Replacement CEO

Replacement CEO

By:  KingMoha  Completed
Language: English
13 ratings
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Suddenly, the rain stopped falling on me but was falling everywhere else. In bewilderment, I looked up and found a stranger standing behind me with his umbrella shielding us both from the rain. He was tall, goodlooking... and his Armani suit suits him perfectly. Who could he possibly be?

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naomi innocent
A very interesting storyline. I love it.
2022-05-25 02:15:40
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Alfiona Lia
Amazing book! Update soon… ...
2021-09-12 16:34:57
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Authoress Evelyn
Wow, really interesting. Keep it up
2021-08-30 00:21:53
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I love it!
2021-08-28 17:19:49
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Munachi gift
amazing book
2021-08-26 23:10:23
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Hanifah Amirah
I can't seem to put it down...... great work author
2021-08-21 17:06:06
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Interesting book ...️ Adding this to my library ...
2021-08-21 14:57:42
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Mind blowing........ In the prologue suspense in visible to see..
2021-08-21 13:34:52
user avatar
I love it this book! Check it out!
2021-08-18 22:48:49
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great literature keep updating
2021-08-18 22:48:02
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Teenarh Sight
Wow!!! am speechless I don't know how to put it in word, words can't describe how great and fantastic this book is, best of luck dear kingmoha more ink to your pen.
2021-08-13 01:02:27
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Aarti Shankar
Amazing book with intresting plot, can't wait for more chapters. All the best author ...
2021-08-21 13:35:47
user avatar
Reyana Segal
Beautiful writing, can't wait for more.
2021-08-21 13:33:40
78 Chapters
Chapter 1: Day off
Being the only child of my mom, I lived up to her expectations...doing everything I could to please her and making sure I don't piss her even a bit. My dad was a pervert, he got her pregnant with me and dumped her. Although he later came back but didn't stay long, he left again... moving on with his life elsewhere. Anyways, that was two decades ago and now I didn't even care if he was alive or not. My only concern was my mom, she was yet to get over him. I didn't just know why she couldn't get him off her head, maybe it was because I used to remind her of him. She said I looked pretty much like him, even though I didn't used to see the resemblance. In her room she placed a big portrait of him, whenever I see it I hiss. I overly disliked him to the core. I hated to think about him. ...Today being Sunday, I had nothing much to do than shop for groceries. I used to do that every weekend and every dime I spent came out of my pocket. My mom was a cook at KFF, a small fast-food restau
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Chapter 2: Umbrella
A few minutes before 7 pm, I lied to my mom that I wanted to see someone in our neighborhood. She asked who the person was and I told her Mrs. Coffer, thus she nodded and told me not to stay long. As happy as I was, I walked out and headed to Mrs. Coffer's house. The aged woman welcomed me in and asked, to what does she owe the pleasure. I smiled and lied to her that I just wanted to check on her and her grandson, Sam. It'd been a while since I last visited. She sighed and got me a coffee. "Sam's mother came and took him away not long ago," she said. "I am all alone now," she muttered. "Isn't he coming back soon?" I asked concerned. "Not as far as I know," she said. "So," she continued trying to hide her pain by wearing a lit smile on her face. "How is your mother?" She asked. "My mom is fine, though she's been on sick leave for some days now" I briefed her. "Fever?" she asked. "No, stress" I replied. "Oh, send my regards to her when you get back home please," she said. "Sure!
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Chapter 3: Speechless
When I reached home yesterday, my mom wasn't happy at all. I tried to explain things to her but she told me never to mess with her again. She was really angry, more than she had ever been with me. Well, today was just another day, I prepared myself and drove to work as early as possible. I was supposed to go by 9 am but I had a lot to do today. Rebecca's work, plus the bunch of articles that needed to be edited before tomorrow... When I arrived at work, I parked my car in the parking lot and headed to my office. I was on the 10th floor together with my team and Lena, just two floors below the CEO's floor. Talking about the CEO, a new guy was coming to take over the company today. I just hoped he wasn't a bad guy, I disliked bad guys. He should be as cool and good as the former CEO, Mr. Rogers. I was about to log into my computer when Lena arrived, she was wearing a low-cut suit today which revealed her cleavage. "Hey, morning!" she said smiling broadly. "Morning, you looking good
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Chapter 4: The Cop
Nicholas introduced himself to us and gave us a short speech. In his speech, I expected him to talk more about his relationship with Mr. Rogers – his father – but he did not. Well, not bad. After the speech, he stared at me for some seconds before leaving together with his escorts. Lena followed him, making sure I acknowledged how upset she was with me. But why upset? As if I did something wrong. I heaved a sigh and watched as everyone else left the conference room. I didn't want to leave now because I needed some time to think, think about everything that had happened. If only I knew he was the new CEO yesterday, I would have been more polite to him and wouldn't have taken his umbrella away from him. Although he was the one that willingly offered the umbrella to me himself. Now what? It was obvious Lena was into him, though she denied it. Not concerned about that though, but why wasn't he acknowledging her except me? She was more beautiful, more sexy, I couldn't even comp
