The Alpha's Forbidden Lycan

The Alpha's Forbidden Lycan

By:  Anne T. Thyssen  Completed
Language: English
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Jackson and Daphne met at Ana's introduction party when she was being presented as Roman's new queen. The moment they laid eyes on each other, they knew they were mates. But after Daphne broke things off with Roman, her reputation took a hit, and a powerful lycan as Daphne cannot allow her reputation to fall to ruin, yet her heart can't seem to stop wanting Jackson. Jackson doesn't think Daphne wants him, but he cannot sit idly by as he hears about Daphne getting mated to someone else. He chooses to go after her, hoping he can change her mind. He makes the decision to kidnap his own mate! But will the two of them figure out a way to be together or will tradition win? *Book 2* Recommended to first read The Lycan King's Scarred Mate

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Loved this 2nd story! I’m so happy to have had the chance to read about Jackson’s HEA as well. I wanted that so much for him, because I also fell for how caring and loving he was to his cousin. A wonderful wolf is he. Just as Roman. Thanks Anne did a 2nd BEAUTIFUL story!!
2023-10-20 09:04:32
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love this book and the continuation of the first.
2023-07-29 10:16:11
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Tina Hart-Dillon
Love this short story. Have read many of Anne Thyssen’s books she is very talented. You won’t be disappointed
2023-07-25 15:17:56
41 Chapters
Thank you to all who chose to read this book! It is the sequel to The Lycan King's Scarred Mate, but can be read on its own. It is recommended to read the first one though. You can read it right here as a single book or read it in The Lycan King's Scarred Mate at the bottom! Both will be updated together. This book will now be updated daily! This story does contain kidnapping. If you're a reader, not enjoying the topic, please proceed with caution or choose another book of mine. In these lycan books of mine, remember the wolf does not turn into a lycan just because their mate is one. You're either born as one or you aren't one. Please do follow me or go check out my profile where else you can find me! Have a great day! Cover by GetCovers
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Chapter 1: Losing It
-Jackson- The rain poured down on me, but I barely felt it. I pushed my body harder than ever. I was more fueled by energy than I had ever been before. My wolf was clawing inside of me, growling and pissed off. He would not be quiet these days. He was always grumbling and demanding I did more to get our mate back, to win her over. I wanted to. I wanted nothing more, but Daphne was no ordinary wolf. She was not even a wolf. Daphne was a lycan from a high-status family. She had been engaged to the king, who was now mated to my cousin. They had had their problems, but after meeting Roman, Ana was happier than ever. She had avenged her family, taking down Roman’s distant relative, who was the one behind the attack on Ana’s family. My uncle, aunt, and second cousin had been slaughtered together with the entire pack, just because the wolves were getting a little braver, wanting more of a say since we outnumbered the lycans these days. They were more powerful, therefore it was harder for the
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Chapter 2: Need To Find A Way To Get Better
-Jackson- If there was one thing my parents had taught me, it was that a rejection was never a solution and something very disrespectful thing to do. Not just to your mate, but to the Goddess. A rejection should only be done if you had an abusive mate. There were no other times when a rejection was acceptable. At least not in my parents’ minds. They were each other’s true mates. My aunt and uncle had been true mates as well. Ana and Roman were true mates, and it was clear just from looking at all of them that honoring the bond was the key to a happy future, one filled with joy and wonderful moments. I was so shocked that my dad couldn’t even say it, and it was clear it pained him to even utter the words. “Dad… what are you saying?” “I am saying I am looking at half the child I used to have,” he said. “I’m worried. Your mother is scared for you, and you’re this pack’s future alpha. They need you, and you can’t keep this going.” “You and mom have always taught me how important it is
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Chapter 3: Wanting Her Mate
-Daphne- “I don’t know,” my mom said as she walked around me and the tailors around me tried to take care of the last few things of my ceremony dress. It felt tighter than I thought it should, or maybe it was knowing my union day was about to approach that made me unable to breathe. I couldn’t say anymore. It always felt like I was drowning these days or couldn’t breathe. I had begun having panic attacks, but I didn’t know how to stop them. They came out of the blue, hitting me hard, and I knew if I told my mother how much I was regretting my decision, she would just look at me like I was crazy and tell me what a great opportunity this was to bring me back to my former status. While Roman had made it clear to everyone that there was no flaw in me and that he had chosen Ana because they were true mates, people loved gossiping. They loved seeing a star fall, so they could talk about it and make that star feel like trash. I heard people whisper about me still, and while I could survive
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Chapter 4: Family First
