Take My Heart

Take My Heart

By:  Varga Nurlela Blafire  Completed
Language: English
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Gamma, a hater and heartbreaker of beings called women. For him, only his adoptive mother and younger brother are the women he loves. The others don't matter. However, Angel was different. That girl was able to conquer the heart of a famous violinist like Gamma, a person who should be shunned by any good girl. Can Angel fall into Gamma's entangling love trap? Can Gamma finally find a real woman who is not as shitty as her evil mother? Those beautiful notes were swiped from the proud violin, singing a love song that captivated the heart. Or is it hurting their heart? __________________________________ Welcome to this sweet love stories, one that is wrapped either with hatred, revenge, sincerity or compulsion. Welcome and pray for the characters inside, hope they will always be happy.

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Mila Salting
Hooked!!! ...️I can’t wait to read the next chapter.
2022-10-14 17:27:05
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Sebtian Dwi P
2020-09-17 22:43:00
default avatar
Didn’t get far bc it’s hard to read. Needs some editing in English bc the phrasing doesn’t work well in some places. Had potential just needs some editing
2021-11-11 01:58:20
102 Chapters
Chapter 1
[Each story here always has one or more links, so they don't necessarily become separate stories. Hope you guys enjoy it. If you feel like quitting, then stop. Because really, forbidding the reader to continue indefinitely is inappropriate for a writer. I love you.]____________________________________Women are like poison. Women are bad. They may look beautiful and gentle on the outside, but who knows how despicable the soul is.That's what stuck in his mind in the cold, foggy morning, when his mother woke him up. At that time he still spent his nights crying. Crying because he had been separated for nearly two weeks from his beloved younger sister, from his gentle and kind father.Now he is forced to live with his mother, who takes his away from home and then lives with her male friend's house.Even though he was young, he could read that this man wasn't just a friend to his mother. His mother embraced the rich man affectionatel
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Chapter 2
"You are bad!"The woman with long blonde hair stood half pounding the table, staring at Gamma, who was just calm and cold. The woman's eyes filled with tears and almost cried. Gamma just glanced indifferently."I'm really bad." The man smiled sweetly, his face was handsome but now looks full of hatred. "If you are satisfied to vent your anger, you can go."A slap from the tapered fingers of sparkling red nails flew away, hitting Gamma's cheek hard. Her emotions overflowed due to Gamma's cruel treatment of her. Gamma accepted it calmly, he was used to it. Emotional women will usually try to hurt their opponent when they are hurt. It gives them a satisfying, commensurate taste.Gamma's eyes flashed, and half smiled at the woman before him, "Satisfied?"The woman was speechless, tears running down her cheeks, unbearable. Then with sobbing tears, the woman left half running away from Gamma.Gamma rubbed the slap on the cheek that felt a little
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Chapter 3
"How was the concert in Austria?"Mr. Andrew, one of his former mentors when he was still studying at the academy smiled at Gamma who had just come to visit. Gamma was his most brilliant student. This man carried the genius of playing the violin between his fingers. A naturally gifted violinist who is matched by a high level of technique.Being Mr. Andrew's best friend, Gamma's parents brought him to the mentor, originally the man had absolutely no idea. Who came to him was a thin and beautiful boy—Mr. Andrew initially thought he was a girl—around six or seven years old, hugging a dark red violin that seemed too big for a kid his age.However, when the little boy played his violin, Mr. Andrew was stunned. He knew right away that this little boy could be called a 'prodigy' in his violin playing. Such a small child, with an oversized violin, but playing the violin not only with perfect technique, but the way to play is charming. There is no second to n
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Chapter 4
The sound of the violin slashing skillfully swept through the hall of the music academy hall. Angel recognized the tone even as she listened faintly. The "Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso" played masterfully at the friction of each note, brings the feeling to the rise and fall of the violin … and whoever plays him, he must be brilliant.Angel walked, frowning, following the direction of the voice. She felt carried away to another realm, in silence accompanied by music that brought strange emotions and fluctuated, there was pain there, there was pain … there is loneliness and above all … there is anger there, all those emotions beautifully wrapped in a violin technique that is close to genius … produces incredible tones.She stepped cautiously to the end of the academy hallway. Realizing that her heart was beating fast … she shouldn't have been traveling alone to this place. Her mother would look for her and be confused, but the sound
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Chapter 5
