The Bet

The Bet

By:  Honesty577  Completed
Language: English
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"What about her?" Andre asked."Who?" I asked he motioned to a group of women specifically the one sitting down, I couldnt really see her because of the dim lights and the group of friends she had around her."No,""Why not?" Jason asked I took another sip before saying."She is sitting with her friends,""And?" Andre asked."Her friends are drunk,""And?" Jason asked confused."She is the only one with a beer and look at how she continuously checks her phone every five second,""And?""The beer isn't strong which means she is the designated driver her friends are drunk which means she has to leave soon, and the phone just shows that she would rather be anywhere but here, like she has much more important things to do. Which let's me know she probably won't give me the time of day because I'm not the most important thing in her life right now,""She is the one, she is the one you got to date"

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46 Chapters
I ain't only one comin' throughDon't act like it's not youWhat I do on my downtimeWhat I do on my downtime
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Don't know why I'm stillStill kissing girls that I don't loveStill stumbling out of these clubsStill, I'm just so hard to trust
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You know I'm tryna spend some time, yeahI'm tryna do a little mind fuckin'You gon' love it, baby, tell me do you mindMe fuckin' with your mind?
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What are we doing alone staring up at the moon?Know our night is waiting, oh yeahDo you wanna go or do you wanna stay?I see you contemplating
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Don't want you thinkin bout nobody elseIf I’m talking to yaLow-key I want to let you that I'm trying to pursue yaYou can call me selfish baby
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Three days laterDarrelle's POVI sat there laughing at a dumb joke that Andre made."I don't even know why I'm friends with you,"
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Later that nightDarrelle's POV"It isn't as fancy as you're probably expecting," I said my hands still covering her eyes."I don't
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Darrelle's POVI sat there in her office it was 6:47 pm and had been here a little over twenty minutes just watching her."What time do you plan on leaving?" I asked and she shrugged looking up from her paperwork.
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Darrelle's POVThe ringing continued and I rolled over realizing it was my phone, I picked it up running my hand over my face. I answered it realized that it was Nia calling."Hello," I said sleepily.
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Darrelle's POVI walked into the building a bouquet of roses in my hand as I walked to receptionist, hoping she would send me up without any questions since I seemed to visit Nia everyday. I was trying to surprise her, I knew me visiting now would be unexpected since I usually came at night."I'm he-"
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