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Drugged by her husband, she woke up in a strange bed. He divorced her and Married her sister, took her properties and inheritance away and threw her out of her own house. She became pregnant without knowing the father of her baby. Theresa Mo disappeared from the country and came back few years later. "... Who is your mother!" Junxie Li, the idol of the business world was left spellbound when he met two kids, a miniature of himself... What will happen when Theresa Mo meet the father of her kids and her ex-husband came asking her to return to him?

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Mary Smith
This book was a great book, lots depth, keep you wanting to know what was next?
2023-11-13 11:42:27
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The Splash
A book so promising and sure to be entertaining. 'Too Late to Return' is one of a kind. A must-have for every book lover.
2023-03-18 04:03:54
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I really enjoyed this story. Everyone got their comeuppance. Some of the scenarios written occur in real life.
2023-02-13 01:20:14
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This is Tessy Chris’s book even the names. Dear author I hope you have a good explanation for this because this is copied work and just a different title
2023-01-19 02:40:06
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Solomon Grace
wow I love this book so much
2022-03-05 02:51:53
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Natasha Silverwood
This book is great! However, this book title is different from the one I read. So, stop changing the titles to earn money & keep the original title "Married to The President ". It will be a great read if you're reading for the first thing.
2022-02-28 00:27:52
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Ki'nee Terry
Great book! although male characters were very domineering, mean.
2022-02-03 19:12:54
user avatar
Intruding blurb...
2022-01-31 14:43:57
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I really like the story love it
2021-12-31 08:14:42
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Jagdeep Kaur
I love the story ...️...️...️
2021-12-27 12:55:51
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brilliant, nice story.
2021-12-26 23:45:16
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Jessica Sackey
Beautiful novel...
2021-12-21 07:19:49
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Carly Smith
Good story
2021-12-13 13:16:13
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Ann Smith
awesome! you did a great job author. keep up the good work....
2021-11-01 09:04:39
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Carolyn Phipps
Every time the story gets interesting, you stop. This is the only stress relief I get from working with COVID patients.... Help!
2021-08-09 03:25:50
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The Sunlight shone upon her tired face. She opened her eyes wearily and felt weak and tired. The sun rays poured into those eyes, and she hit them quickly.   Gradually she opened the eyes gently and allowed it to adjust to the light in her surroundings. Where is she?  She raised herself to a sitting position and tried remembering what happened. She lifted the quilt and was surprised when she found herself naked. What happened to her? Why is she here? When did she pull off her dress?  She remembered vaguely that Tiana had helped her into a room last night. She didn't remember anything else besides…  Ah! Someone had taken advantage of her, she'd been raped! She lifted the quilt again and checked herself.
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In the hospital
As soon as she stepped into the sitting room, she was greeted with a ferocious stare. The glare coming from Lu Jingli was capable of making someone mis steps.  "Whore, you still have no shame left in you and you took those miserable feet of yours into this house" Lu Cherry cursed.  "You are married and still thinking about sleeping with someone else? Are you so cheap and casual that you don't know your status and where to turn to when you need someone to meet your needs?"Lu Jingli thundered.  Hypocrites, Theresa Mo thought. He pretends to be upset and yet knows about all that happened. He was the one who brought her the drink that sent her hypoxia.  "This marriage is over. I can't pretend to know what you've done nor turn my ey
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Lu Jingli's lawyer walked into the hospital ward and stood before Theresa Mo. He pulled a seat and sat on it.  Opening his portfolio he brought out the divorce papers. "Ms Mo, please sign this paper and resolve your marriage with my client"The lawyer instructed.  Theresa Mo doesn't know if she's to smile or weep. Lu Jingli is really a beast. He couldn't even let her out of the hospital before bringing the papers to her.   "What if I refused to sign?" Theresa Mo asked. What would Lu Jingli and his mother do if she refuses to sign a divorce paper?   Her marriage would remain thereby preventing him from being with Tiana Mo. He can't possibly force her considering he was the one who actually drugged her.
