The Alpha's Chance At Love

The Alpha's Chance At Love

By:  Cristina  Completed
Language: English
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She was human and he was a Alpha werewolf.Would he be able to convince her that she was his mate.Would she accept his past mistakes.Would she take the chance...A werewolf romance that is not too complicated and without too much drama.A bit of loving and hopefully a happily ever after...* Completed Story* Mature Content* All Rights Reserved* Story content solely mine, please do not copy.*Media content belongs to those who have allowed me to use.

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30 Chapters
Moving to a new town was not an easy decision for Jasmine. Moving away from her family and old friends had not been easy. But she was tired of her old life, packing her bags and her daughter's, moving to a new place and a new job, creating new memories.The town was large enough to have the basic necessities and yet still small enough that one does not feel lost amongst strangers. It was a quaint town, nestled in a forested valley.
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Chapter 1
It has been three weeks since Ellie had met Jasmine and Sofia, she had gotten to know the pair over that time period and also her brother Jason had met them. Both she and her brother had felt the same connection to Jasmine and her daughter. Both their wolves feeling content whenever they were in close proximity to Jasmine and Sofia.They had often met up at the mall or at Jasmine's home. Today, Ellie was babysitting Sofia, Jasmine was busy at work and couldn't find anyone to watch over her daughter on a Saturday, so Ellie had
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Chapter 2
Zane was sitting in his office at the pack house. Tons of files lay before him, running his hand through his brown hair, he sighed in frustration.As Alpha of the Hollow Springs Pack, it fell on him to handle all the paperwork, if only circumstances were different, he would have a Luna by his side. But, unfortunately that isn't going to happen anytime soon, he has long since given up on finding her.
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Chapter 3
"So...this is Sofia?" Zane asked, looking down at the sleeping beauty, smiling softly as she held onto his medallion tightly."And how did you lose her?" He asked his daughter, looking back up at Ellie, his eyebrow raised in silent query."Well...It's all Britney's fault!" Ellie exclaimed, not w
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Chapter 4
It had been a week since the incident with Sofia and Ellie had a theory, but she needed to confirm it, but... before she could do that, she needed the help of her annoying brother.She was currently visiting Jasmine and Sofia, her brother was at the pack house and soon he would be picking her up to take her home.
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Chapter 5
"Mate!" Zane muttered under his breath.Ellie heard her father and was happy. Her theory was correct and her father had found his mate. Hopefully Jasmine would feel the connection and she wouldn't reject her father. Both these adults needed each other and they were perfect for one another. Now she knew why her wolf felt a connection to these individuals.
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Chapter 6
Zane was over the moon, even though he had to leave his mate, he knew that he would see her the following day and who is to say that later that evening he couldn't go for a run and take a sneak at his mate, her property did border the forest, so there wasn't a chance of her seeing him.But...first, he had to set preparations in place. Jason and Ellie knew he had found his mate, but the rest of the pack still didn't know that he had found their Luna, they needed to be told and he needed to get protection set up, Clara was likel
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Chapter 7
Zane was anxious, the day seems to be dragging, everything was set up for the barbeque, everyone was milling around waiting. Everyone had been informed of him finding their Luna and he was glad that the majority of members were accepting of that fact.Now he couldn't wait for her arrival, he had missed her, even though he had gone out for a run last night and ended up at her home, he had only caught a glimpse of her through her kitchen window. His wolf didn't want to leave, but he knew they had to get back and get some rest.
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Chapter 8
After Clara left and everyone went back to normal. Ellie and Jason apologized profusely to Jasmine, worried that she would flee. Zane hovered around Jasmine, just as worried as his children, that his chance to build a relationship had ended before he could even try...Jasmine knew that the three individuals standing around her were concerned that she would walk away and not look back, "Guys...stop! I'm not going anywhere. So...chill." She attempted a laugh, hoping to ease the tension, she understood that everyone had bad blood
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Chapter 9
There was a light knock on his bedroom door, Zane groaned, it was still early, the sun was barely rising and he was still awake. Ever since finding his mate and him being Alpha it was getting harder to stay away from her. So he had not yet fallen asleep and not even the run in his wolf form, had tired him out, he had spent the better part of the night tossing and turning.Thinking of ignoring the knock on his door, he kept quiet, hoping that whoever was on the other side, would take the hint and leave. And if it was an emergen
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