The Agent's Bad Boy

The Agent's Bad Boy

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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He finally had it and stripped her naked, she didn't struggle, she just looked at him and let him do what he wanted with her. Until he had her wrists cuffed to the bedpost and she looked like a fragile beautiful woman who he was going to protect and cherish. "You've never been a loser in my eyes." He said as he kissed her softly on her forehead, then trailing his kisses down her body. ***** What do you get when you mix one very work-driven female agent with one goal driven drug lord? Will she give in to his charms? Will he seduces her with more info? Find out will the odd couple managed to get around their differences and find their happy endings? Or will the opposite attraction fail them... This is the story about our Karla and Yegor. Read snippets about them in "The Bratty Heiress" ***** Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

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47 Chapters
1. The Day he annoyed her
"What do you mean the shipment got busted?" Yegor was trying to unwind after his grueling workout session. The term workout in his schedule means connecting his knuckles to another man's face. "It's that woman agent Federova boss, I told you not to mess with her." His right-hand man Darko answered knowing that his boss has been playing with fire. "Do you want me to have another workout Darko? shut it, I'll take care of her. You just run another shipment and make sure our buyer receive their goods." The Russian drug lord famous for his love of women took another drag of his fine Cuban cigar. "I'll go above her and convinced them as usual." By convincing, he meant bribing the officials or threatening them and their families until they succumbed to his wishes. Though with the current economy they usually take the bribe making his life much easier. "Right boss, and the Voloshin brothers how do you want us to deal with them?" "Let's kidnap one of them, torture and release him
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2. The day they both met
Five years before..."Yes Sir, I'll get on it." Karla was still new to her role in the Main Directorate for Drug Control in the Ministry of Internal Affairs back in Russia. She was surprised when she was called in and briefed on a case then saw familiar names on her copy of the documentation.She carefully contacted Luka, her long life friend from the orphanage. He was searching for his biological parents and out of the blue, she has a piece of detailed information about his never knew about the half brother."You have a fucking brother, no! I'm not kidding. And he's wanted for drug and human trafficking. I'll send you my copy via our secure line in a moment.""But I'm not looking for a brother, how the hell...""Shit, Luka your brother is why your mom joined the agency and married your biological dad. She was married to Russia's biggest crime lord and she left your brothe
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3. The day she went on a date
On the previous night she was left to handle her own business making her extremely cranky, then the morning after her boss told her that she was assigned to another case. Stating that it was more important than the Sokolov cartel."Look, let someone else tidy that loose ends for you. I got people upstairs asking a favor for one of our best detectives to help them with their embezzlement case. They'd like the guy to be apprehended before he decided to flee the country.""Embezzlement? you want me to do an embezzlement case rather than catching the guy who would ruin our future generations?""Agent Federova, are you being picky with your assignments? or did you forget that as an officer of the law you take orders from your superior?"Her superior looked pissed that she was questioning his decision."I'm sorry sir, I'll be waiting for the details."She knows it was Yegor who
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4. The day they both wanted it
Four years before...Bang! Bang! Bang!"One year, one fucking year. I almost had him and then..."Bang! Bang! Bang!She was talking to herself, she was letting out her frustrations at the paper target ten feet away in front of her."If only we got there faster!"Bang! Bang! Bang!She took another breath of frustration and shoot again."Someone must've tipped him off!"Bang! Bang! Bang!She was the last one at the range, and she kept on shooting up until she emptied the last of her magazine. Then she decided to wrapped her day and was just going to sleep it off. She was about to enter her car when she found him sitting in her passenger seat."How the fuck?" she cursed and tried to find out how he managed to get into her car unnoticed.
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5. The day he cursed