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Thrown out
   Theresa Mo was shocked and rendered momentarily dazed. Her stepmother was part of the set up?  "I got everything back. That girl shouldn't have been allowed in this home in the first place. But now, she takes from Tiana what was supposed to be hers alone"Molly Mo said excitedly.  She seemed to be in Company of some people. Theresa Mo never thought she would be involved in something so shady.  "Aunt, I told you to leave everything in my hands. I was going to strip her off everything she's got. I not only did that but also made her lose her first time to a hooker.  Who's going to marry a girl who's poor and not innocent. Such a combination in a woman drives men far away like the west from the East"Lu Jingli prai
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Fear of being pregnant
Rosa was quiet. She doesn't know what happened to herself. She found Theresa in a pathetic condition and considering how she said she would have preferred that a car crash and she died rather than living.  She brought her home but didn't know what made her so sad and unhappy. She glanced at Theresa and the latter locked eyes with each other.  Theresa bowed her head and her tears came afresh. Rosa's mother was surprised, she was still sobbing after a few days had passed from when she experienced the incident.  She regretted asking. She should have waited some days more before asking. She doesn't want to make her feel hurt.  "You don't have to say anything to Theresa if you don't want to. I'm sorry to have asked you in the first
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Went away
The doctor glared at her and was amused. She asked him what is written in the result? "Ms Mo, you can check it out" the doctor replied politely.  Theresa fearfully tore it open and glanced at it. Her hand shivered. That was when Theresa knew she'd been sweating. Her blouse was soaking in sweat as she held the result in her hand.  Her tears ran down her cheeks. This is what she has been afraid of. The reality stares at her in the face.   " You are six weeks pregnant ma'am" the doctor stated. He stared at her and knew she wasn't ready for the pregnancy.  Rather than Theresa answering or saying something, she closed her eyes momentarily and her tears ran down her beautiful face. 
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Four years Later
    What does Theresa Mo mean by her actions and the message she sent. Why would she think so unhealthy about them?  Rosa's mother became sobered. Has she done something that makes Theresa feel uncomfortable? Or had she said anything that made her feel unwelcome?  For the rest of that day, Rosa, her mother and brother were unhappy. They never expected that things would end this way or that Theresa would one day leave them without a genuine reason for doing that.                 Four years later   Theresa Mo walked out of the airport in a blue suit and pants. She wore dark glasses and h
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Done with Men
 Rosa's mother knew Theresa was going to tell them things after the kids fell asleep. She was not surprised when she saw Rosa and Theresa walk out hand in hand.  Theresa sat down and Rosa opposite her. Rosa's brother Hong had gone out for a computer game with his friends.  "I'll never stop thanking you Aunt and Rosa for being my support in the darkest hour of my life. I never thought there would be a time that I will experience such thick darkness in my life like I had four years ago.  I discovered I was pregnant when I went to the hospital to check up. I didn't know what to do at the time. I don't have money,no job and I don't know the one who got me pregnant.   But the doctor who attended to me took it upon himself
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Run away from sex
   Lu Jingli was unhappy. They've been married for four years and he has not stopped giving her his body just to see her pregnant. But he can no longer continue and needed to rest a while.   "Why have you been ignoring me? We need to be intimate more at this period when we need a child"Tiana Mo coaxed.   This shouldn't be the time Lu Jingli be estranged from her especially now that she needed him the most.   "Are you going to force me if I choose to ignore you? I want to sleep and I don't like being disturbed"Lu Jingli snapped at her.  If she keeps pestering him, he would leave the room and never return that night. What's the use of wasting his manliness on a woman who has nothing to show for it 
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I had a husband before?
  Lu Jingli was shocked and his hands shivered. This is his ex wife Theresa Mo. She looked happy with her friends. She was dishing her meal into her mouth with the chopsticks so that she didn't notice that some people were staring at her.   The waiter came and took Lu Jingli's order and his mother. But the latter became muddle headed after seeing Theresa Mo.  He had tried finding her and locating her for many months until he finally gave up. He concluded she had done something to hurt herself or left the country.  But where was she going to get the money to take a flight out of the country. She was left without a penny and not allowed to take a needle out of the house.  But seeing her now, she looked gorgeous and beau
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