all I think there
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Chapter 10
Monalisa carried on with her life, putting what had happened between her and Bret aside and taking every abuse that came to her, especially from Annabel who would not stop taunting her about being a cheap wh*re.Bret on the other hand had put Monalisa out of his thoughts and had gone back to being the way he was before with Monalisa, and acted a little worse than he was before especially when he was with his friends as he didn't want them to see him as a weakling and his friends praised him more for that.Monalisa decided within her that she would try and avoid Bret so she sorted out for more cleaning jobs that would keep her away from home even though her aunt Lila still got the wages from her work. It felt better that way for her than to constantly run into Bret who seemed to pay more visit to their house than before. She would wake up very early and prepare things for Lila and Annabel and leave for work before they even woke up and would return at night to clean up after Lila and
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