The Beguiled Bond

The Beguiled Bond

By:  Mystique Luna  Completed
Language: English
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As the first female battle commander of the military from the Waevalon Kingdom, Rachelle Simon believes that she does not need a mate in her life until she knows who she really was or where she actually came from before she arrived at the Dark Soul pack. She is living in peace until an annoying mysterious brute named Claude Hackworth arrived at their pack to visit his sister who happened to be her Luna and claimed that Rachelle is Claude's mate. However, she determines that she is not going to utter the words that she is accepting him. What will happen if Rachelle gets to meet and see her mate again in an unexpected moment but he will not introduce himself as her mate but the newly crowned Alpha King of Waevalon Kingdom? ︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵ Moon Goddess' Daughters series: Ragriel, the Goddess of Mate Bond

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Such a beautiful love story. Awesome storyline, written well, strong characters, and held my interest. Great job author will be looking for more of your completed work.
2023-01-22 11:59:47
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Awesome story
2022-04-16 06:46:26
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Lesealii Sakopo
amazing story.
2022-03-27 09:24:43
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Très belle histoire
2021-03-24 16:19:08
default avatar
Good story, I love it
2021-03-23 09:28:23
user avatar
Stacie Lynn Young
hard to follow the grammar used.
2022-10-31 04:27:56
86 Chapters
Chapter One: Rachelle Simon
“Rachelle Simon from Dark Soul Pack, I hereby give to you the power of a battlefield commander. At the age of 16, you just reached a high position that no one had ever done. You’re the first woman who stepped in to become one of the best battlefield commanders. And I am obliged to admit that I am so amazed and proud of you.” I bowed my head a little as the Alpha King put the gold medal and hooked it on my neck as a sign that I really became a battlefield commander. I murmured ‘thanks’ to him and gave him my best smile. As he pinned the gold shining badge at the left breast pocket of mine, as proof that I am now graduated to be a soldier and now became a commander. I heard the claps come from the other ungraduated soldiers. I couldn't hide the excitement I felt. What surprises me really is when the Alpha King whispered when he was finished pinning my badge. “I am so proud of you, Rachelle. This day was very reluctant for me to come without my son, the soon-to-be Alpha King. He was in
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Chapter Two: Unexpected Visitor
Chapter Two: Unexpected VisitorI cocked my head from side to side and stretched my arms. I yawned as I watched men start to train. I prepared myself to start my training too. Today, I was planning to shift in my wolf form and run through the forest. I want to test my strong legs and fix how keen my eyes were. It has been three days since I last saw Casey and Alpha Storm's news about Casey's big brother going in here. I had been paying my attention and expected if there would be anything looking suspicious about the upcoming of Casey's brother. Storm said that he was an Alpha too and he hasn't told me the right description about him and what his features or his look like. I didn't assume anymore if Casey wanted to battle with me or not. Maybe Alpha Storm warned her not to go here to the training gym.I stepped to my feet and walked towards the forest. I mind-linked Alpha Storm that I would go for a run in
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Chapter Three: Feels To Reject
Chapter Three: Feels to Reject I paced back and forth. I ran my hand in my hair, frustrated very much from meeting Casey's brother, Claude, as well as my unexpected mate. I groaned and wanted to mess up the conference room of Alpha Storm but I stopped myself. He was just watching me and he was smiling like an idiot at me. I hit the table and paced back and forth. This couldn't be! This shouldn't be happening! This isn't right! I paced again. Shit! Shit! Shit! I cussed in my mind. What should I do? What should I do? Should I leave? No! This was my pack where I live. Why would I leave? Because Casey's big brother was here? No! That was absurd! "Will you please stop pacing back and forth, Rachelle? I was the one who felt dizzy about what you were doing, not you. Oh, come here. Calm yourself and sit down," said Alpha Storm but I didn't listen. I kept on panicking. I know that some other werewolves dreamed of having their mates unexpectedly or not
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Chapter Four: Annoying Mate
