He brought me to his house, of all places, why did he bring me to his home. Does he want to rape me or something? I think if he wanted to, I wouldn’t be standing here and him walking towards wherever he is walking too. I look around the place, and I must say it’s beautiful. The walls are painted black all around, really matching his personality. There is a staircase to my left, while straight ahead is the living room decorated with little bits of white painting, giving the room colour. The couches are grey with a black centre table. I walk towards the living room, and to its right is the kitchen. The kitchen is gorgeous; it is painted grey. The chairs in the kitchen are white and golden long stools. The workup is black with little stripes of gold.

“If you are done admiring my house, I think we should continue the assignment,” Ethan says startling me

“Oh yes we should, but I have to say your house is beautiful,” I say walking behind Ethan to the living room

“I know, you don’t have to tell me,” Ethan says cocky as always

“I don’t know if it will kill you to say thank you,” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Sit,” Ethan says, pointing at his couch.

“Thank you, but I have to ask. Please, why did we come to your house?” I say being polite even though he is the last person I should ever be cultured with in this world.

“Because we had nowhere else to go.”

“No, we had other places we could have gone too”

“Really, like where at this hour,” Ethan says, looking at me like I am a fool. I think to myself, and that’s when I realize that there is actually nowhere that would be open for us to work at this late hour other than a house.

“You are right.”

“Good, now let’s get this done so I can finally sleep well tonight,” Ethan says and gets to work on his laptop. I also do the same and try to get this assignment done tonight.

After four hours of programming, revisions and checking for errors. Ethan and I were able to complete our assignment. I am so happy, Alhamdulillah and I am also exhausted.

“I can’t believe we are done,” I say with a lot of excitement in my voice

“Me too, it feels like a dream,” Ethan says, sounding happy for the first time I have ever known him. He also smiles, and I must say his smile is actually beautiful. I can’t believe I just admired something about Ethan. Am I going mad this night? I pinch myself to correct my brain because I think something is wrong with it.

I fall back down on the couch, feeling very tired from all the programming I have been doing for hours. I don’t even know when I close my eyes and sleep the sweetest sleep I have had since we started this assignment.

I wake up the next morning to the sun shining on my face. I had the best sleep I have had in a while. But then I realize the sun does not shine on my face when I wake up in the morning. I quickly open my eyes and look around me. Where in Allah’s name am I? The last thing I remember was lying down on Ethan’s couch. Ethan’s couch! I slept in Ethan’s house, Oh my God. Subhan Allah, what was I thinking falling asleep on his couch, but I am not on his couch right now. I am in a room, a beautiful one, for a matter of fact. I climb out of the bed and look around the room. The place is painted grey. The bed and everything on it are of different shades of grey. That’s from the blanket to the pillows and headboard, wow. It’s stunning. There is a little mirror hanging on the wall to my left with a side table and a lamp. There are lovely paintings around the room, giving it a bit of colour—a crystal chandelier in the middle and an ash and grey rub on the floor. I like the room.

Now that I have had a good look at the room, I remember I did not bring myself into this room. How did I end up here? Did someone carry me? Did Ethan carry me? Oh My GOD Subhan Allah, can this get any worst. Why would he carry me? The Ethan I know would leave me to sleep on the couch, or worst, throw me out. What made him carry me to bed last night? I don’t know, but it’s scaring me that he did. Maybe something changed in him last night that made him kind enough to carry me to the room. I am startled when I hear a deep familiar voice creep up on me from the door that I didn’t know was opened.

“Now that you are awake, you can leave my house. Get out, you have one minute to get your things, or I will throw you out,” Ethan says in all his glory, standing by the door. He is dressed more casually in a pair of sweatpants and a black t-shirt. I can’t believe I thought something changed in him a minute ago. He is still the rude cocky guy he has always been.

I don’t say anything and look around for my things in the room. I see only my phone on the bedside table and pick it up. I rudely walk past him and into the living room to get my bag. I can’t believe he did not even allow me to wash my face, so much for hospitality. I have not even fully digested the fact that I slept in someone’s house, and not just anyone, but his house, and he is already kicking me out—typical Ethan. I walk to the living room and find all my things already arranged for me. I can bet he did it so I won’t have to waste time looking for them and leave his house fast. I am about to walk out of his home when I see him looking at me like a predator watching his prey leave. I hiss and walk out of his house.

