3. Three Resounding Voices Bellow


It’s a beautiful evening on the night of the ball and we’re dressed in crimson gowns to indicate we’re servers and helpers for the evening. Headmistress Neave had my father make these specifically for us for this special occasion, and to be honest, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Our hair has been curled and pinned up; nothing like this has been done before when it comes to the different functions my father has at the manor. He must really be trying to impress these Alphas, and understandably so.

The scent of roses floats on the breeze, coupled with the delicious foods being prepared in the kitchens. For the first time in a long time, I wished I were on the other side of the festivities.

I look around the familiar hall and breathe out a sigh. The hall is vast, with soaring ceilings adorned with intricate, handcrafted chandeliers that bathe the room in a soft, golden glow. Draped from the ceilings are the banners depicting the pack emblems of the Four Kingdoms of Aether.

A grand, sweeping stone staircase at one end of the hall leads to a balcony adorned with cascading flowers and vines, offering a better view of the celebration below. The staircase is wide enough for several people to ascend side by side, adding to the regal ambiance of the place.

The main floor, where the guests gather, has been decorated beautifully by me and the other girls. We draped the room in rich, luxurious fabrics in deep, regal colours like crimson, emerald green, and royal blue, indicative of the different pack emblem colours.

Gorgeous floral arrangements, where the scent of roses and jasmine linger heavily, decorate the tables and corners of the hall, adding that extra gorgeous touch.

At the heart of the hall, a large, intricately carved wooden dance floor beckons the attendees and, symbolically painted on the ceiling, is a night sky with shimmering stars.

Around the edges of the hall, various alcoves are fashioned into cosy sitting areas, where guests can retreat for private conversations. Plush velvet sofas and embroidered cushions offer comfort, and the soft glow of candlelight adds to the ambiance of intimacy.

It never used to look like this, but after my father started planning this Ball, things changed. I was no longer allowed to sneak in here to be alone; I only had my damp cellar room.

“Reyna,” Headmistress Neave beckons me over just as I instruct the servers on what to do once the doors open, and as soon as we’re out of earshot, she places something in my hands. 

My eyes grow wide when I see the small sack of gold coins, and when I look up at her, she gives me a knowing smile. “Headmistress, I can’t—”

“You will need it when you leave tonight,” she says, and my heart slams painfully against my ribcage. “Take it and leave at midnight. Lily-Ann and I have hidden a small bag of your belongings next to a black horse in the far end of the stables. Take it, dearie, and don’t look back.”

Emotion ensnares my heart and I feel it spiralling over my cheeks. No one has ever shown they cared for me like this before, but Lily-Ann. “How long have you known?”

“Since you started taking the bigger jobs that pay more, and don’t fret, I won’t tell a soul,” she says, then she pats my hands. “Hide it in the pocket of your dress, I had one specially made for you. And wipe your tears away, you silly girl!”

I sniff and do as she tells me. “I’m sorry, I just don’t know how to repay you for this. Thank you so much!”

Headmistress Neave nods her head. “Just make a happy life for yourself, okay?” she says, and when I nod, she walks away again.

My heart feels heavy with emotion, but I swallow it down and allow it to give me the incentive to put my plan into motion. I WILL leave here tonight; nothing will stop me from getting the future I want.

I gesture for the guards to open the doors, and anticipation swirls in my heart… Tonight I finally take my life into my hands!


A few hours after the guests arrive, I’m weaving in and out amongst everyone, making sure they’re content and their glasses are filled. My arm isn’t fully healed, I still have a slightly bruised face and my feet hurt so much already, but the pain will be worth it after today.

Even Abby and Leane’s gloating and verbal abuse couldn’t dampen my spirits tonight.

The bag of coins felt heavy yet liberating throughout the evening, but I made up my mind to leave once everyone was distracted by the arrival of the Three Alpha Kings.

