The Beta's mermaid

The Beta's mermaid

By:  Milagros faiyth  Completed
Language: English
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Book two of the Alpha's Phoenix mate! Melissa is a simple illiterate human village girl who dreams of going to school and becoming an architectural designer but her dreams get shattered when she is forced to marry a man five times her age. She finds a way to get out of the marriage and with the help of Kaira, goes to a different country where she meets Dean. Dean is the alpha of Black phantom pack who's been waiting to find his mate but after finally finding her, he gets shattered when he realises that she not only is an innocent little girl but also a human who isn't interested in love

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Maymay Marie
Look like a real one. Keep it up!
2022-08-02 18:06:02
user avatar
I already feel in love with the characters. I love this book
2022-08-01 02:21:06
user avatar
Princess alicia
one could feel how much hardwork the writer had put into writing this book and this is one of the best I have read
2022-08-01 00:15:37
user avatar
Faith Osanife
So very intriguing. I'm LOVING the story
2022-07-31 23:08:32
user avatar
Elizabeth Moore
Oh my! I love it, I’m going to head up to the first one.
2022-07-29 15:48:48
user avatar
Luna Sads
Delightful read! Had me hooked
2022-07-29 13:13:01
user avatar
This book is well written. Clear and concise and clearly hooks the reader...especially when you want to find out how Dean will cope with his 13 year old mate. keep it up dear
2022-07-28 12:03:26
user avatar
K3n Dall
Clear and concise, perfectly written.... Good job author
2022-07-28 02:01:42
user avatar
Justlyn kyler
very nice, this piece of writing got me stuck in it all day ......
2022-07-28 00:50:56
user avatar
Loving itt
2022-07-27 23:27:14
default avatar
I love the Dialogues of the characters. Good job author!
2022-07-27 22:02:01
user avatar
LOVE IT...️...️...️...️
2022-07-27 15:25:08
user avatar
It gets better and better.
2022-07-27 03:31:06
user avatar
The only oasis that will quench my thirst ...️... very interesting book, Author.
2022-07-27 03:20:16
user avatar
Danielle IJE.
I want MOREEE...
2022-07-27 02:16:28
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71 Chapters
1. Unexpected
Hi guysThis is book two of the alpha's phoenix matePlease read the first book before reading this one. * Dean pov * The moment I stepped foot out of the elevator, the most intoxicating scent I'd ever smelt invaded my nose making me feel weak in my knees and resulted into holding the wall for support, my senses going haywire.Her scent drove me crazy! I felt like I was in the desert and she was an Oasis, the only Oasis that could quench my thirst.I wanted to get to her, I needed to get to her and take in that glorious scent! I wanted to hold her tight, mark her as mine and show the whole world that she belonged to me!It felt like the air around me had suddenly disappeared and only she held the breath of my life, my----"Mate!" A low growl escaped my mouth and as if having a mind of their own, my legs carried me towards the source of the scent. "Mate! Howl!" My Wolf kept on howling in
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2. I won't get married
***6months earlier*** [ Melissa pov]"Pa!" A slap so loud echoed through the deadly quiet village.Its impact made me lose my balance but Joshua my 'twin'  brother held me, breaking the fall."Papa! why on earth would you slap her?" Mama said, her voice laced with anger but papa didn't care, he just gave me a disappointed look.I held my burning cheek which was probably red because my skin was on a lighter side just like his.A tear threatened to fall but I pushed it back. I wasn't a weak little girl, only the weak cried"Alyssa, Start preparing for the ritual. Dan come with me, we are going to talk to the chief about her marriage before she disgraces us any further." Papa said without any remorse."What?" I let out a whisper not believing what I just heard.Marriage? I was only fifteen, haven't even had my first period yet! How can papa think of marrying me off??"What?! I'm doing no such thing, Papa!
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3. I'm pregnant?
I was laying on the simple makeshift bed with my eyes fixed on the thatched roof above me.The five women were also in my hut, keeping an eye on me so that I wouldn't escape and to top it all off there was a guard just outside the door also keeping watch.It was almost dawn and today was the day I was officially going to get married off for fifteen cows!I was thinking about the various ways I could get out of this but the only way was to either die or fake having a stomach ache and stay in the toilet the rest of the day.The first option was a big fat no because I loved myself too much to even think about death and second, I'm a terrible actress everyone would know I'm faking it.The only option I had was to wait a bit then run for my life or when the old man tries to touch me, I could just push him away and run out of the hut screaming in horror.That will make him feel embarrassed and deem me as a little child who doesn't understand a thi
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4. Free from the marriage