"Hi, Rachelle! Glad to see, my beautiful mate."He took my hand. I felt a jolt of electricity when he held my hand and brought it to his lips to planted a soft kiss on my knuckles. It sent shivers down in my spine after he does that. I could feel the heat started to build in me because of him. His scent is still alluring and hypnotizing to smell every second.I slowly heaved in a breath and took off my hand from his. And
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Chapter Five: Their Thoughts
I couldn't move nor stir in my position. My eyes were still widening in shock as I felt Claude's face in my neck and his lips were pressing in my weak spot. Then his lips started to move. He was licking it. I automatically closed my eyes in submission."You really smelled so good just what I have thought, mate."I instantly opened my eyes as he whispered. I clenched both of my fists at how annoyed I was because of what h
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Chapter Six: A News From The Palace
I ran to the packhouse and met Storm who was holding a letter. I couldn't help the smile drew in my face as I took it from him and opened it. It was news from the palace. I read it carefully and with understanding."What a contagious smile, don't you think, Hance? Maybe that's good news, eh."I rolled my eyes as I found Beta Hance also smiling widely as also Storm. "Why, don't you stick your nose in me. Mind your own bus
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Chapter Seven: Leaving the Warrior's Mate
Storm had commanded that I should have dinner before I walked out again from his pack. Supposedly, I didn't refuse him and obliged even though Claude is there. I accepted Storm's offer because I knew it would be too long before I'd be back again in his pack. And besides, I want to bid goodbye to everyone that became a part of me."There! You are now a goddess in your new form, Rachelle!" Casey said as she clapped her hands, glaring at me in the mirror.I smiled widely as I couldn't take my eyes off my reflection. She tied my hair into a messy bun. She ordered me to wear one of the dresses that didn't fit her off. I found it hard to believe. She has a nice, curve-shaped body that fits the off-shoulder blue dress that is under the knee I was wearing. I forgot to say that it is a formal dinner made by my brother. I wore this dress for the sake of Casey. She hasn't
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Chapter Eight: Almost Acceptance
"Let's have a toast everyone for my little sister, Rachelle," announced Storm as he raised his wine glass.I smiled, doing the same as they raised their glasses. I was overwhelmed that Storm has to do this effort together with his wife, Casey. Very formal event but we talked informally. I love how we do this thing. Surely, I'm going to miss them once I am in the palace."Thank you everyone for doing these things to me. I'm going to miss you all," I said happily, looking at them one by one. "I'm going to miss Alpha Storm's soldiers I trained so well. Please protect our pack even if I am gone in this pack.
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Chapter Nine: One Last Glance
After Claude and I made a moment, we decided to go to the woods with our wolf form. I agreed to make memories with him even though a part of me is yelling at me as to why I'm letting this.We passed the borderlines then I mind-linked Storm I'm going with Claude. I don't know why I let him agreed on me with this. Because the wolf part of me wants to be with Claude before I say a painful goodbye to him. I would think of going far away from him sickens me now. I sighed.Claude nudged me with his nose. I looked at him and found his massive wolf form. His red eyes were looking at me lovingly. At every end of
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Chapter Ten: Vacation Ends
Excitement shot right through me as I saw the palace from afar to this road I was at. At last, I'll be back to my job and I will surely find myself to know everything. I'm still confused as to where pack I belonged before Storm's parents took care of me. The royal library holds the answers I am going to look for. I haven't been gone to the royal library ever since I was promoted as a battle commander. I always passed by it every time I patrolled around the palace. If I get a chance to have my off, I shall take the opportunity to enter the library. "Commander, we have arrived." I snapped back to reality upon the coachman's announcement. A royal carriage servant opened the royal carriage door for me. I smiled at him, thanking him. As I stepped out, a young man approached me and saluted me. I made a salute at him. He was wearing a cutaway coat and glasses on his eyes. "Greetings, Royal Commander Rachell
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