A Fairy's Wolf

A Fairy's Wolf

By:  Bathruster   Ongoing
Language: English
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Title: The Wolf's Fairy - Genre: Fantasy. - Setting: magical city of Greiner, surrounded by forest, hills, and gardens. - Individual settings:- - - The forest where the Wolves reside, adds depth to their world and highlights their wilderness lifestyle. - - The lush gardens of Greiner, contrast with the rugged wilderness, giving readers a sense of the two different environments in the story. - - The mountains, provide a challenge and a refuge for Nuala. - Time: Medieval. - Main Protagonist: Nuala, the powerless and fearless Fairy and Conri, the fierce Alpha Wolf. - Personalities: - Nuala; - courageous - Determined - Altruistic - Smart Conri; - Fierce - Intimidating - Hurt (his mother was taken by the Fairies when he was a child) - Backstories: Nuala was born without power and intended to flee Greiner to find herself, while Conri's mother was taken by the Fairies when he was just a child.

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7 Chapters
Chapter one
The vast city of Greiner is nestled in a lush valley, surrounded by rolling hills and dense forests. The town is filled with vibrant gardens and sparkling streams, creating a picturesque landscape that belies the tensions brewing beneath the surface.Years passed and the fairies in Greiner were as happy as ever, no more threat, no fear. They were even especially happy as this was the season of the coronation of the new Fairy Mother (mother and leader of all fairies), it's passed through the descendant line of the Great Fairy Mother (True mother to all fairies)."What do you mean Nuala can't be the next Fairy Mother? Why?" Aidan, looking so confused, eyes directly fixed on Peri, present fairy mother."Lower your voice, Aidan, someone might hear you" she whispered to her advisor."What are you so afraid of getting out, Peri?"Peri took a long sigh, while crossing her hands, hesitating to respond."She....she". She took a deep sigh."Nuala, she.. she has no powers, Aidan". Tears filled h
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Chapter two
The Wolves reside in a dense, ancient forest that lies on the outskirts of Greiner, far from the prying eyes of the Fairies. Here, they have lived in seclusion for the past years. They had numerous tents filled with male werewolves as the fairies were able to get rid of all female wolves and they can't mate with a fairy because the power of the fairy can't allow a wolf grow. And all fairies had power. However they've been surving hiding from the fairies in the woods but they refused to grow weak. Their Alpha, Conri was ruthless and dauntless, but he cared alot for his pack. He was just a little child when the fairies took his mother away and has strived to keep the pack together."So there is a fairy without power". Conri repeated what the messanger had told him"Impossible!" The Beta of the wolf pack, Badulf, interrupted"Let him speak Badulf" Conri snapped "I overheard the sister, the fairy mother was going to appoint her youngest daughter as her elder daughter had no power." Boris
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Chapter three
Conri stood at a far mountain with a single wolf, as he awaited Badulf's feedback. He was getting impatient as he sensed footsteps coming behind him, he knew it was a fairy and he didn't flinch as he could smell that this fairy was powerless, he became aware it was fairy they wanted. "Oh look at you" Conri smiled turning towards Nuala, "being such a good fairy." He added"Why don't you tell your pet dogs to let that fairy go, I am who you need." Nuala stared at his burning eyes as they glowed in the dark, she could see he had brown hair, and he was tall, well-built and so hot. Though that didn't matter as he was her enemy."Is she special to you?" He looked at her questioningly, amazed at her audacity."All fairies are special to me." Nuala tried to hide her eagerness for her mother's safety, but was failing.She had to protect her, they might not want to let her go if they find out she's the Fairy Mother."But you're in no position to bargain, fairy girl, you came to me." Conri wal
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Chapter four
Peri with her arms out in front, who was about to be beaten up. She noticed the wolves retarding. She stretched forth her neck to see what or who was calling them, but Badulf struck her head with his fist and she went unconscious. "Mother, are you awake?"Peri opened her eyes. It was day and she could feel the rays of the sunlight. Saria was seated on Peri's bed and Aidan was standing right next to them."Where ...is.....where is Nuala?". She sat up right gently.Saria smiled faintly, of course her mother was gonna ask about her elder sister as she wakes up. "We found a note" Saria handed it to her mother, sulking."Dear mother, I have gone to find my path. It is best if I do that outside Greiner, The Wolves won't find a mate and all fairies would be safe. I trust Saria would make a good fairymother with of course your guidance. Love, Nuala."Peri squeezed the letter softly and Saria embraced her mother, as Peri sobbed.She had only hoped Nuala is safe as she couldn't stop thinking
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Chapter five
Nuala arrived at the werewolves hideout. All eyes followed her as she walked pass them with Conri, Badulf and the five werewolves who went with them. It was so much different from Greiner, no children, no play, it was filled with cold and angry werewolves. "You should rest here fairy girl, you'll be introduced later" Conri dragged Nuala in a tent."Is it necessary, to introduce me""Well you're my mate after all." Conri gave a half smileNuala, standing tall in front of Conri, was wondering why her heart was pounding not for fear, she snapped out of it and raised her chin. "Con....Conri?" She tried to remember his name"Yes mate, Conri" he agreed to the pronunciation of his name"So this whole mate thing, what exactly am I to do?""Well you just have to love me and the rest of the pack, stand by us all times as you are now a part, and very importantly continue our lineage." Conri sneered while listing.Nuala swallowed unnecessarily"do I really have to...to do a..a.all of that?" She
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Chapter six
Conri was at a table outside the tent, steepling his fingers. He understood where Badulf was coming from, as much as he trusted Nuala, he understood this was actually a risk that had to be taken to help his pack find a family again. Speaking of which he stretched forth his neck, looking out into the woods. He wondered where Nuala was. He walked into where Badulf and other werewolves were seated and signaled Badulf to come. Badulf obeyed."Look man I'm sorry about earlier" Badulf explained "I haven't seen Nuala" Conri interrupted"We have to find her" "I'll check the woods, you check around the tents" Conri commanded and Badulf nodded. They both went their separate ways searching for Nuala. Conri entered the woods as he heared a scream, he's sharp claws came out and immediately, he shifted into his wolf and ran further.Nuala held a stick to the wolf's teeth as he attacked her, struggling to bite her. Suddenly another wolf came jumping right over her attacking the Ash wolf. Nuala, g
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Chapter seven
Back in Greiner, fairies were preparing for the big ceremony that'll be happening the next day, there was joy and celebration. Saria was in a garden, having a chat with Boris.They had everything planned out, Boris was saved by Saria, as they crossed paths years back in the forest, Saria said she would call on him, when she needs help and he was finally paying his debt now. Saria was the one who told Boris the information about Nuala being powerless and how he was to relay the information to his pack. Saria however wanted to end Nuala's life so she won't be a treat to her position as Fairymother and the werewolves lineage would remain severed."So? Was it a success?" Saria folded her arms."No, I was attacked by the Alpha" Boris looked down"So Nuala is still alive and breathing well! what if she comes back?" She snapped"We need to prepare, they may be coming soon, and I can't go back" he hunched his shoulders."Of course I know you can't go back. You fool!" She held on a long sigh.
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