-Daphne- My mother’s voice practically echoed off the walls and her shouting drew my father to enter the room. He must have been walking by, and while he often didn’t want to deal with my mother’s moods, he seemed to know I might need some assistance. While my father had treated me like his little princess, I knew he wouldn’t be on my side when it came to this. “What’s going on here?” my dad asked. “Our daughter is in love.” “Oh?” “With a werewolf.” “With a what?” my dad asked, and I glanced over my shoulder, seeing him come closer. “I’m sure I heard wrong.” “No, it’s true…” “Why? How?” “We are… mates,” I said. “True mates.” They surprised me that I was even able to keep it a secret for as long as I had, but I knew how my parents would react. It wouldn’t be pretty. I couldn’t keep it in any longer, though. If there was any hope that I could be with Jackson, then I had to take it. “True mates?” my dad asked. “With a werewolf?” I could see the smile on his lips. He found it a
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Chapter 5: His Plan
-Jackson- I was sitting by the lit bar, nursing a drink. My friends had forced me to come out tonight, not liking to see how isolated I had become, but I didn’t want to go out. Only because they kept nagging me and I knew my parents were just as worried, did I go, but I was sitting by myself enjoying the drink, while my friends went “hunting”. I had my fun myself. I was no saint, but now, after meeting Daphne, I couldn’t get hard for anyone. I didn’t even want to chase. I wanted to chase only one person, and she didn’t want me to. Go get her! Shut up! I growled at my wolf as I sipped my drink. “Jackson!” One of my friends came up to me, slammed his hand against my back, and almost made me spill my drink. “Fucker,” I mumbled low. “Jackson, meet Ivory,” Gary introduced and made a female wolf sit down in front of me. He winked at me and patted my shoulder. “You’re welcome,” he whispered in my ear, and I shook my head. He knew about Daphne. Everyone knew I had met my mate, but th
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Chapter 6: Coming To Get Her
-Daphne- I stretched my body, rolling my head around as I entered my family’s house. It was rather quiet, but I had also gone on a late night run. I simply couldn’t sleep. I was just rolling around in my bed, thinking about Jackson, and then I would be crazily turned on. It was not healthy. I knew I had some things to work through, but I also knew the only cure for my problem was Jackson. He made my fucking head spin. I would never know what it felt like being touched by him, though. I sighed and walked upstairs to my bedroom. I got rid of my clothes and stepped into the bathroom, where I showered and washed my long blond hair. When I felt clean, I brushed my teeth and dried myself off before I went to my closet and found a small, thin white nightgown. I walked to my big bed and got under the thick covers, but the moment I was lying there, I felt it again. The thoughts of Jackson invaded my head and then my body turned hot, begging for his touch. “You have got to be kidding me!” I gr
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Chapter 7: Taking Her
-Jackson- All my fears of my mate not wanting me went right out the window. Coming here tonight after a few days of packing and preparing was the best plan I had ever made. I had snuck into Daphne’s territory, borrowing a little of Roman’s clothes to mask my werewolf scent, and then I had used some rope with a hook, getting it attached to Daphne’s balcony. The door leading outside had been locked, but her window had been slightly opened and I had used to get inside and then seen the best thing in the world. My mate with her fingers in her pussy, playing with her clit and calling out my name. I had thought she didn’t even desire me, but I was so wrong, and then she had admitted she wanted me. She was scared, but she wanted me, and that was all I needed to know. “Shit, Jackson!” Daphne was dangling over my shoulder as I moved us outside. “Please put me down!” “Not yet,” I told her. “Where are we even going?” “I am making a horrible decision and kidnapping you.” “You’re what?” she
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Chapter 8: Her first
-Daphne- It was probably the nicest kidnapping ever happening in history, but as Jackson had pointed out, was it really a kidnapping when we were mates? I was pondering over it as I sat in the car and we drove over the dark roads. I did not know what his plan was or where he was taking me, but I was pretty sure he had had this planned for a while now. “What are you thinking?” Jackson asked as he glanced at me. I turned my head, crossing my arms in front of my chest and shaking my head slightly. “I have got an insane mate, is what I am thinking.” He chuckled and nodded like he was proud. “Most likely, but have you met my cousin? Ana?” “I don’t remember her kidnapping Roman?” “No, but she did have a long life plan of revenge.” “Yes, but she did have reasons,” I defended. “And I have mine.” “And those are?” “My mate won’t come to me, so I came to her,” he said, and I felt a sting in my heart, knowing I had driven him to go to quite drastic measures, but wasn’t this taking it t
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Chapter 9: His Plan
-Jackson- It was a good question Daphne came with. I didn’t know here this was going. Hopefully, as we spent some time together, I could help her figure out a way to stand up to her family and eventually choose me. I knew though it wouldn’t be a simple task, and I wasn’t sure how to explain it to her. “Well?” “Honestly?” “Yes,” she said. “Please.” “I do not know.” “Jackson! You took me from my home in the middle of the night. I am wearing a nightgown and nothing else. I mean, are we just going to drive all night?” “No, I have a place,” I said. “Okay, where?” “A secret one,” I said and winked. Daphne rolled her eyes, and I kissed her hand again, hearing her suck in a breath, and I glanced at her, watching our hands. It was clear I had woken up something inside of her tonight, and I knew it was because she had never had anyone worship her body. It did not surprise me, considering her family. They thought men could run around and have fun, but not the women. It was so outdated.
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