As I expected, Sera Bianchi’s number was not only programmed into the phone Tom had given me, but added to my starred contacts. I trudged into my room and shut the door behind me. Tom said she’d patched him up after a gunshot wound and saved his life. Dr. Martinez might do house calls, but I doubted she did them on short notice, so having Sera nearby would hopefully bridge the gap. I had no idea who the mafia men used for their doctor when Sera wasn’t around, but if it wasn’t a woman, it wouldn’t work anyway.

I dialed and held the phone to my ear with my eyes closed.

“Paige!” Sera picked up almost immediately. “I’ve been waiting for you to call. How are things?”

“Good, good,” I said automatically. “So—”

“So, I heard from Killian that Tommaso said you might be willing to think about going shopping soon!” she trilled. “I was so glad to hear you’re finally on the upswing. I was thinking you, me, Olivia, and Penny could really tear up the town.”

“Totally,” I said mostly to make her
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