I am about to step into the elevator when I hear someone calling my name. I turn around and see it's Ethan; maybe I left something. I patiently wait for him to get to me before speaking.

“Did I forget something?” I say once he stands in front of me

“No, you did not.”

“Then why are you calling me back?” I say confused

“I need you to come back inside.”

“Why?” I say totally confused with what he just said

“Because you need to,” Ethan says, making me more confused

“Because you need me, too, that is not a reasonable reason for me to walk back to your house.”

“It is reasonable enough for me, and I need you too now.”

“I am not going back to your house until you give me a good reason why I should,” I say crossing my hands over my chest

“I don’t have time for this; just come back inside the house. I will be waiting,” Ethan says and turns back on his heels to walk to his house. Who does he think he is to tell me to do something, and I would do it because he said so?

“Ethan, you are not serious. I am not following you anywhere until you give me a reason.”

“Really,” Ethan says, stopping in his tracks.

“Yes, because the only way I will move from here without a reason is if you carry me, and we both know that is not going to happen. So you must tell me why, if not, I will be going, bye,” I say and press the elevator button to leave. Ethan is not serious this early morning. Thank God it’s Saturday morning, if not I am sure I would be one hour late for class by now. I am about to step into the elevator when the craziest thing that has ever happened to me happens.

I am lifted off the ground and dropped over Ethan’s shoulders. What in Allah’s name is going on?

“Ethan, please drop me. I was only joking. I will follow you inside,” I say over Ethan’s shoulder. I can’t believe he actually carried me. I never thought he would take me seriously and carry me. This is so wrong in every way, Islamically and morally. Oh, Allah, please forgive me for running my mouth to cause this to happen.

“You dared me, and I did it. So better stay still, or I will spank your ass, and I know you won’t want that,” Ethan says, and I can feel a smirk forming on his face while walking us back to his house.

I don’t repeat a word because I don’t want him to do what he just said. I think if he does, I would be scarred for life. I won’t even be able to show my face in front of him again. I don’t even know what I am going to do when he drops me because I can’t believe this is happening to me right now. Ya Allah, what is going on?

Ethan finally reaches his house and drops me. I look at the ground, not able to look up and face Ethan after what just happened. Out of nowhere, I hear a voice coming from the kitchen area, and it does not belong to Ethan. I did not know he does not live alone, Alhamdulillah I was not here alone with him all night.

“Ethan dear were you able to catch her before she left,” The lady's voice says. She comes out of the kitchen. She walks towards the front door, where Ethan and I are standing.

“Yes, I did. Are you happy now” Ethan says in a bored tone

“You better don’t use that tone with me, boy,” The woman says, scolding Ethan. She is a beautiful lady with blond hair that have a few strings of grey. I am guessing she should be around the ages of late forties to fifty. She has green eyes and a light skin tone with a few wrinkles on her face.

Ethan does not say anything but walks away, leaving me standing with this woman, who I am yet to find out who she is.

“Oh my dear, I apologize for Ethan’s behaviour earlier. He should not have kicked you out like that. I am very sorry for what he did” The woman says

“No, there is no need to apologize on his behalf. It’s alright,” I say to the nice lady. I wonder who she is to Ethan for her to be apologizing in his place. She must be close to him because I think she is the reason why he brought me back to his house.

“I still say sorry on his behalf.”

“It’s fine.”

“Alright then since that’s settled. Why don’t you join us for breakfast before you leave and properly this time. By the way, I am grace” She says with a soft smile

“I am Adina, and there won’t be any need for that. I will just go home and eat breakfast.”

“No, I insist you eat before you leave. It won’t be proper if I let you go like that”

“There won’t be any need for that; my house is not far from here.”

“No, you have to. I can’t have you leaving here with an empty stomach. Please I insist” Grace says, sounding much like a very concerned mother, and knowing mothers. I know she won’t let me go without eating breakfast.

“Fine, I will have breakfast before I leave,” I say agreeing to her offer, knowing that there is no way out about having breakfast here.

“That’s wonderful; you could freshen up in the room you slept in. There is a spare toothbrush in the bathroom that you can use. When you are done, Ethan and I will be waiting for you in the kitchen.”

“Alright, thank you,” I say and make my way back to the room.

