HEIR Unexpected Love

HEIR Unexpected Love

By:  SilentJell  Completed
Language: English
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Brian William, an heir of a million-dollar business and a well-known playboy in town, had suffered a severe illness. Eager to find a cure, he went to several renowned Doctors across the globe, yet still, everything didn't work.Someone had told him to approach a young Doctor specializing in traditional ways to cure several illnesses. He urgently sent his men to abduct the young Doctor. Their fate changed when his men mistakenly took the twin sister of the said Doctor.Diana, who was in shock while facing the handsome young man, has no way out to escape, pretended to be his brother. With the tremendous amount of money he promised, Diana accepted the task, but later on, he discovered her real identity.He threatened her with the contract they've signed as his personal Doctor. They hated each other, but the intense attraction pulled them together into a whirlwind relationship. He began to dote on her and promise to take her as his wife, but his position as an heir has been into trials along the way. Would they still end up together? Does their fate change when things get worse?

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MAcris Lozano Bajamunde
thanks for letting me to read your novel I really appreciate it... it's really good novel and I love it.........
2021-09-11 17:51:37
user avatar
Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
nice one...........................
2021-09-10 22:28:07
user avatar
A wonderful story, worth the coins. The intense cliff hangers were keep you craving more. Highly recommended!
2021-05-05 12:18:28
user avatar
Naro Longkumer
wonderful story
2020-11-22 12:24:20
user avatar
Lazara Garza
love this story more please
2020-11-05 02:31:25
default avatar
What’s going on? Diana is a woman or man? How can she be mistaken for her brother Daniel? Even with a photo they can’t differentiate between a male and female?? Can’t be the male lead and his men are that stupid?!? Author, isn’t this a bit far-fetched?
2020-10-19 11:49:17
user avatar
Great read
2020-10-29 03:51:58
default avatar
The plot was going okay but near the middle/end there were a lot of inconsistencies in the story. None of the characters other than Sybil and Ken, and the ML's mom are very likeable. The ending feels rushed.
2023-01-31 23:01:50
user avatar
Claudia Llerena
OMG!!! Just with the argument I'm freaking our. I thinke I may have a heart attack.These two have a complicated path
2021-09-29 08:33:31
258 Chapters
Chapter 1: Mistakenly Abducted
“What do you want? Where am I? Let me go!” Diana Anderson shouted. With a black sack draped over her head, she could not see anything, though she could hear some rapid footsteps coming towards her. Seized by two muscular arms, Diana was carried into a room.“Boss
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Chapter 2: Had He Become Gay?
“What the hell are you talking about? I wasn’t shot in my manhood,” he shouted.The man was Brian William, first heir to his family fortune. Although he had been in elite education since a child and had always been taught to conceal his real emotions, Brian could
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Chapter 3: Why Can You Never Behave?
“Boss, what’s wrong?” Ken asked as he opened the door. He stood at the door, gazing intently at Diana.“Who said you could come in? Fuck off!” Brian yelled angrily. He didn’t even care that the man he was yelling at was one of the best employees
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Chapter 4: Bring Back That Young Physician
The bed in the hotel’s presidential suite was large and soft.Wearing a bathrobe, Brian William leaned on the headboard of the bed.
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Chapter 5: You Want Me To Help You
The bright sun shone on the quiet house. The breeze made the sign on the door sway lightly and brought up the scent of herbs.Breaking into the courtyard, Ken and his bodyguards were amazed by the scenery. The courtyard was well kept and beautifully arranged.
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Chapter 6: I’ll Treat You
“Diana.” Picking up her phone, Diana heard her twin brother’s cold voice.“Daniel! Why can’t you be kinder when you speak with me? I am your sister. But every time when you call me, I feel like I am talking with a stranger.”
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Chapter 7: I’ll Give You A Choice
“You...My brother says that he has settled it. I cannot help you...” Diana said, shivering. Brian was worried that she would reveal his secret, so he grabbed her hand and pulled her into his car.“What are you doing?!” Falling on her stomach on the back sea
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Chapter 8: You Win
Brian's house was located in the downtown area. Here, every square inch of land was worth a fortune. In the most prosperous area of the city, the whole land was used to build villas, each villa separated from the neighboring buildings, on its own piece of land. Unlike the hazy polluted air in the rest of the city, the air here was crisp and clean, thanks to the large areas of plants and trees that grew all around.
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Chapter 9: You Will Be In Big Trouble
“Pay me ten million dollars, or cure me. It’s up to you.” Brian said kindly as if he were offering Diana a solution to everything.“You are shameless! You tricked me! You have been thinking about this from the beginning, haven’t you?” Though Dia
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Chapter 10: Why Are You Here
Walking out of the cafe, Diana was in a good mood. She waved goodbye to Kyle and then hopped happily down the steps.Kyle was handsome, chatty, and gently carried himself. Moreover, he was highly talented. The fact that the Professor asked such an outstanding man to tutor her made
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