" Melissa is actually two months pregnant and the reason why she fled from the village was because this lady wanted to see her and take her away." Joshua dropped the bombThe entire crowd gasped and so did I!Since when did I become pregnant?I looked at uncle Dan and he gave me death glares but me being the innocent little girl I was, went and hid behind the girl Anna who seemed to be my way out of this marriage." Melissa! I swear I'm going to---"" don't even think about killing her uncle Dan," Joshua interrupted, "This woman is from a rich family in America and her brother is the one who got Melissa pregnant. He loves Melissa a lot and if he finds out that you killed her and his baby, he will put you in jail for the rest of your life!"Hearing this, everyone else who had come to drag me back to the wedding took a step back from me including uncle Dan."Is it true, are you really pregnant?" He asked and I nodded my head shyly hiding be
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5. Ghost?
 ***Six months later*** It's been six months since I met the mermaid I mean Anna whose real name is Kaira and so far life has been pretty great even though I still don't know what happened to her and how she ended up drowning in the river. Everyone already found out I wasn't pregnant and luckily I didn't get married off because the chief died a day after our supposed marriage. If I didn't run away and meet kaira then I'm pretty sure I would have been called a black widow because my mom died the first day I came into the world and my husband would have died the second day of our marriage. Anyway five months ago me and Kaira left the village and was now living in the city. It has been so much fun except for the fact that I have to work for everything!A few months back Kaira a
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6. Come to America with me
"Please don't kill me," I said in tears, thrashing around trying to free myself from her grasp. I wanted to scream again but she placed her warm hand on my mouth silencing me. "Keep quiet!" she ordered and I nodded fearing the worst. Kaira was a ghost? But how? How is it possible that I've been living and sleeping next to a Ghost for the last six months, but how can a ghost also have babies? "I'm going to take my hand off and you better not scream got it?" She ordered again and I quickly nodded. She removed her hand from my mouth  held my hand and led me to were her dress was laying including the stuff we bought. "Don't run." She ordered again letting go of my hand.She picked up the dress, dusted it a little then wore it.
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7. Goodbyes
"So mama, I was thinking," kaira voiced out her thoughts once we were done with dinner. "Yeah?" mama asked "Well I wanted to ask if you can let Mel come with me." Mama stopped what she was doing and looked at Kaira, so did my other sisters. "I promise she will be safe mama. You all have been very kind to me for the last six months and I just want to say thank you by helping Melissa get the future she has always desired." Kaira explained. "I don't think that's a good idea kaira." mama responded. "You don't have to worry about anything, I will take care of her just like I would take care of my own kids. I just want to help her that's all." she said again. "I need to think about it first plus we haven't even met any of your family members and we still don't know you very well and how you
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8. War preparations
[ Third person point of view ] "Wow!" Was the first word that Melissa spoke once the plane  landed in Carlifornia. The airport was way cooler and prettier than the one back in her home country and everything here looked so beautiful. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" Kaira asked equally happy that she was back but her joy was mixed with dread. She had no idea what happened after the war and whether her family was okay or not. She had once tried to contact them through their social media accounts but neither of them responded which made her stomach turn inside out but now that she was here, she would know what happened and whether they were okay or not. "I've never seen a place this clean and beautiful before." Melissa said in awe as both girls with the ba
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9. War. Part one
Hours passed by until finally he received a mindlink that Kaira was at the southern border. It was now time for the war to officially begin. "Shift into your phoenix and create a distraction that will lure all the rogues to you, giving the pack members who can't fight a chance to go into hiding." Dean told Kaira and she did just that. She shifted into her phoenix and flew above the pack making sure she was seeing by everyone who was still awake. Davis let out a loud howl communicating the message to his fellow warriors who also responded with their own howls shifting into their wolves. They  attacked and killed each and every rogue that was near them and Kaira did the same by shooting fire balls at the rogues. Monica had also heard the howl and she did as told.
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10. War part two
It was the biggest fight of all time. The rogues kept on pouring out in large numbers and everyone was getting tired with each passing second but they didn't stop fighting for their home. They were all determined to fight and take back what was rightfully theirs. Seeing that the battle would be lost if he didn't do something, Kaden scanned around until he finally saw the person he was looking for, Derek who was busy dodging the fireballs that phoenix Kaira was throwing at him. He momentarily got distracted by Kaira's beauty and a bite on his back leg brought him back to reality. He kicked the rogue off of him, but three more came charging at him at the same time. Luckily he was trained for this. He bite one on the neck killing him off instantly while the other two sank their claws and teeth in his back. He howled in pain and tried to throw the Wolves off of him but that only made them bite him harder. Luckily, Dean
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