The Angel Of Death

The Angel Of Death

By:  JisatsuNoYuyake  Completed
Language: English
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When Amorivia fell head over heels in love with the story of The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up (Peter Pan), she became eager to meet him. Thinking Peter Pan would save her like how he saves Wendy, she jumps off from her window. Death should have engulfed her but instead she awoke somewhere familiar.

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59 Chapters
"But why are there no lost girls?" The little girl asked her mother, her eyes twinkling in curiosity.The little girl's mother stares at her for moments and replied, "Well, according to the novelist, Barrie, the Lost Boys are boys who fell out of their prams while their nannies are looking the other way, in places such as Kensington Gardens. After going unclaimed for seven days, they are whisked off to Neverland, where they live with Peter Pan. There are no 'Lost Girls', because, as Peter explains, girls are too clever to be lost in this manner.""But I want to be a lost girl! I want to go see and live in Neverland!" The little girl exclaimed. "I want to marry Peter Pan!"The mother slightly chuckled at her daughter's silliness. "Then what if Peter asks you to stay there, never grow up
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Chapter I - Land Of Death Arc
"Oh! The cleverness of me!" Amorivia exclaimed, giggling as she stands up on her bed. And then jumps to another bed which was Harriett, her twin sister. "Stop it! Amor! Stop jumping on my bed!" Harriett yelled. "Get my shadow, Harriett! I shall stick it with soap!" Harriett rolled her eyes and closed her book. "You know, I hate to break it to you but Peter Pan doesn't exist!" That made Amorivia gasped loudly and stares at her ten minutes older sister. She glared at her sister while pointing her wooden sword straight at Harriett. "You are not my sister! You are a pirate and that codfish's ally!" She screams. "You are absurdly o
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Chapter II
"If you're real, save me, Peter," she manages to whisper before she could even hit the ground.Amorivia felt the slightest pain. It was as if a fire ant had bit her. Nevertheless, nothing more could she feel hurt. She opened her eyes and surprised to gaze at a pair of gray ones."P-peter?" She stutters, her heart beating faster than ever.The boy smiled, perhaps it was the sweetest smile she had ever seen. The boy carried her back up into her room."I'd like to personally invite you to my place," the boy, with an angelic voice told her.Amorivia frowned. "Do you mean Neverland?""Second to the right and straight on till morning."
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Chapter III
Amorivia flung her eyes open as if she has just been revived from a sudden death. She breathed heavily and the moment she breathed calmly she gulped looking around."Where am I?" She shakily whispers and immediately stands up. She slapped her forehead two-three times and her breath heaved again. "I'm dreaming," she told herself but even a pinch couldn't wake her up.Then Amorivia remembers flying with Peter but for some reason, she doesn't remember his face nor his gaze. "What did Peter look like?" She asked herself.A loud noise had disturbed her thinking. The noise seemed like someone has fired a Long Tom and then again, and again and—"Duck!" Someone yelled that made her turn around. Before she could even see who yelled it, h
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Chapter IV
Amorivia had agreed to stay and venture with the lost boy. Though she really wants to know his name, she knows he would just respond with "I'm the last lost boy". It frustrates her so much."Is this truly Neverland?" She asked.They're now walking in the woods with the lost boy in the lead. He wanted to show her the rabbits that lived nearby. He was pretty sure that she'd find it cute and would want to have one."Is it not?" He asked back.This is why Amorivia doesn't like asking this boy. Her queries would always find its way to do a comeback. She rolled her eyes."I'm quite hungry. Where is our breakfast?""Breakfast? You mean the
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Chapter V
"My name is Dilly," the lady troll introduced herself to Amorivia.This was her dream to see all the mythical-- well, now real creatures in the books she always loved yet... it scares her."Don't be frightened, I'm a good one. I don't eat children." Dilly assured her.Amorivia gulped. "I'm Amorivia." She was shaking in fear. The troll has a big rock nose and her hair was like of those vines Tarzan would grip on to when he swings."What a lovely name!" The troll smiled with her big teeth showing. "So, what is a lovely girl doing in these woods alone? You know this place is very dangerous for kids like you.""I-I'm looking for Peter."
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Chapter VI
"May I ask you something?" Amorivia asked."What is it, Amorivia?"For the first time, she noticed the lost boy didn't add lady."Uhm... I heard the chief troll earlier. He said he would catch you and your captain."She heard the lost boys chuckle and it made her face him. He was looking at the big moon. "That wasn't even a question. That was more of a statement, Amorivia."Somewhat she feels comfortable now that he doesn't add 'lady'."Why was he after you?"The lost boy looked down and stopped sharpening his knife. "Why do you think Captain Hook was always after Peter?"
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Chapter VII
"What were you thinking!" Amorivia shouts at the lost boy. She was upset that he dove into the water and then kissed her!"I was trying to save you!" The lost boy reasoned."Trying to save me?! You kissed me!""No! I gave you air to breathe!"Their face were inches away from each other, both of them frowning and soaked. Amorivia's breathing heaved, her nose wrinkling and her mouth shut just glaring at the lost boy. He's doing the same exact thing."It's cold," she muttered.That's when the lost boy's face softened and realized she's shivering. "I should get you another clothes then."
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Chapter VIII
After wandering the land, the lost boy decided to go back to the elves. He almost forgot about Amorivia."I wonder how her face will look like," he thought and giggled when an image of Amorivia all red in anger flashed on his mind.The moment he arrived, a little elf screamed of his arrival. A familiar lady with a decent dress had came running towards him. His proud smile had gone wider at the sight of Amorivia's face."You promise breaker! You said you'd come for me!" Amorivia yelled at his face.He leaned a little back. "Didn't I? I brought you here to get dressed. You were sleeping so I went out," he explained.Amorivia's eyes narrowed at him. "Put me in trouble again and I'm staying with the elves!"The lost boy knew she was mad but she looked cuter when she is."You've come back," the princess bowed down to him and he did the same."Yes, I won't be long. I'm going to take the lady with me too."What he said saddened
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Chapter IX
"Really? I can try them all?" Amorivia gasped. They were at the elf princess' dressing chamber and her highness had given her permission to try on dresses. Don't get her wrong, she has quite the number of dresses but they weren't as magical! The elf's dresses has glitters, silk were the finest she had touched before and the tulle made her feel like she's a princess. "Are you sure this is alright?" she asked the elf princess when she's already getting dressed up by the maid elves."Unless you don't want to try the elves dresses.""No!" She yells, waving her hand in mid air. "I love the dresses that's why I am worried I might ruin it when we go for a walk."
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