2.Crystal Johnston

She was born into a normal family. Her father was Alpha, her mother was a Luna. She had a younger brother who was to be named Alpha when their father decided. Everything seemed normal until the day her brother Andrew started assaulting her. She went and told her parents but because Andrew was future alpha, they couldn’t have his name ruined. She was abused by both her parents, her brother, and anyone her brother had over. She tried to kill herself multiple times, thinking anything was better than this. They would never let her leave. It stopped temporarily when she turned sixteen. Her wolf came forth and revealed a solid white coat and she had clear blue eyes. She was the perfect specimen of a wolf. When Andrew turned a year later and he was nothing more than a brown wolf with normal golden eyes, he became enraged, and the beating got worse. He felt he had been cheated somehow and his wolf, Atticus, agreed. The only thing keeping Crystal’s head up now was that she could talk to her wolf, Aurora. Aurora often told her that the Moon Goddess told her the name of her mate’s wolf. His name was Drake. She just had to find him. Crystal said the worst thing ever would be if her mate was one of the jerks who abused her. She thought surely that the Moon Goddess was not that cruel.

Crystal put up with the abuse in the hopes she would find her mate. She knew that would be the only way she would be free. Over the years, she lost hope. Andrew got worse because her father didn’t pass alpha to him when he turned eighteen. She was now twenty-one and used to the abuse her brother gave. On this day, she felt something different. She was kept locked in her room because another alpha was coming. Alpha Killian of Blood Moon was notorious for his cruel ways. She thought it best to stay far away from others and stay in her room. Her father might give her to him, and her prison would never end.

She watched out her window as Killian’s car pulled up. She gasped as she saw the most handsome man she had ever seen. She cracked her window open to get a better view. From what she could see, he had brown/red hair that blended perfectly in the sun. He was toned and muscular and she wondered how strained his clothes were under his leather jacket. He wore cowboy boots and dark jeans and when he tilted his head up, she saw light green eyes. Her heart twisted and she felt butterflies in her stomach as she caught the scent of rain and cedarwood. Then, she hid from him as he turned and looked right at her. She felt herself blush as she could still feel him staring in her direction.

The minute Killian stepped out of the car, he caught the scent of citrus and honeysuckle. When he looked up, he saw a woman with brown hair and only caught a glimpse of her chocolate brown eyes. He grew furious as he noted the coloration in her skin and concluded that this was the Alpha’s daughter. His mate was the one who is being abused by a whole pack. He knew he wouldn’t be able to get her now. He didn’t have everyone with him. Plus, he didn’t know what they would do to her if they found out what he knew they both knew. His hope was now that she knew that she would find a way to him. He caught her scent throughout his whole meeting and decided negotiations would not work, but he didn’t tell them that. They walked him to his car afterward and he glanced up once more at the window. He knew she was there watching him. His heart hurt to think that she may be thinking her only hope was driving away. He swore to the Moon Goddess that he would find a way to rescue his Luna.

Crystal was losing her mind while Alpha Killian was downstairs. His scent invading her every sense. She wished he would have actually seen her long enough to realize they were mates and save her. She watched him from behind her curtain as he left. She knew that he knew something as he glanced back up to her. She stood and watched as he stared at her through the car window. She broke down and cried as he drove away. She knew he was the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack and she knew in her wolf form, it wasn’t that far. Aurora could run it, but it would take a lot out of her, but she knew it was worth it. The Moon Goddess gave her Killian Barker as her mate, and she knew why it was all worth it. She had hope, but soon that hope was dimmed when Andrew came in.

“That alpha kept looking your way. To your room when he was in the hall, your window from outside, and even your floor when he stood underneath it. Tell me, dear sister, have you found your mate?”

“Alpha Killian is my mate.”

“You’ll never be with him. I’ll make sure of it and so will father.”

“No, he’ll come back for me.”

“Not if you’re dead.”

Her eyes widened as her father walked in along with Andrew’s friends. This was it and she knew she had to get away. It was now or never, and Killian knew. Even being rejected by Killian would be better than what was sure to come. Without a second thought, she jumped through the window mid-shift.

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