The Alpha and the Rose

The Alpha and the Rose

By:  G.D. Cruz  Ongoing
Language: English
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On her first day in a new town, Jessica Day saves the life of Oliver King mere minutes after he rescues her from the wolf stalking her in the woods. But there's more to the mysterious young man than his rugged good looks and charming personality. There's something dark and irresistible about him that draws Jessica into his supernatural world. Ollie's next in line to be the alpha of Forest Hills' largest werewolf pack, but a deal with Death herself has marked him for an early grave, and he's not exactly trying to save himself from this grim fate. Unable to deny their mutual attraction and the bond growing between them, it's up to Jessica to rescue Ollie from death's embrace and find a way to free him from his dark destiny before the villainous thing haunting Forest Hills finds her first. (Image in cover by Prettysleepy from Pixabay)

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Wow, very interesting. More chapters please. Update more.
2021-09-22 08:33:57
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Beautifully written. I can't wait to see where this would head. Author's grammar is good and each scene is well portrayed. Suspense is on point and there's only few chapters out so far. I'm definitely rooting for this book. Well done, Gabe.........
2021-08-03 20:54:03
17 Chapters
CHAPTER ONEHomecomingAnother missing person in our idyllic little town... shit, Forest Hills is going to hell. In more hopeful news, a new hottie just rolled into the suburbs and the ravens say she’s a feisty redhead from Orange County. — Tweet from the Raven_Eye. I don’t like stories that start with someone moving into a new town, which, ironically enough, is exactly what this was. But I guess it’s more of a homecoming for my dad. I was just the seventeen-year-old girl who was along for the ride because I wasn’t old enough to live on my own yet.“It’s going to be great, Jess, I promise,” dad said.“Sure, great, who wouldn’t want to restart senior year at a school full of strangers in a town like Forest Hills, last stop in the middle of nowhere,” I replied wryly.My dad had grown up in Forest Hills back in the nineties, which he claimed had be
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Boy Meets Girl
CHAPTER TWOBoy Meets GirlHow many kids have to plunge down Suicide Cliff before #sheriffclueless blocks access to it...? #Governmentfails whenever we really need them... Forest Hills, the place kids go to die. — Tweet from Raven_Eye. No, I don’t know how I did it either. Call it an adrenaline rush or whatever — because I’m no track star — but it just happened. I literally leaped the distance between us and slid over to the edge to tackle him right before this gorgeous idiot jumped off the cliff. It was an honest-to-god miracle for both him and me.And no, we didn’t fall to the ground in a heap like I imagined we might. He was pretty damn sturdy. Still, I managed to drag him back a few inches so it counted as a win.I clung to him, my arms tightening around his waist, with words spilling from my mouth, “Are you crazy?!” and then, “Why would you do this?”Yes,
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Stranger Things, Part 1
CHAPTER THREEStranger Things, Part 1There are way too many wolves outside town, and the ravens say there are even a few within. Whatever the case, don’t forget to lock your doors at night, people. We are not safe. That should be the town logo. LOL. — Tweet from the Raven_Eye. Dad was livid.“Do you know what time it is, Jessica?” he snapped at me.Jessica — he never called me that unless he was really, really angry.“I was about this close from calling the cops!” he continued.The lecture about how dangerous it was to be out at night alone would go on for a full five minutes, and I was honestly just glad none of the neighbors had come out to see why a forty-two-year-old man was raving like a lunatic on our front porch. I was also glad he didn’t notice Ollie earlier, either. That would have been a whole other rant.Still, seeing how pale dad’s freckle
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Stranger Things, Part 2
CHAPTER FOUR Stranger Things, Part 2   Two days after my night in the woods, dad surprised me with a car. I know! A freaking car! And it had been such a struggle just getting him to pay for driving lessons last year. “Driving before you’re eighteen and responsible just leads to accidents, Jess, and I’m not comfortable with you driving in the city with all the other drunk drivers who populate California’s teenage driving population,” he’d once lectured. But now, mere days after we’d left Orange County behind, he actually got me a car... a car! Yeah, I still can’t believe it. “Okay, who are you and what did you do with my dad?” I joked, although I w
