Living the Life


I gathered a sleeping Paige in my arms, twisted, and lifted her off the couch. My legs ached as I lifted her. Whatever had gotten into her today made her wild, and the sun had disappeared over the house, a sure sign we’d fucked into the early evening. I laid her gently in bed and tucked the covers over her, then scribbled a little note that I’d gone to get some work done. She’d understand.

I tugged on my suit pants over my still-sticky dick and padded out of her room with the rest of my clothes in my arms. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. The little voice in the back of my head kept nagging that something had to be off, that she couldn’t have changed this much this quickly, but I ignored it. If I was going to follow Paige’s lead, I had to follow it wherever she led, not just when her lead made sense to me.

I stopped in my room for a shower and another change of clothes. There’d been lots of dry cleaning this week, and more if she insisted on coming onto me like she did i
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