The Big Shot - The Ashford Brothers - Book One

The Big Shot - The Ashford Brothers - Book One

By:  Peyton Iuga  Completed
Language: English
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I bet you’ve heard the story about the secretary falling head over heels for her boss; that’s me, but what happens when you have unforgettable with someone without knowing he is your boss? That’s me; I got invited to a party that ended up being a birthday party with a dungeon theme, weird, I know, tell me about it, but I finally let my hair down and enjoyed exploring my sexuality with the most intense men I have ever met. My boss, Richard Ashford, Mr. Billionaire CEO himself, he is intense, dominating, cocky, and arrogant, but he makes me feel like the most important woman in the world. Behind closed doors, he is the most fantastic lover. I wish the world could see him the same way I do. I am not ready for dating after everything I have been through. But he is. He wants to show Manhattan’s elite that I am his, but I don’t want to be in the spotlight. I like being anonymous. His life is covered by every newspaper and magazine. That’s what happens when you own most of New York’s media companies.

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user avatar
Brenda De La Mater
2023-09-03 00:54:46
user avatar
Mint Mocha
This was a good short read. The characters are a trip but they made for interesting chemistry.
2023-07-28 07:52:47
user avatar
Lily Brown
very nice one there
2023-05-17 01:11:27
user avatar
Glamore Joy
The chapters are too short come on
2023-03-31 19:55:11
default avatar
What is with all the missing chapters? Is this a glitch of some kind? I really want to read this as I love what I’ve read so far but I need the missing chapters too
2023-03-28 21:16:05
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
30 chapters 3-27-23
2023-03-27 21:07:11
user avatar
Siri Mal
Great start can't wait for the rest!
2023-03-22 00:32:18
user avatar
Celste Bonner
I have read so many of your books and I like this one to but it is the first that I have had to wait on updates to the book and that gets a little bit boring as they are kinda slow in coming in I'm hoping the book pickupand become like the others and excellent read
2023-04-02 07:36:13
default avatar
Bebeth Arabejo
2023-06-09 10:04:04
105 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Richard Ashford
Richard POV“Richard, you have your mother on line two,” I hear Esther say through the intercom. I sit back in my chair, lifting the phone from its stand and pressing line two. I have to prepare myself for this mentally. “Mother,” I can hear the back noise. I can tell she is not home, but that woman is so productive during the day that she would have to be sick to be home, almost dying. I have never seen her just staying at home. She is always out, full of appointments and commitments. She could easily be busier than the first lady. “Ricky, I am near your office today for a meeting. Join me for lunch”, she says straight away, and I roll my eyes, looking at my watch. It’s only nine in the morning. As much as I would like to say no to her, I wouldn’t dare. The woman is a bloody saint, and it doesn’t really hurt to have lunch with her. The only thing she tends to do is pry into my love life. Or better saying my non existing love life. "I'm having Esther arrange a table at your favorit
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Chapter 2 - Richard Ashford
Richard POV“Dylan, I fucked up. I need your help”, she says, striding to the chair in front of him while he goes wide-eyed and tries to signal her to shut up. I clear my throat, and my daughter’s panicked eyes meet mine.“Shit,” she curses under her breath.“Language,” I blurt out, and she stands up immediately. I’m not close to Mia, which is all my fault. Whenever she needs something, she always asks Dylan. She has a connection with him that I could never form with her. I was twenty when I got Pamela pregnant. We were in college, and I owned up to my mistake. I decided if I was mature enough to get a girl pregnant, I had to deal with the consequences.“Dad, I can explain,” she says. I raise my hand, and she stops speaking automatically. Her eyes meet the floor, and I walk to her.“Ricky, come on, man,” Dylan says. I look at him, and he immediately raises both his hands in an apologetic way. He stands from his chair and walks around, kissing Mia on the top of her head before exiting
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Chapter 3 - Layla Prime
Layla POV“Are you shitting me right now?” I curse out loud as I look in the full-body mirror to see that I ripped my favorite tights all the way from the toes to the middle of my thighs. “Argh,” I said in frustration before taking them off again and throwing them into the trash.I walk back to the drawers where my lingerie and tights are. I open the middle drawer and start moving around, looking for another one, but I can’t find any. “Fucking great,” I curse, walking out of my room and knocking next door into Jo’s room.“Jo, open up,” I say as I pound on the door, and she opens it, one eye still closed and messy hair in front of her face.“Who died?” she asks, and I walk past her into the bedroom.“Hey, Leo,” I say as I walk past the bed and into the small closet she has at the end of her room.“Hey, Layla,” Leo says, pulling his head out of the covers and watching me walk around in his girlfriend’s bedroom half-naked.“What are you looking for?” Jo asks before she jumps back in bed
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Chapter 4 - Layla Prime
Layla POVIt’s finally the weekend, and I can’t wait but to relax. I am wearing my most comfortable yoga pants with an oversized t-shirt that hits me almost on my knees. I am lazily lying down on the couch watching tv when Jo comes out of her room with tears in her eyes.“That bastard,” she curses, sitting on the end of the couch, moving my feet and resting them on her legs. I raise an eyebrow, looking at her, and she takes a deep breath, cleaning her tears with the back of her sleeve.“We’re going out,” she says, and I can’t help but laugh out loud. She must be on drugs or something. There’s no way in hell I am going out tonight. She looks at me, and it seems like she is reading my mind.“Come on, Layla, I need this,” she says, and I sit up on the couch, moving my knees against my chest and hugging my legs as I look at her.“And why is that?” I ask, and she bites her lower lip, looking at me. I keep looking at her, waiting for the bomb to drop. And fuck me, and it does drop.“I caugh