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The New Girl, Part 1
CHAPTER FIVE The New Girl, Part 1 The ravens come bearing news. A certain new redhead was spotted in Midtown today. And I hear her daddy dearest is every bit the #mchottie his daughter is. Forest Hills could certainly use middle-aged eligible bachelors. Too many of them leave. #foresthillsmysteries — Tweet from Raven_Eye.   They say lightning never strikes twice, but it apparently does in Forest Hills. Ollie’s life was in danger once more, and there I was trying to rescue him again. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how I did it, but I managed to reach him just before the truck did. “Hey!” I grabbed onto the sleeve of his arm and then pulled him back in desperation. I didn’t mean to twirl him around so he
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The New Girl, Part 2
CHAPTER SIXThe New Girl, Part 2 I woke up on the wrong side of bed the next day thanks to yesterday’s weirdness, and I was still feeling like an extra on the Walking Dead by the time I parked my car in the parking lot of the place that filled me full of anxious vibes.Yep, you guessed it. Today was D-day, and first day as a senior at Forest Hills High.I glanced over at the rearview mirror to stare at my tired-looking face. “It’ll be okay, Jess. You’ll make a ton of friends, breeze through AP classes, and not make a fool of yourself on your first day in a new school.”No, I didn’t believe anything I’d just said, but it cost me nothing to try to feel upbeat about it all.&nb
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Joyride, Part 1
*NOTE: Edited 08/17/21. Streamlined sentences, added in dialogue, and fixed grammar issues. CHAPTER SEVENJoyride, Part 1The ravens say that the new girl and the football jock have flown the coop… a budding romance? Or teens turning bad? You decide Forest Hills! #jessiver — Tweet from Raven_Eye. The ride wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, just a short hop from the high school to one of the shops in midtown, which was enough minutes for me to feel just a little guilty for ditching school on my first
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Joyride, Part 2
CHAPTER EIGHT Joyride, Part 2   Ollie handed me the flowers while he took the time to wipe away the fallen leaves around Ellie’s gravestone. The careful and respectful way he cleaned around her told me she must have been important to him. “Was Ellie your girlfriend?” I asked. “She’d tell you she doesn’t date jocks,” Ollie chuckled, although the laughter never reached his eyes, “right before laughing in your face for thinking she’d ever hook up with me.”  I gave Ollie a skeptical look. “So she wasn’t your girlfriend then?”
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Nancy Drew, Part 1
CHAPTER NINE Nancy Drew, Part 1 People say Forest Hills memorial is so old even the ghosts don’t remember who they are… I’d be cautious when visiting the place though. Some stories claim that a daytime visit to the cemetery might mean you get a visitor at night too. #ForestHills #Spooksville — Tweet from Raven_Eye.   The following message was read from the email of Jonathan Day and later added into the live journal of Jessica Day; Jono, It’s happening again… but it’s worse now because there’s no one else in the know. The rest of our goon squad has moved away, and the few of us who are left have begun to forget, or at least they’re trying to… Ellen did. It’s why she couldn’t protect her girls from it. Sh
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Nancy Drew, Part 2
CHAPTER TEN Nancy Drew, Part 2   “Are you serious?” Emma asked as she leaned over her seat to whisper in my ear. “You saw the red fireflies?” “Y-yeah,” I replied. I was surprised by how serious Emma seemed to get the more she listened to last night’s weird episode. “Do you know what they are?” I asked. I’m pretty sure I held my breath while waiting for her to reply. Emma’s face turned contemplative just before she leaned back in her chair and said, “No, first time I’ve ever heard about them.” She was grinning back at me, and I nearly threw my book at her. “Seriously?” I frowned. “Well, you were being so serious I didn’t want to kill the mood,” she admitted. Now I really had my his
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