I brush my teeth with the spare toothbrush and also perform ablution to observe my morning prayers. I realize that I did not hear my Adhan this morning, and I wonder why. I pick up my phone and see it's dead. That’s why I didn’t hear it this morning. I am sure if my phone was not down, I would have woken up earlier to pray, and also find out where I was sooner. I am sure Khloe is worried sick about me; I would have to call her soon to let her know I am safe. I plug my phone to charge and walk to my praying mat to observe my prayers. I always carry a spare praying mat with me anywhere I go.

I finish praying and walk back outside to have this beautiful breakfast Grace has made me stay for. I know Ethan is not going to like the fact that she invited me for breakfast, but I am not the one who invited me either. I walk to the kitchen and see Grace over the stove, making some French toast.

“Hi,” I say and take a seat on one of the kitchen stools

“I hope you like French toast,” Grace says, placing a plate of French toast with syrup and raspberries.

“I do, thank you so much,” I say, smiling at the yummy breakfast in front of me.

“You are welcome, and tell me, dear, where are you from? You might be dark-skinned, but you don’t have a black American accent,” Grace says, probably trying to make some talk with me, which I don’t mind because she seems very friendly. I am about to answer her when Ethan beats me to it

“That’s because she is a beast and beast are from bushes,” Ethan says, walking into the kitchen all freshen up. His hair is damp which could only mean, he just stepped out of the shower. He also changed his outfit into a pair of black faded jeans, a black t-shirt, a leather jacket and a couple of black ankle boots. He is practically wearing everything black, which actually matches his personality.

“Ethan! Don’t say such things to someone” Grace says horrified by his words, which don’t faze me because he says it all the time.

“Ethan I wonder if your name has turned to Adina,” I say rolling my eyes at his answer to the question

“No, it hasn’t,” Ethan says with disgust

“Then why are you answering questions directed to me?”

“Like I said last time, I don’t like it when people fill your head with beautiful lies.”

“Which is none of your business, and she did not say anything beautiful about my accent. What is wrong with you?” I say really getting frustrated with Ethan’s behaviour towards me.

“Nothing is wrong with me, and you will always be my business,” Ethan says, coming dangerously close to my face.

“Please get out of my face,” I say hissing and turn my eyes away from Ethan’s eyes because I don’t want to stare. It’s Haram to stare into guys eyes. Ethan is about to speak, but Grace cuts him short

“I think that’s enough the both of you, Ethan,” Grace says, and Ethan slowly takes his face away from mine. I can still feel his gaze on me, and I can tell without even looking that he is throwing daggers at me with his eyes.

“Ethan,” Grace says again before Ethan finally removes his eyes away from me. I release a breath; I did not know I was holding. Ya Allah, he scares me sometimes. He walks out of the house which I am grateful for.

“I am so sorry you had to witness that,” I say apologizing for fighting in front of her

“You don’t have to apologize my dear. I can understand that you and Ethan don’t have the best relationship, but I believe with time, things would change,” Grace says with a sad smile. I chuckle at her statement because we all know that’s impossible

“Don’t laugh my dear, trust me things would change” Grace says with a lot of hope in her voice

“And why would you think that,” I say curious to know why she has so much faith in our relationship changing

“Because my dear, Ethan was not always like this; there is a reason why he is like this. He is a good boy, trust me,” Grace says with a lot of adoration for Ethan.

“I hardly doubt,” I say not believing there can be any good in Ethan

“You would be surprised, my dear.”

“Alright but I have to ask, what is your relationship with Ethan that you have so much faith in him,” I say curious to how she knows him so well because I doubt she is his mom. She would have said so when I first met her.

“I have known Ethan since the day he was born.”

“You are his mother.” 

“No, I was his nanny, and now I am his housekeeper.”

“Oh,” I say, totally understanding why she would know him really well.

“Yes, and my dear, could you promise me something?”

“I can’t say yes until I know what it is.”

“Please promise me you will try and fix your relationship with Ethan.”

“Why should I,” I say even though I know that is the Islamic thing to do, which I tried, but I want to know her reason.

“Because I believe if you fix your relationship with him, then you can make Ethan be the boy he used to be,” Grace says with a lot of hope in her voice. I won’t like to disappoint by saying no, but I also don’t want to disappoint her when I say yes and fail. I know I tried once and failed. Maybe trying again won’t hurt, but I know this time if I try, I can’t give up even after three times.

“I promise,” I say hoping I have not made the wrong decision

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