The Alpha's Abused Mate

The Alpha's Abused Mate

By:  Ronan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Milo was abused by a mateless alpha at the age of fifteen after his parents were brutally killed. He wants to avenge his parent's death and the innocence of his childhood that was taken away from him, but to do that he must find someone who knows how to kill a werewolf, that's the reason why he is on a quest for a werewolf hunter. Unfortunately for Milo, he was busy looking for a werewolf hunter that he runs into the one thing he was running away from. What will happen if another alpha became his mate? Will he reject him and let him die in agony and pain? Or the bond between them is strong enough to make their relationship work?

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19 Chapters
Author's Note
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.REMEMBER: The world of fiction where the characters of my story reside is void of realities of HIV and STI. In the real world where we live in, HIV and STIs exist. The story is merely an escape from that world, so that I can release my subconcious, which is full of crazy and messy sex fantasies. The scenes in this story should never be recreated in real life. Guys, never ever attempt barebacking, rape or other unsafe sex acts. SECURE CONSENT. USE CONDOMS. GET TESTED. EDUCATE YOURSELF.I hope you enjoy this GoodNovel as it unfolds. I'd like to hear from you guys soon! Please do leave a review on what you think about this story.ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDCOPYRIGHT © RONAN
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01: Have Mercy On Me, Please
MILO   It was already eight o'clock at night but my sister is still not home, my mama and papa are acting so weird right now as if something is off, it feels like there's something that they're not telling me because as they always say, I'm too young to understand serious things. I just hope and pray that nothing bad happened to my sister.   While we were at the dinner table, I felt awkward in an inexplicable way. My mama keeps on looking at papa as if they're having a conversation by just staring at each other.   I hate this feeling, I may be too young but I'm pretty much mature at my age and I knew that I can handle just fine whatever is it that they are hiding from me.   "Why hasn't our daughter come home yet?" Mama asked, she sounded like she is i
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02: Finding The Alpha's Mate
MILO Every time I pass by the plaza I only think of one thing. Why is everyone I saw in this place seem to be waiting for someone? Well, it's rumored in our town that the plaza is said to be the nest of whore, sluts, cougar, callboy, whatever they call those people who sell their bodies in exchange for money. It's such a petty that some people sell their bodies in exchange for some money but then if that's the only thing that keeps their tummy full then who am I to judge? Everyone has a story to tell. I was inside the McDonald's right now, eating my burger and fries while watching these people in the plaza, the store was just opposite the plaza which gives me more access to what these horny bunch of people was doing. I felt hungry earlier so I stop by the store the moment I was done with the enrollment, this is the last day of enrollment and I already expected that t
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03: Alpha's Midnight Visit
TRAVIS"Father!" I yelled as soon as I reach the pack house. What I've found was something that pissed me off, big time. I hope this is just a dream, but it's so impossible to be just a dream. I can't believe that I just met my mate today."What?" My father answered and showed up from the kitchen. He was looking at me annoyed which I don't give a damn about as of this moment."I found my mate," I told him showing no emotion. I know I should be jumping in happiness right now because I just found my mate and that means I am now more capable of being the next alpha since I already found the pack's future luna, but I just can't help but feel worried instead."So?" My father asks uninterested."My mate is not a lady. It's a lad, are you listening to me dad?" I said with conviction on my last words but my dad being a jerk, he acted like he didn't hear anything or maybe he doesn't care about me finding my mate. My dad just turned his back on me and continue wh
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04: Are You A Necromancer?
MILO"I want to get to know you, mate." He said and I can feel how serious he is when he said those words as if he really meant it. This is the first time that someone approaches me and tell me that he wanted to know more about me. But why? Why would he want to do that?"O-Okay!" That was the only word I can utter, I can't think of any better words to say so I settled with just saying okay."Okay, I know this whole thing is coming so fast, so let's take it slowly, mate. How about ice cream and some chick flicks tomorrow? What do you think?" He said trying to lighten up the atmosphere."I'm sorry but it's my first day of class tomorrow," I said and I don't know but I feel like I'm disappointed with my response but I can't take it back since I already said it and I don't want to miss my first day of class."How about this coming Wednesday? I bet it's your free day." He suggested. Wednesday is supposed to be my rest day but there's this feeling that I
