Teach Me How To Love

Teach Me How To Love

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Justin Ramos is a simple boy with a simple dream: to read, write, and count numbers easily. Due to his inborn disorder called dyslexia and dyscalculia, he can never fulfill that. He always wanted to be normal for other people, but he is an outcast. Justin always blames his biological mother and his father, whom he never saw since the day he turned into a 3-year-old boy, for living his hard life. When he met Marian Aguinaldo, an elementary teacher, his whole world changed. He builds the desire to learn, not about his lifelong dream for the alphabet, but he wants to know how to love. How can Justin learn the alphabet and count numbers when he is totally in love with Marian? Will Marian teach him how to love?

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142 Chapters
"Good Morning, Mr. Ramos!" One teacher greeted Justin as he paved the way towards the faculty. He nodded and saluted to him. The elementary students rummaged their way towards the classroom as the bell started to ring. The wind breezed through the surface of Jacob's Elementary School, and Justin felt the cold air. He opened the faculty office's door and walked straight towards his table. "Mr. Ramos, do you hear the news?" Ms. Santiago asked him. He looked towards her while putting his backpack on his chair and organizing his lesson plans for the first class. "What news?" Justin asked her while scanning the papers. "We are holding a valentine's event on February 13, this Saturday, on the Biñan Town Plaza. And you will be the host," Ms. Santiago said to him, giddy about it. Justin halted and looked at her. "What? Why me?" Justin asked her, surprised. "You are the love expert here. You know, you are the only Values Education subject teacher here that is praised by the children. They
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01: The Story of You and Me (Part 1)
"Oh no, Justin and his mother, it's heartbreaking!" "No, why did his father do that?" "Bad person, bad!" The comments of the children erupted as soon as Justin said the introduction of the story. "I know, class. But, everybody has a reason for anything that they do. Even if it is wrong for someone's eye, some perspective might say that they are walking the right path. Class, let me remind you this: do not judge the person who is wronged and walking the unethical path. Because, at some point, the end of that road, is the judge of our life."***THE YEAR 1999A baby is crying in his rib. The white clothes ruffled across his body, and his cry erupted through the pediatric ward of the hospital. His mother, Jane Ramos, struggled to get up in her hospital bed as she heard the weeping of the baby. His father almost jumped out of the couch as soon as he heard the loud cry. Jane sighed and looked at the crib. Stan stood up from the couch and soothed Jane's back."I will deal with it. Just
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02: The Story of You and Me (Part 2)
***THE YEAR 2001“Happy Birthday, Justin! Happy Birthday, Justin! Happy Birthday, happy birthday! Happy Birthday, Justin!” Everyone is clapping and singing happily to a birthday song. Justin smiled as he saw his mother on his right side and his father on his left side. He observed the whole kitchen and saw the birthday party hats on his uncles’ and aunts’ heads. His cousins are also wearing one, even though they are playing in the living room, and don't want to disturb a celebration that is happening in the kitchen.Justin, a 2-year-old boy now, blew the candle on his square-shaped cake designed with a logo of Superman completed with red and blue icings. He grinned as his relatives clapped.“We can now eat! Enjoy!” Jane exclaimed and passed the plates onto the table. They started to scoop some rice from the large bowl, rolled chicken meat seasoned with minced carrots wrapped around in a wonton, meaty spaghetti, cordon bleu with mayonnaise sauce, and vegetable glazed with butter. The c
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03: Dyslexia and Dyscalculia (Part 1)
"And that is the beginning of the tragic story ahead...," Justin said. *** THE YEAR 2002Stan rang the doorbell of their house while his foot was tapping because of the nervous rising in him. When somebody didn't answer for the second time, he pressed it again. He swallowed and heard that their front door was open. He looked at it and saw that Jane emerged. He smiled nervously and waved. Jane still looks smug even in the broad daylight that shines through the village. Her reaction didn't change upon seeing Stan standing outside of the house. She fumbled for the key of the lock on the gate and unlocked it. She opened it and glared at Stan. "Jane---" "Why didn't you get home last night?" Jane asked, emotionless. "Jane---" "Justin's birthday is yesterday, and your kid is waiting for you. Where have you been?" Jane asked, still not backing down her intense gaze towards his husband. Stan swallowed and opened his mouth. "I was... in a... in an overtime work yesterday... in the offic
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04: Dyslexia and Dyscalculia (Part 2)
"Sir, so how can he read and write if he doesn't know the alphabet?" "Yeah. How can he spell out his name?" "He can talk but he can't write?" The questions from the class erupted again as Justin explained what is the learning difficulty disorder called dyslexia. As they talked upon the story, Justin shushed them softly and the noise calmed down a bit. "He needs to get therapy. It costs a fortune, so his mother, Jane, cannot afford it. How can they sustain their daily needs if you will have to add it on? The question is, how can Justin survive from being like that forever?" Justin asked the children. *** THE YEAR 2005 "How much is the therapy, doc?" Jane asked while darting her eyes from Justin to the doctor sitting across her. The doctor sighed and said, "You can receive special treatment for him for a one to two hour time from teaching professional. It costs about 4,000 pesos per hour. If you want to go for therapy for him, it would cost at least 8,000 pesos per day." Jane wi