Little girl?In an instant Angel was offended. Did the man call her a kid to insult her? At the age of eighteen, Angel was indeed small, petite and unlike the rest of her family who were tall. Angel is short, thin with wide, clear eyeballs. Now she is wearing black shorts combined with a light blue t-shirt that is slightly oversized. From afar she looks like a boy. No wonder the man called him 'little girl'. Maybe he thought Angel was one of the junior academy students who got lost. Yes, Angel is indeed a student at this academy, but she is a senior student who graduated six months ago. Now she and her mother, as well as her best friend Rain, have come to the academy to take special training forms.The violinist put down his violin, then stepped closer. When he got closer, Angel was immediately stunned. Jeez! The man was so handsome that he was nearly beautiful. His straight black hair was left to stretch until it touched the collar of his shirt. His lips
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Chapter 6
"Where have you been Angel? Your mom was looking for you anxiously because you disappeared a long time ago." Rain bumped into Angel at the end of the corridor, he immediately followed Angel's steps and smiled softly. "You must be exploring again without permission."Angel's cheeks flushed red. Rain is her friend from childhood because their parents are close neighbors. The man might think of Angel as his younger sister, but for Angel, Rain was more than that. Rain was always there for her and Angel probably had more feelings for him. Unfortunately, Rain still seemed to treat Angel as a child, as his younger sister … and that's one of the things that made Angel hate her childlike appearance."I met Gamma … the violinist."Rain's footsteps stopped immediately, he looked at Angel in shock and widened his eyes. "Did you meet him? With Gamma? Where?"Rain seemed ready to run, but Angel held his hand. "He was training in a special room at the end
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Chapter 7
"Thank you for always taking your time to teach our students every year."Gamma sat in the director's living room, served tea in an British teapot and delicious-looking cakes on a plate, he sat opposite the director himself."This academy once trained me and helped me to a degree where I am today. I don't mind teaching them during my breaks." Gamma muttered calmly. His eyes searched for the door. He didn't like these formal gatherings and wanted to make a quick escape, but of course it was rude."And the children's enthusiasm has really spilled over this year, especially after your last very successful solo concert in Austria." The director smiled, looking at Gamma happily. "My son will be at this audition again this year. I won't tell you which one because it might affect you, but I hope that with his ability he can pass the audition. He had tried twice before and failed." The director poured his tea and invited Gamma to have tea with him.Gamma smiles.
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Chapter 8
"Come on, quickly!"Rain jogged towards the large hall of the academy where the audition was taking place while Angel followed him, both panicked. Yesterday they got the notification that the two of them were among the lucky two hundred auditionees. However, they were almost late because their car was stuck in traffic and made them panic for fear of missing the opportunity, but luckily Rain found another path, though narrow but smooth and made them only a few minutes late.When they reached the hall door, the sound of violins could be heard. That means the audition has already started. Luckily the audition committee was still at the door so Rain and Angel could get the audition number, even though they had to get the final number for the day.One person gets only three minutes to play the part of the song they have chosen, showing off their talents to the best of their ability. Meanwhile, Gamma and two senior mentors at the academy, sat quietly and listened in a
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Chapter 9
The music filled the hall and immediately Gamma gaped.This girl … this girl!Enthusiasm filled Gamma, overwhelmed him. This was a feeling he had never felt before. Angel played every chord of notes so easily, as if every note wasn't something difficult for her. Even though the music she plays requires intensive practice and concentration of its own. Tchaikovsky is of course Gamma's favorite. He mastered all of them and loved to listen to them, knowing very well the level of difficulty.Angel played it so easily. Her hand movements rubbed the violin, combined with her fingers moving naturally, everything was almost perfect. This girl has a natural talent, it's just not properly honed.Gamma's heart was pounding. This child was an uncut diamond. Gamma can't just let it go. The euphoria over the notes the girl was playing gave Gamma an overflowing feeling, making him want to play too. He immediately stood up, glanced at one of the employees who readi
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Chapter 10
"You gotta want Angel on the list." Mr. Andrew smiled at Gamma. "I've never seen you play like that before, Gamma. The child's play is great, although not well honed, under your hands I'm sure she will be great.""Yes, put her." Gamma's eyes looked blank. "I won't be able to really whet those diamonds. I will only train her for three months."Mr. Andrew looked at Gamma and smiled. "You can make her your special student afterwards. At your age, I used to tutor my special student and I only do it for kids whose talents I really do see, develop them perfectly.""I'll think about it, I've only seen her play once." Gamma frowned. "So, where is the list?"Mr. Andrew handed over the temporary list sheet. "Evaluate first, in case there is something you want to change."Gamma stared pensively at the twenty names chosen, her eyes fixed on number 199 which was on the list, the man she knew was hugged by Angel after the game. The man's name is Rain Andrew. Gam
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