The Agreement (Complete)

The Agreement (Complete)

By:  ResaD  Ongoing
Language: English
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The Mafia war had spilled out on the streets, claiming many of innocent lives. That was not supposed to happen. But two respected families, each strong and powerful in the game, wanted peace, but refused to trust each other easily. The heads of the families called a cease fire and reached THE AGREEMENT of a lifetime for each family, an alliance between the two, the only cost? Their children’s happiness as they are put into this arranged marriage. Although Giovanni Constantini, son of the great Donatello could not stand the mafia princess known as Valentina De Luca, the only child of Rafael De Luca; and Valentina hated the playboy status of Giovanni, aka Vinny. Can these two come together in THE AGREEMENT to make this alliance work or will it start a whole new era of war?

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Ana Boddy
can you tell me where I xan get the entire story?
2023-03-29 14:01:24
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Sonya Jones
This book was fantastic! I absolutely loved it. I hope for more!!
2022-10-18 09:45:27
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no updates?
2021-11-25 18:09:16
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This is interesting. Waiting for more chapters.
2021-10-31 23:52:04
20 Chapters
~ Chapter 1 ~
Donatello Constantini stared down the barrel of the gun that was pointing at his head, taking his eye off for a second to look down at the gun that was pointing to the heart of his enemy, Rafael De Luca.  This war between the two families had been brutal and long standing and honestly, Donatello was tired of it.  They both had buried enough men, enough friends and enough family; personally, he would be glad to call a truce.  His problem, he didn’t trust the man standing across from him; but mafia men didn’t trust easily either.  Truth be told, no mafia trusted a rival family; that just wouldn’t happen.                 Donatello let out a breath and then dropped his gun, much to the surprise of Rafael, who tilted his head to the side as he looked at the man and finally lowered his own gun.  Rafael had never shot a man point blank who wasn’t armed and he wasn’t going to start no
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~ Chapter 2 ~
“Valentina, is that you?”  She rolled her eyes as she walked into the house; her dad knew who it was but he just liked to pretend that he couldn’t see her walk in.  But their house was protected, that would be something any mob boss made sure of, so of course he always saw who walked on his land or through his front door.                 “Yes, it’s me dad.”                 “Good,” he said as he walked out of the living room.  “Come join me, I want to talk to you.”  Val sat her purse down on the table by the door and followed him into the cozy room.  Most of their house was formal, as befitting who he was, but mom made sure there were rooms of comfort and coziness and not hard and cold.  Her mom often felt that more people would open up if they were in a comfty place, unlike her dad, who bel
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~ Chapter 3 ~
They sat outside in the car, looking at the restaurant and Val’s stomach was in knots.  She hadn’t spoken to Donatello before and it had been four days since she had seen Vinny, since her dad told her the news.  And here she was, meeting them both so they could talk about contracts, about what each party wanted or would like.  In here, she was going to have to be the perfect mafia princess; her father had already warned her.  No yelling, no acting bitchy; she promised.  But would Vinny hold true to not being an asshole?  That part to her was doubtful.                 “Are you ready, bella (beautiful)?”  Valentina glanced at the building and then at him.                 “No, but I don’t have a choice, right?  Let’s go.”  He helped her out of the car and she t
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~ Chapter 4 ~
Valentina stared out over their pool, her hand playing with her long black hair as she thought over everything.  When they had gotten home, Rafael had made it known to his daughter just how she was to be, how she wasn’t to make scenes, something she didn’t normally do and it only led to a fight.  The pair of them hadn’t spoken in three days, and that was unlike them.                 But with her day’s outburst, she couldn’t help the thoughts rolling around in her mind.  She was a duty bound daughter, behaved how she should and respected those who respected her; which Vinny didn’t, so therefore, she struggled in giving him the proper respect when they had run ins.  She had followed her dad’s rules, and in fact at 22, had never had a boyfriend, even being in her senior year of college.  So, why did he feel the need to yell at her?  Was Vinny right?  Did he hate having
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~ Chapter 5~
The men stood up after agreeing on everything and walked over to the kids, laying the paperwork before them.  Valentina reached for the pen and signed her name and then handed the pen to Giovanni, which he took.  But before he signed it, he looked up at the two men.                 “Can you give us a moment?” he asked them.                 “If you don’t sign…”                 “Dad, I’ll make him sign.”  She glanced at Vinny and then back at her dad.  “Besides, I trust him enough that he will follow through with this.”  The older man nodded and walked off.  Vinny cleared his throat and then took something out of his pocket.              &
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~ Chapter 6 ~
Giovanni watched the three people as he sipped on his own wine, although his eyes kept straining back to her, with her long black hair pulled up into a high ponytail and the nude colored dress tight on her body.  Again, he couldn’t quite explain it, but he was grateful that all of that was, and would remain, his.                 “Vinny?”  He let out a soft sigh as his eyes broke away from her and turned to look at his cousin, and his best friend, along with his second.                 “What is it Salvatore?”                 “Jennifer came in, caused quite a scene.  Your dad took her to the library.”                    &nbs
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~ Chapter 7 ~
Giovanni and Valentina watched the retreating back for a few moments before Giovanni turned to look at her.                 “One of your many admirers, huh?”  Valentina rolled her eyes and stepped away from him.  With his loud mouth, she recalled Jennifer and his wonderful conversation.                 “Yes, Dante had tried to get me to go out with him plenty of times.  In fact, I think he was waiting for me to graduate before talking to my dad about pressing for my hand.”                 “Ha, your dad wouldn’t have aligned with that family.”                 “Yet he aligned with the Constantini’s, go figure.”  Valentina shot him a glare
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~ Chapter 8 ~
“What are you doing?”  Valentina looked at the man through the mirror and smiled.                 “Getting my hair done.  As you know, I have an upcoming party to get ready for.”                 “You mean the one that’s coming up on Friday at your parents place?”   Giovanni took the empty chair by Valentina and she smiled.                 “I’m sorry, but my mom doesn’t take well to being underhanded.”  Vinny tilted his head to the side as he regarded her in the mirror.                 “You know, you would think our moms knew that this war was over.”  She couldn’t stop the laugh that came out and she couldn’t deny that she liked
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~ Chapter 9 ~
“Buongiorno (good morning), Giovanni.”   Giovanni looked up at his dad as he walked into the kitchen.  His dad perched against the island, a cup of coffee in one hand and the morning newspaper in the other.                 “Buongiorno, papà (morning, dad).”  Vinny eyed the man again as he made his way to the coffee pot.  It wasn’t odd to see his dad awake, and hell if wasn’t odd for Vinny to be awake either.  But it was odd to see his dad still in the kitchen and not in the family dining area, which told Vinny that his dad remained just so he could run into Vinny.                 “You and Val make a striking couple,” Donatello said, tossing the newspaper on the counter between them.  “The media are calling you two the power couple.”  Vinny finish
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~ Chapter 10 ~
It was simple and sweet and it sure as hell caused her heart to start doing double time, which was something she didn’t like and refused to examine why.  But the sounds of cat calls and whistles soon broke them apart and as they did, she stared into his eyes.  And she blinked as a flash captured her attention and she turned, seeing a cameraman there.                 “Thanks for that shot, Vinny; the readers are going to love it.”  Val quickly took a step back, her teeth grinding against each other.  She should have known better!  In fact, she would do well to remember that all of this is for show that Vinny would never care for her like she would want.                 “Glad you got it, Nico.”  Nico smiled at Val but she couldn’t return it.  ‘This is just a job, grin and bear it’, she k
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