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05: Rare Condition (Part 1)
*** THE YEAR 2006 "What are we doing here, Jane?" Stan asked his ex-wife. Jane held the cup of coffee tightly and looked at him. "I need to say something to you. About Justin," Jane said. Stan listened intently to what Jane said. Justin, who is a 7-year-old kid now, is suffering from his rare condition called dyslexia and dyscalculia. Dyscalculia, which is also called 'math dyslexia', is a learning difficulty disorder on counting numbers and solving mathematical problems. "About what, Jane? What is it about Justin?" Stan asked and locked his stare to Jane's eyes."Stan, Justin is suffering in a rare condition called dyslexia. And now, he has dyscalculia," Jane said quietly. Stan widened his eyes and gasped. "Dyslexia? What is that? And dyscalculia, what is... what is that?" Stan looks confused by what Jane said. "Dyslexia is a learning difficulty disorder. Justin cannot read, write, and even spell out his name. I used the alternative method, but he should be in therapy. A special
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06: Rare Condition (Part 2)
*** THE YEAR 2006 "I don't want to be with him that brings so much pain to us. The unbearable pain that Mom cannot overcome," Justin mumbled while his back is facing his Grandpa's. The door opened silently, and Jane peeped with her one eye and saw that his father was talking to his son while laying down. Jane saw that Justin was covering his whole body with the comforter. Jordan looked at the door and sighed. Jane's tears fall once again, her eyes were now puffy. Jane decided to open the door wide and entered. She sat down beside Justin who is covered with the comforter and put her left arm on top of it. Jordan patted her daughter's shoulders, brought his cane, and went out of the bedroom. "Justin," Jane called out to her son. Justin didn't even make a noise, but Jane heard him sob. "Justin, tell me why you said that to your father," Jane said softly. She removed the thick comforter slowly and saw that Justin is crying on his pillow. Jane sighed. Jane patted his back, lay down, a
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07: The Sy's Mansion (Part 1)
*** THE YEAR 2007 "Dad, I will bring Justin with me. Are you okay alone here?" Jane asked while slinging her bag onto her shoulders. Justin zipped up his jacket and wear his small backpack with his toys inside it. "Yeah. Don't worry about me, Jane. Go ahead," Jordan said and stood up. He hugged his daughter with one arm. Justin hugged his grandfather tightly then Jane hustled him outside of the house. They are going to the Sy's mansion, and Jane thought that it is good for Justin to take a breath outside of the house. Jane's work there in the mansion is going pretty well, she has been a housemaid for 5 years now, and the payment gets higher based on her length of service. There are several housemaids serving the family of Sy, and Jane is one of them. Justin, however, stuck in the house all day, and even if he tried to read countless times, memorize the basic alphabet, tried to count numbers, his dyslexia and dyscalculia hinder him from learning that simple thing. Justin stayed th
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08: The Sy's Mansion (Part 2)
*** THE YEAR 2007 Inna held Justin's hand as she guided it towards the kitchen to drag him along with her. Justin looked through his mother who is walking fast towards the other hallway and out of his sight. He looked down and shifted his eyes again towards Inna. Inna looked at him and smiled. "Where are we going, Inna?" Justin asked her while they are walking towards the wide kitchen that holds a 10-chair white, porcelain dinner table, a kitchen counter, the upgraded and high technology appliances that he made him amazed by the richness of the Sy. "Just stay here at the kitchen, hmm. I will help the cooks out there," Inna said when they stopped at the entrance of the kitchen while she was crouching down. Justin nodded at her even though he didn't understand why he would be all alone in the kitchen of the Sy's mansion while the cooks are roaming around the counter, cooking different cuisines for the family. Justin observed the cooks, maybe some of them are multi-awarded chefs beca
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09: The Sorrow We Felt (Part 1)
"Do you think that it is correct to answer and retort back to your parents disrespectfully?" Justin asked a moral question for the children to reflect on in their attitudes towards their Values Education subject today. He raised his hand, waiting for someone to answer his question. "I guess, your parents taught you to be respectful. The Philippines are known for their courtesy and family virtues. And every Filipino kid respects the elderly especially the parents who will sustain your needs even if you grew up to be a man or a kid," Justin discussed the statements. He waited again for someone to respond, and now, another kid raised his hand. "Yes, what can you say?" She stood up, and answered, "Because if we become disrespectful when we are kids, we are going to grow up with that kind of attitude." Justin nodded slowly, absorbing the answer of the kid who is alike with some teenage lady who will become an adult soon because of her mature response, and smiled. "Thank you so much. Yo
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