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Chapter 5: His office
Yesterday I slept late in the night, somehow I couldn't stop thinking about all that had transpired in the conference room when Nicholas arrived. I didn't understand his constant stares, I felt like he had something to tell me or he just needed his umbrella back. Anyways, today I would return his thing to him. He would probably be happy to have it was an expensive umbrella, a Maglia Francesco cherry wood umbrella. When my mom first saw the Umbrella, I had to lie to her that it wasn't the original one because she couldn't believe Victoria could afford or own such an expensive brolly. I had told her it was Victoria's because I couldn't bring myself to lie to her that it was given to me by a stranger. And not just any stranger, A MAN. She would tell me to return it to the person or get rid of it. After preparing for work today, I drove off as fast as I could. I didn't go early today, hence I met our floor almost filled. Lena, though, wasn't around and it didn't seem she came
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Chapter 6: Friend
Nicholas tried all he could to make me sit in one of the swivel chairs facing him but I refused, I told him I was okay standing. "Are you a soldier or something?" he sarcastically asked."No sir" I gulped fidgeting my fingers."Okay, since you don't wanna sit I think I should stand up too" he said, pulling up to his feet."Huh?" I wrinkled my brows, dumbfounded."Yeah, we are even now" he adjusted his necktie. "So," he cleared his throat, "where are you from? You look like someone I knew""I grew up here, Vincity, but my mom came from Icetown" I said amicably."And your dad? Where is he from?" he asked. I'd wanted telling him the little I knew about my inhuman dad but decided to just keep quiet instead. "Is everything okay, Stella?" he asked, confused."Yes, nothing sir" I gulped."Okay, so tell me...where did your dad came from?" he rephrased."I... I am sorry sir but can we not talk about that please? At least not yet"
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Chapter 7: Intruder
Since the discovery of oil in Crudetown, the indigenous people of the region had been in war with the government. They wanted to be the ones in-charge of all the oil and gas exploitation.   The government responded to their yearnings by offering them jobs in the oil sector and improving their welfare but that didn't change their minds, they still wanted to be in control. Gradually, they started rioting and attacking government buildings. They had also killed several government officials and had brutalized others. Journalists weren't spared as well, Raymond nearly lost his life few months back when some militants launched an attack in the hotel he and other journalists lodged.  Luckily, he survived it. He reported back to our head office later on and was reposted to somewhere else. Now, he was summoned and told to return back to Crudetown.  He tried all he could to change our Director's mind but was told he was the only one
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Chapter 8: The Cop 2
Nicholas and I talked about Raymond yesterday, after which I returned back to my workspace at our floor. I was so happy the fact that things were going to be fine for Raymond, Nicholas had promised to stop the director from transferring him back to Crudetown. When I returned back to our floor, Lena approached me aggressively and began asking series of questions. She wanted to know what took me to the CEOs office and why I went directly to him without her permission. Like seriously? Did I really need her permission to see our overall boss?  Anyways, I had nothing to hide so I told her what took me to his office. She became more furious, threatening to report me to the Director for defiling his judgement about reposting Raymond to Crudetown. I had to implore her to change her mind because I wasn't ready to be in trouble with anybody. When I returned back home, I saw a police patrol car packed in our compound with someone leaning on it. It wa
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Chapter 9: A ride home
Today I woke up with badluck, I couldn't get my car started. It was strange because I came back home yesterday and it sounded just fine, what then could be wrong? I believed it wasn't the gas because I had plenty of that in the tank, and it wasn't as if my battery was down as far as I could say. The car just couldn't revive. Thus, I decided to leave the car at home and get myself a taxi around the streets. But before then I had called one of my mechanics and told him to come and check the car later.  When I arrived at work, I was told the Director wanted to see me before I could even step into the elevator. To say I was dumbfounded is an understatement. Was it about Raymond's transfer? Did Lena told him everything despite having begged her not to a day prior? I wondered. When I arrived at the office I saw Raymond already there, they stopped talking and the Director asked me to sit in the other visitor's chair facing him. I nodded in acknowledgeme
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Chapter 10: Botel
Lena drove me home and left without even saying goodbye, it was as if the lift she offered me wasn't out of kindness but something else. She was probably trying to prevent me from getting closer to Nicholas.Anyways, the following day I was able to meet Nicholas in the cafeteria. Perhaps someone told him I was there, he came and sat close to me. He placed an order for a steak sandwich and a non-alcoholic beer."How was Lena's drive yesterday, great?" he asked smiling."Yeah, great" I nodded, smiling back at him."Good, do you live around St. Paul's bridge?" he asked."No," I shook my head, "East Main Street""Oh, nice. Not that far from here" he said."Yeah" I nodded in affirmative.In less than a minute, one of the waiters brought his order to the table.We started talking about family and he told me he missed his stepsister, as well as stepmother. I asked about his stepfather and he told me he missed him too."D
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