The Adventure of August in Pandora’s World- English

The Adventure of August in Pandora’s World- English

By:  charmainglorymae  Completed
Language: English
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August White, an orphan girl who’s reigning her gang was suddenly involved in a manic accident between the orcs and people from another world. She was abducted and brought to Pandora—a parallel universe of Earth. She was forced to live a life she did not wish for. She only wants to return to earth and not involve in the power struggle and conflicts between the nobles and monster subjugation.

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87 Chapters
Currently in PandoraLady August's POVThe night was so quiet, I could only hear crickets chirping. My wedding to Prince Cayden is set for tomorrow and he will also be crowned Emperor of Veneesha tomorrow.I should be happy because I'm getting married to the person I love and who loves me too, but as time goes on it seems like I'm being killed by pain and sadness.I just sighed and walked to the lake in front of my luxurious room. There were no soldiers on guard so I could walk freely in the yard. I reached the small lake surrounded by white flowers and I looked at the tree on the edge of the lake where fireflies were flying.The surroundings are beautiful. The lake seems to be full of magic along with the wind. But no matter how beautiful the surroundings are, I can't get rid of the sadness in my heart.I felt my chest and grabbed the medallion. This is what the Prince gave me, a sign that I am the woman he will marry."I love you, but I am not the one who is destined to love you," I
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Chapter 1
Currently on Earth...August's POV"Where is that?" I said as I bent down on the grass and looked for the gift certificate that was blown away by the wind earlier. I was so happy when I received it that I didn't look back at the GC until the wind blew it away and I was here in the hidden part of the park."I need to find you, too bad, I'll use you for groceries." I'm talking again. Don't be shocked. I'm used to talking to myself. "Ouch, my back hurts." I groaned and grabbed my waist."It turns out there was someone before us." I heard a man promise.I didn't pay attention to them anymore. They don't worth my time and GC is more important to me. I just continued to search and didn't glance at any new arrivals."Tsk. Miss, you were rude to ignore us." It promised.I don't know what it needs, I still need to pay attention to them, so I stopped looking and faced them. I just looked at them. I didn't say anything because I didn't have anything to say."Wow...""She's so pretty...""Angel..
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Chapter 2
August's POVThere are so many projects! There are a lot of fees, especially for group projects. Are you wondering why I am complaining? Hell, we only have a scrapbook project in our social science and I really can't imagine what the connection is.We should put the memorable things in our life. What should I put? My puzzle? Oh my gosh. This project is worthless."August, we can just pay for you. It's just a small thing." Lisa promised me with a smile."Really?" I couldn't help but smile. It's really like an angel in kindness promise."Y-yeah." It promises red. And I noticed that my classmates were looking at me as if they were stunned.I'm used to them. This is how they suddenly become abnormal without knowing what the reason is.I just continued to look out the window. I could see a wide field and trees in the distance. They all have benches in the shade of the tree. There were also a few people sitting there because not all students now had class."Hey!" Misha called attention to m
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Chapter 3
August's POVThe music played smoothly as we danced slowly. We talked about a lot of things that are far from politics or anything. I am trying to fish something but I couldn't do it. It's also obviously smart so I can't just flatter it or use some technique. I will not act as a flirty type as well because tomorrow I might be surprised to find myself in a room naked. I don't trust these types of men who are after getting under the pants of every girl they meet. It might do something to me without me realizing it."You dance well," Nathan commented to me.I just smiled. "Because you are a good leader," I answered here. It's a miracle because I haven't stepped on his feet yet. I don't suck with dance, but I am not that good either. "Er, my feet are getting sore." I winced at the same time even though it wasn't really. I wanted us to sit so that I could hear other conversations and I saw as well a group of men in tuxes coming in and I could recognize their faces. They are the underground
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Chapter 4
August's POV"Auuuggguuuusssssstttt! Come along! This is a girl's night out! There are no boys involved. We should enjoy our last night of being free from the burden. As soon as our training starts, I don't think we can still have time to have fun." Misha's nanny to me she's already dressed to kill. Guess which party it will attend.Tomorrow is our rest day and I'm lazy. Last week, I spent my rest day with Reed and now, will it go out again? Do I have no hope of getting a good rest?"Mish... I'm lazy as in. I wanted to sleep." I said lazily as I plopped down on the sofa."August, just give it to me just now. You're not coming with us on our night out. Even just now, I promise I won't force you anymore." It's a snoring promise. "Then I'll give you free food for about one month."I looked up at this. "Really?" I asked more and got excited. That's also a cost reduction."Yes, just come along." It growled at me, still moving its shoulders."As long as the food is free for one month. My ch