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Chapter 5 - Richard Ashford
Richard POV“Come on, we have to go,” Dylan says, and I put my glass back down on the coffee table in front of me, “Jude is already there, and Fred should be arriving soon,” he says as I roll my eyes. If it weren’t for Dylan, I wouldn’t be going. Today is his birthday, and as the bohemian playboy he is, he decided to have a masquerade sex dungeon kind of party. I shake my head mentally. When is he going to fucking grow up?“Who thought that a sinners’ party was a good idea?” I ask dryly, and Dylan laughs.“It’s fucking genius. There’s nothing better than sex, brother”, he says as he puts a hand on my shoulder before he starts walking out.“You need to chill and get fucking laid,” Dylan says, and I shake my head. The thought of a random woman touching me makes my entire body shiver. I push away the idea and follow him out of my house. We walk straight to Nando, who is waiting for us by the car with the back door already opened.“Nando, my man, how are you?” Dylan asks, shaking his hand
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Chapter 6 - Layla Prime
Layla POVOnce inside, I look around. This is the craziest place I have ever been to. I look at the entrance wall, and it has a map with all the different rooms and what happens in them. I smile, realizing that quickly this is becoming a sex party and not just an ordinary party. Whoever came up with this party is a freaking genius. I have never done anything like this before. People might think I am outgoing because of my looks, but I am kind of an introvert. I like staying home cuddled up with a pleasant set of comfy pajamas and watching TV. “This is insane,” Jo whispers in my ear, and I nod in agreement. It really is. She holds my hand, and we walk inside. I can feel the butterflies dancing in my stomach. “Ladies,” a man dressed all in black with beautiful green eyes approaches us and smiles, “There are some rules I need to explain,” he says, and we both nod. “Rule #1, your phones need to be turned off, and a sticker will be placed in front of your cameras.”“Rule #2, Masks need
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Chapter 7 - Layla Prime
Layla POV“That is something I have never been called before,” he whispers, and I smile as his hands keep moving up and down my body, exploring every inch of it.I gather the courage and move my hands down his arms and then up again, moving them to his chest and undoing the buttons from his shirt, exposing his tanned skin covered in a small layer of chest hair. I can’t help but pass my fingers over them. His skin is hot, and his chest is hard. I move my hands to his shoulder and peel his shirt off, leaving him completely exposed to me. His skin is clear of tattoos, and I can’t help but kiss his shoulder.His hand moves further along my pussy. He can feel how wet I am because slowly, he slides one finger inside of me, making me squirm, while with another finger, he plays with my clit. I close my eyes, moaning, and he covers my mouth with his hand. I can’t help but lick him, and he smiles. Too bad it is so dark I can barely see his facial features. But let’s be honest, and I don’t need
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Chapter 8 - Richard Ashford
Richard POV "Good morning," I hear Mrs. Nichols say as I walk into the kitchen. I smile at her as I grab a cup from the cabinet.  "Good morning," I reply as she pours me coffee. It smells amazing. I grab my cup and walk to my office. I put the cup on the coaster, sit on my chair, and turn on my laptop. I open my email and immediately regret doing so, I have already thirty-two, and it's only six thirty in the morning. There's one from Dylan and another from Jude. I decide to open those first and regret immediately opening Dylan's. "Hey bro, I thought you would like to have a look at these pictures that I got my hands on. Don't worry; I took care of them, and no one got to see them, but damn…." I open the attachments to find two pictures of me and the mysterious brunette at the party. The first photo is of her pressed against the wall while I fucked her from behind, and the second one is of
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Chapter 9 - Layla Prime
Layla POV He's a dick. I shake my head as I walk to the elevator. I press the button and realize I have no idea what floor IT is. I walk back to the desk to ask Esther, but she is not there. I looked all around the floor, and I couldn't find her. Is she in there with him? I take a deep breath and walk to the door stopping a few inches away, my shoes almost touching the door. As I raise my hand to knock, the door slams open, and a big Richard Ashford slams his massive body against mine, making me take a few steps back. His fist grips my arm, keeping me in place, and the warmth of his hand irradiates through my arm. My eyes lock on his deep blue eyes, and he is very serious. "Where have you been?" he asks, and I blink a couple of times, trying to make my brain function again. I open and close my mouth like a fish out of water, and when I realize he is looking at me with a death stare, I take one step back, making his hand fall on his side.
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Chapter 10 - Layla Prime
Layla POV It's almost eight o'clock when I finish everything I have to do at work. I had to stay a few extra hours to sort everything out and get all the paperwork into the appropriate folders on the iPad. I have a banging headache, and I am starving. I didn't have time to eat. The phone kept ringing non-stop with the people I canceled the meetings with complaining they waited months for the appointment. Well, they were lucky I managed to squeeze them where I did. Ricard will be finishing work later every day for the next three weeks. It was that or made everyone wait months again.  I sit back on my chair, stretching my arms above my head and moving my neck from side to side. I turn my iMac off, and as I place the iPad on the charge, the elevator door opens, and Richard walks in. He is holding his jacket in his hand, and on the other hand, he has his phone while he scrolls through.&nb
Read more Protection Status