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05: When Will We Mate Him?
TRAVIS"Don't just lie in there! Stand the fuck up." I growl at Tristan. We are in the training room now and we've been sparring for almost half an hour before Tristan collapse on the floor. He's profusely sweating as if we've been training for half a day. I'm not going to baby him in our training because the fucking rogues and the fucking hunters wouldn't surely baby him during a fight, he can't tell his opponent to have a ceasefire for a minute because he's feeling tired."I can't do it anymore, Alpha. I can't fight you." He said defeated while he's trying to stand up but I just smirk at him, I won't give him the chance to stand up. Using my left foot, I kicked Tristan's body with all my strength, and before I knew it, Tristan shifts into his wolf form causing his clothes to shreds. I can see the anger in his eyes and he positions himself in an attack mode, he wasted no more time and he immediately ran towards me, that's his first mistake, I position myself in a defe
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06: First Date With My Mate
MILOTravis took me to the mall. We immediately went to the cinema after he parked the car in the basement. Travis asked me what I wanted to watch and I didn't hesitate and told him that I wanted to watch Ben Affleck's movie Gone Girl, I didn't know the actress's name but when I looked at the trailer of Gone Girl on YouTube, I couldn't help but wanted to watch the whole movie. Fortunately, Travis didn't argue about the movie that I chose, I can tell that he's not the type of man who watches romantic movies, basing on his looks it seems that he enjoys action movies.Travis and I just sat quietly in the middle of the cinema, he held my hand and for some inexplicable reason, I feel like I'm in my haven. My other hand was holding a box of popcorn that we bought before entering the cinema. After nearly two hours, the big screen rolls out the credits and I just heaved a sigh, smiling despite watching a not-so-happy but not so sad ending."Where do you want to eat, mat
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07: Sleeping With My Mate
TRAVISI was so engrossed reading the book that dad gave me, it was all about how the mating process is done, the rankings in a wolf pack, and whatnot. A few moments later, I put the book down on the bedside table and went to the kitchen to get something to eat since my stomach growls in hunger, I lost count of the time and forgot to eat my lunch, my mate is the sole responsible why I forget to eat my lunch because I was thinking of him as I read the mating process, I can't help but imagine Milo's naked body as he walks towards me and submits his self to me and my wolf, Mitsui.<Go to my office, Travis. I have something to tell you. > My father contact me through the pack link. I can't help but rolled my eyes and groans as I put my plates on the dishwasher, I know why he wants to see me now. He'll remind me again about stepping up as the new alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack but he doesn't want to give me the title not unless I introduce my mate to the pack as thei
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08: The Mate Who Cried Wolf
TRAVISI slowly opened my eyes when I heard a faint sob. My heart almost shattered when I saw my mate sobbing and it seems that he just woke up from the worst nightmare. I immediately pulled my mate towards me and hugged him to somehow comfort him. I know that hugging my mate will help, it's one thing that I've known from reading the book that dad handed to me."They're after m-me, Travis." He said in between sobs causing me to frown in confusion. The way he said those words, it was as if someone is chasing and threatening him."What do you mean, mate?" I asked out of curiosity."You won't believe me if I tell you the truth. You'll just laugh at me and think of me like I'm crazy." My mate replied and I feel his hand trailed over my waist and he hugged me tightly when we heard some noises from the outside because of the bustling sound of winds."Come on, even if you tell me that aliens do exist, I will believe you, mate," I said half-laughing, I'm j
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09: The Deathly Wolfsbane
MILOThe moment our history class ended, I run out of the classroom and went straight into the school library. I decided to spent my one-hour free time in the library before my next class. There was a deafening silence the moment I enter the library just as I expected, this is the place that I go with every time I have free time because not everyone goes here, students don't fancy coming into the library anymore and do their research here since google is already available in just a tap of a finger.I went to the far-end corner of the library where I hide an old and very outdated book entitled 'Werewolves Anatomy'. This book is the reason why I keep on coming back to this library, the librarian doesn't let me borrow this book, she said that if I want to read it then I need to read it inside the library since the book is expensive and a limited edition, that being said, I don't have a choice but to keep on coming back here to gather a lot of information that I needed.
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