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Chapter 5
August's POVI'm still very sleepy. I can feel the splitting headache because of my drunkenness last night. I savor the feeling of comfort with the bed and blanket. It felt warm, but somehow it has a strange smell. It doesn't smell like my bed. So I slowly opened my eyes. My eyes meet the black ceiling.Black? Since when did my bedroom ceiling turn black? I even look at the blanket and strangely, it's black. So I immediately got up and looked around. This is freaking not my room. I was about to stand up when I felt I don't have any clothes so I peeked under the blanket.Shock flooded my system. How come I don't have any clothes? I tried to recall what happened last night and flashes of memories came in. I met a guy that I don't even know and went here... and we......... I covered my mouth. I clearly remembered what happened! But I am not sure if it happened all the way. My memory ends there, after that overwhelming feeling, aside from that I don't remember anything."Fuck!" I cursed a
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Chapter 6
August's POVI packed my clothes. We are temporarily not accepting assignments right now due to the training that will happen in Batanes. Yes, you read it right. The location of our training is in Batanes. Heck, there are many nearby places to train, even in areas that seem to be out of the Philippines. This city is already near china and japan. Just a little tumbling. But what is my right to complain? It was the admin who chose the location so that foreigners can also visit the Philippines.I left the condo. We picked up a service van because we were going to Clark International Airport. Our departure airport is there and we still have to travel there. There is a private plane waiting for us there. They said they could not risk buying tickets and putting our identities. So we have a private jet, courtesy of the CIA United States. It's just wealth, isn't it? I have never known anyone who owns a private jet. Even the rich people I hear about use the airline, not a private jet. I think
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Chapter 7
August's POVWe arrived in Batanes and a 20-seater van picked us up. It's a bit bigger than the average Van I see traveling around. So we ride all together in one vehicle. We just stopped over at a restaurant there to have breakfast but at the same time, we enjoyed our eyes with the view. Almost everything is green. The houses there are made of rocks and we can see people walking down the streets wearing a wig that is made of hay. I don't know why they are wearing those stuff, but I think I can't do that because it's itchy.We are now standing in front of the Fundacion Pacita. This is a restaurant here in Basco, Batanes. I'm just now thinking about ordering. Reed will take care of my bill hahaha. It's always like that. I'm just a food addict. I also like it because it's too free. I'm angry because it's money."Let's get inside." He promised to pick us up. His name is Polo. He is the person assigned to take care of us since we are all new to this city."God, it's so hot in here," Scarl
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Chapter 8
August's POVWe stared blankly at the CIA property. Who would have thought it would be this beautiful? It is a mansion with colorful flowers around with tulips that I didn't know that tulips live there. There are even roses as well. The mansion is so grandiose that I feel small if I enter it. It is too much for my liking."August, is this training or are we going on vacation?" Misha asked me gaping. Misha is rich, but their house is not as rich as this one."Let's go inside," Reed said the mansion didn't seem surprised at all. Even Draco and Marcus seem normal to them."Nice." Scarlet just said.We started walking in and some Americans in tuxedos greeted us. They ushered us inside and they even had headsets communicating with each of the members. They are security. Secret agents with guards, where are you?We all have one room. The rooms are not that big, but they still, it is luxurious. This is indeed the training house because there are many rooms. I think it can cater to fifty gues
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Chapter 9
August's POVI just woke up almost screaming because I didn't immediately recognize the room, but I suddenly remembered that we were in Batanes now so I suddenly felt relief. I still had a bit of trauma because of what happened when I was drunk. Waking up in a different room freaks the hell out of me.I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I immediately made my hair a messy bun because it was messy and I was too lazy to comb it. I went to the window of my room and looked outside. It seems that people don't visit this part, especially the part of the ocean where I can't see any islands. I can see an endless ocean.I felt like the ocean was calling me so I opened my suitcase and got a two-piece red string bikini. I'm used to wearing it because of my job, I've worn it almost all the time. So I immediately changed and put on a t-shirt that was one to half of my thigh long. It's Reed's and he lent it to me and I never returned it hahaha.I left the room and d
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