As soon as I mentally do a check of this, booming footsteps echo through the hall and everyone’s attention snaps towards the imposing figures entering. I put down the bottle of the wine I was holding, intending to slip away, when a symphony of overwhelming scents hit me all at once and I gasp.

I feel as if I’m standing in the middle of a darn bakery and I loathe sweet scents. But the heady smells of freshly baked apple pie, toasted marshmallow, and chocolate drift in the air and I am rooted on the spot. 

As I inhale deeply, my senses guide me to the source of those enticing scents, and to my surprise, I find myself gazing upon the three Alphas. The noise and chatter of their entourage fades away, leaving only them in my vision. I feel an intense attraction towards them, as if the universe is urging me to move closer. I have to pinch my arm to regain control over my senses and prevent myself from acting impulsively.

As the group enters, Alpha Cassian of Obsidian Fury can be seen at the front, leading everyone. There's something about him that just exudes raw power, and when I see his slicked-back brunette hair and steely gaze, it's impossible not to feel a sense of fear and respect. His height, along with his strikingly handsome features and imposing presence, make him a force to be reckoned with. 

As his cold Alpha blue eyes scan the crowd, I quickly avert my gaze and focus my attention on the second Alpha male, the one who appears to be the object of every woman's affection.

Alpha Malachi of Blood Shadow. The way his honey blonde hair perfectly complements his Alpha Blue eyes is mesmerising, and as he scans the room, it's as if he's carefully selecting his next target. The aura he emanates is one of authority and royalty, every inch an Alpha King.

The Alpha is rumoured to have a pattern of seducing women in every country he goes to, as I have heard. And with the mischievous look in his eyes, I can see why. He’s absolutely gorgeous and I would gladly throw myself at his feet.

Wait, shut up, Reyna! Now is not the time to swoon!

I’m about to take my leave when I see Alpha Rune of Dread Moon. He’s wearing a hood over his head and out of all three, he’s the youngest and the most mysterious one. No one knows anything about him, and that truly terrifies me.

I need to get out of here while everyone is still enthralled with these three!

But as I weave through the crowd in an attempt to get away, someone purposefully trips me and I fall… and not gracefully, either. 

Sprawled on the floor with my dress pulled up, I hear someone calling out my name, and when I get to my knees; I see it’s Lily-Ann. She’s wearing a horrified expression and gestures to the floor next to me.

My heart drops when I see why… the gold coins have fallen out of my pocket and are laying everywhere.

“I knew it! This is what you get!” Abby’s whispered voice comes from next to me and when I look up, I feel everyone’s gaze on me when she says, “This slave has stolen someone’s gold!”

Gasps echo through the hall, and my heart drops at the accusation. “N-no! It’s mine–”

“Liar! There is no way someone as lowly as you could have that much gold!” she exclaims, then strikes my cheek. “How could you embarrass my father, Alpha Alaric, on such an auspicious occasion? Guards!”

“No…No, this is mine! I didn’t steal—”

“Silence,” a deep voice echoes through the entire hall and I immediately lower my head. Three different sets of footsteps follow this voice, but I dare not look up. “If you are indeed innocent, Omega, you will look up at your Kings.”

I swallow deeply, feeling the tears welling up in my eyes. When I looked up at Abby, I see the joy in her eyes, and something tells me she knew about the coins already. Shaking my head and feeling defeated, I turn my gaze to the Alphas in front of me…

Our eyes meet, and a jolt of recognition surges through me as I turn to look at all three of them, and it was as if I have known them for centuries.

In a heartbeat, the world around me seems to blur into insignificance as an unknown energy charges the air, filling it with the scent of petrichor. Three pairs of striking Alpha Blue eyes bore into mine, and as I get to my feet, I take a step back.

But then the silence gets shattered, and the halls echo with a resounding bellow coming from the three powerful men in front of me. 

The word rang out, not once, but three times, each Alpha’s voice distinct yet harmonizing in a powerful declaration. My eyes widened further, my mind struggling to comprehend the one word I never expected to hear.


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