Everything I've Wanted


I stared down at Tom, looking for any hint of rejection in his green eyes. Desire threatened to overwhelm me, but if he didn’t want this, I’d curl back into myself forever.

His own want warred with a gentle love in his face. My panic dissipated, and I grinned at him.

“Scared?” I kissed a line down his bare chest. “I’m starting to think you should be. Last night was all about me, and I’m ready to repay the favor.”

“Paige, we don’t have to—”

I started unbuttoning his pants, eye-level with the massive bulge I’d been grinding against since the car. “Stop me if you don’t want this.”

He bit his lip and stroked my hair.

“Exactly.” I yanked his pants and underwear down and licked my lips. I’d only read about doing this with someone I actually wanted to be with. I’d refused to try it for Eric because he refused to do the same for me, but Tom deserved it. He’d been so good to me, so sweet.

“I love you,” Tom said. “We can stop whenever you want.”

The promise resounded through me, but I did
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