"Where are you taking me?" she smiled sweetly with her cheek rests on the backrest of his passenger seat.He glanced at her while taking her hand and kissed her knuckles but didn't reply to her question, suddenly he felt bad for her as if he was the reason why she was using the damn stuff. He saw the traces previously on her bathroom counter and knows that it was not her first time using, he was just glad that she was not addicted, at least not yet and he intended to keep her away from the stuff."You know, I always curious after the night you...that we did it for the first time..." she was babbling, and he was taken back to four years ago. He had remembered that night, the night where she had given herself for the first time.Yegor was suspicious when he first kissed her. The awkwardness was evident as if it was her first kiss. But then she adjusted fast and was kissing him back with eagerness so he just thought maybe it
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6. The day he gets her high. Repeatedly.
His touches were possessive and she was craving for more."My little Kiska," she was sprawled naked on his bed while she was feasting her eyes on his manly carved body with tattoos placed sexily here and there.He was sheathed and hard when he was on top of her, his bad-boy aura was taking her to another level and she screams out his name when he thrusts deep inside her."Fuck baby, you're so tight." He groaned when she clenched him harder, he paced himself to her liking and pushed in and out while he was taking in her moans and grunts.She grabbed his arms and arched her back wanting more of him. Then he latched his lips to her pebbled nipples and licked and sucked her playfully.He took her legs to his chest, holding her knees firmly, keeping them together. Karla clenched harder when she felt the width of his girth."More, gotta...oh my...!"
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7. The day she was at his
Karla was taken to another orgasm, she wasn't counting anymore. She didn't want their intimacy to end, she didn't want to talk. But just like her shitty career, she was cursed with the sexy drug dealer between her legs. And when their climax was over the situation was inevitable.Yegor has her wrapped in his tattooed arms and she was getting too cozy in his embrace.But that night they didn't talk. That night she falls asleep in his arms, while he holds her close feeling the things he never thought he could. Not after his loss. *****"Morning Kiska..."Karla was surprised when she wakes up the next morning with the handsome tattooed guy sitting by her side in just his jeans. On his side table, there was a breakfast tray complete with two steaming hot coffee and some toast."I need my clothes." She sits up pulling the comforter to cover her body, making him chuckl
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8. The day they got jealous
She thought he was going to take her to one of the seating areas where he would greet his friends and colleagues. Karla knows that it would be a very dangerous situation for her to be in. But with her luck she doubted that she would be killed that night, she knows that she was destined for something worse.Karla was surprised when he let his security guys ushered them from the back entrance and went straight to his office at the top of the club."You got me all dolled up just to go here? at least let me wear my flats, these heels are made for the dance floor."Her words flow after they were left alone in his modern-looking office above the club. She was taking in the view from the full-length windows.His office was located above the VIP lounge. She could clearly see a couple of wanted men from her wall, where she spent countless hours mapping the organization and their warehouses, distribution place, and
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9.The day she pulled the trigger
Karla hated the fact that she was still wanting him, knowing that he had ditched her to be with another woman."You can't just throw the word around Yegor, I'm a big girl. I get that you need to be seen with her, it's not like we have a real thi..."He shuts her mouth by kissing her. Again. Hard. And she was kissing him back with more vigor. Their tongue-tied, hands all over each other, body molded, and their breaths were getting heavy.Then he turned her around, started licking and kissing her neck, her hands slithered back to his neck and keeping him there while she moves sensually grinding her firm ass to his very hard erection making him groaned."Have me Yegor, fuck me..." her words were sexy and inviting. She moaned when his hands were to her nipples."...deep, and hard, I want you rough..." she moaned as her short nails dug deeper into his neck forci
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10. The day she was watched
Morning came too soon as she felt the warm sun hits her back, she was still in his embrace basking on his manly scent. Karla didn't know what time he was back to her side and she didn't care. She just wanted to stay there before she has to face reality and get back to her apartment. Apartment!Gus my sweet fat cat!Damn it! Karla was up instantly, thinking the worst of the Voloshin brothers, and went to her fur baby's room. Then she relaxed the minute she heard his meow."Hey, baby,"GusGus meowed softly and purred as she took him in her arms. She didn't realize that she was waking up Yegor for not being in his arms. Not until he was in the room with her."He's fine, I checked on him last night. They didn't get to him."Her heart fluttered as she gave him her smile, she was back to having funny feelings
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