16. Warmonger King


As the jet’s engines muted down, I cautiously step onto the metal staircase, instantly feeling the temperature drop. The cold air at high altitude nips at my face, a contrast to the cosy and luxurious atmosphere inside the plane with its soft leather seats and champagne. I can’t resist looking out into the distance, where Cassian’s castle stands tall.

“Welcome to my kingdom, Reyna,” Cassian says proudly from behind me, his voice resonating with pride.

The sight in front of me takes my breath away. It’s a fortress that stretches across the valley like a metallic creature. There is nothing inviting about it. It stands cold and resolute; a symbol of the warfare that thrives in this kingdom.

“Wow…” I whisper, unable to tear my gaze away from the intimidating structure.

“You can see why Cassian is called the Warmonger; he developed every modern weapon we have today. Both for our world as well as the humans across the seas,” Malachi says with a grin. “After he killed my father, we wer
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Jennifer Beaulieu
Pt2: but not identical triplets with 2 genders), and in Rune’s kingdom is…..possibly Beta Troy?
goodnovel comment avatar
Jennifer Beaulieu
Hmm. Could the “monster with purple eyes” that will bring ash and fire be Jealousy? In the neutral kingdom you have Reyna’s step-family, in Malachai’s you have his now former fiancé, in Cassian’s it’s his sisters (who technically may be identical twins of a fraternal triplet scenario…
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Some woman are so disgusting

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