Taming Cinderella

Taming Cinderella

By:  Amanda  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ella Miller had the childhood of a princess until she lost her mother. Her father remarried soon so little Ella could have a mother. Alas, her new mother came with two step-sisters who made her life a living hell. She thought Joe, her first boyfriend would rescue her from this life but he ended up cheating on her.Distraught, she goes to the coolest rooftop bar in New York with the aim of losing her virtue once and for all to this hot stranger who mistakes her for a prostitute. The following morning, she leaves money behind as revenge but fate had other plans.Her only job at a Fortune 500 company was about to end unless she got a billion dollar client account; but her hopes were squashed when the CEO of Holt Enterprises proposed a 12 month contract marriage in exchange for a 12 month contract with her company.Playboy billionaire James Holt is calm and composed as a lion but this girl Ella, invoked his anger when she tipped him for a night he'll never forget. He vows to find and punish her in every way possible. Shall James be able to tame Cinderella or will it be the other way around?

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114 Chapters
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Ella:“Are you done crying?” Mary, my step-mom raised one of her sharp eyebrows and taunted me. I looked up to find her staring at me by the door. At 48, she thought she was no less than Elisabeth Taylor. Wearing a slinky pink night suit putting her surgic
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Chapter 2 : "Cinderella”
Ella:Richard, my father, was a strong man who worked for the United States government until he died after a severe case of stroke four years ago in 2015. I had etched their names in ink on the inner sides of my wrist near my pulse remembering them with each heartbeat
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Chapter 3 : Joe
Ella:I finish off all my morning chores and reach my office early. I had worked for a good two years at Accent, a Fortune 500 company and this was my chance to work towards that full time contact I had been eyeing since a year.  
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Chapter 4 : Bounded by Virtue
Ella:He pulled me towards him against the door and looking in my eyes asked cheekily, “What do you think I'm doing?”
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Chapter 5 : Dropping hints!
Ella:“Stoppp Joe!!! I can’t do this!” I pushed him away with my arms. 
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Chapter 6 : Interrogation
Ella:“Nowhere, just went to the washroom for a bit,” lying because I did not want another lecture.
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Chapter 7 : Dinner trap
Ella:I pop a kiss to Joe and headover to Trader Joe’s for a grocery trip before going back home. The rest of the team was heading over to a nearby bar for a few drinks. I couldn't go because I did not have a life besides work. 
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Chapter 8 : Melodrama
Ella:“No, I am not!” I looked up facing all the three of them, all calm and confident but deep down I was shocked and scared. Why was she asking me this question all of a sudden!?
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Chapter 9 : Status Quo
Ella:I learnt from Helen that the conference was a huge success. Everybody on our team got significant leads to give them the required headstart for December, the last month in this quarter as well as the new year.
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Chapter 10 : Gold-digger
Ella:Time seemed to be flying with just under a week left for Christmas. I had started tidying the house up since advent. The curtains and bedsheets were changed with fresh linen, carpets vacuumed till every speck of dirt had vanished. Today after dinner, I would sta
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