The Billionaire Daddies

The Billionaire Daddies

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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"Don't play coy with us, Jacqueline. You know that we want you," Grady was to my back and kissed my naked shoulder excruciatingly slowly. We...oh, fuck. ***** Since a very young age, Jacqueline has always been the adventurous type. Growing up she didn't change, her curiosity developed in all aspects of her life. But watching her mom wilted away because of her dad's affairs made her swear not to fall for any man. She moved miles away from home to free herself of her family's hypocrisy and judgemental view of their social circle. Jacqueline couldn't believe the day when she was recruited by an escort agency. Her love of intimacy was reflected in ways she always imagine. The lack of family closeness made her crave attention from others, up until the day she met the twins, from then on she never felt so suffocated in all her life. Follow Jacqueline's journey as she discovers love, not only from one but two men. How will she handle them, and will she follow her guts and fall for both brothers?

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Shaira Tashnub Torsa
loved it!!!!.........
2024-01-21 15:09:26
default avatar
Rhonda James
Loved it!!!
2023-08-17 23:47:15
user avatar
I loved this book!! Such a refreshing and light-hearted story. Worth reading
2023-06-29 23:51:38
user avatar
Enjoyed very much would love a sequel with expansion on Remy, Silas and Silvia. Plus more twins, wifey and more babies!
2023-03-21 09:36:47
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Marilyn Clark-midl
This book is getting very interesting with the mysterious happenings and stockers
2022-12-10 11:16:44
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Lizangel Orionuke
It very very nice
2022-10-08 07:29:58
default avatar
Good story. Would have liked to find out what happened with Remy and Ghazi.
2022-10-26 02:05:05
63 Chapters
1. Live your life
When life sucks,Create a new one.- Jacqueline"Do you have this in black?" I asked the sales lady when I was spending my time shopping for a dress. Not that I need more, but the act itself was therapeutic for my messed-up soul.Yep, being a sugar baby is stressful, the money, the travel, and all the luxury life could offer. Oh...yeah, not to mention the sex. I love sex. I thrive on human companions, but I suck at relationships. The notion of having to commit to a man for sex and companionship and some even wanted it for the rest of their life seemed ridiculous.I nodded at the sales lady with a smile. "Yes, thank you, I'll take this one in black," I confirmed when she informed me that they do have one in black. I was seeing the green dress wrap my body beautifully, it shows my shoulder and emphasizes my creamy slender neck. I smile looking at the reflection knowing I looked hot, sexy, and fuckable, obviously at the right price. To which I don't even bother with, previously Adriana,
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2. Sweet Sugary Life
Be a Sugar BabyExpect the good life- Jacqueline"Jacqueline, love, did you hear me?" Dustin, my millionaire sugar daddy for the weekend asked. I was in my bikini, relaxing on the lounger as the man put his phone away. "Sorry, must be the heat. Do you want to go back inside the villa? I think I'm baked, I need to cool off." I replied peeling my eyes away from the soothing landscape of the shoreline.I love tropical beaches and Maui has a beautiful shoreline and exquisite beachfront villas. I would love to go to Fiji or Maldives but I took what I was offered, the guy looked like he was one foot away from a board meeting. So, I settled for Maui and honestly I can't complain, I was loving the private beach, lush landscape, and the array of tropical fruits available on the kitchen island.One afternoon sex later, I left him dozed off in the master bedroom while I skinny-dipped in the villa's private swimming pool. My body hummed in content, my mind relaxes, my eyes were spoiled by the la
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3. The Sandwich
In Between There's nothing more alluring- JacquelineI'm late, damn it. I cursed on the inside knowing I'd been struggling with the necklace. I had taken a couple of days off for school assignments and now I have a date with my sugar daddy for a boring evening and I'm now trying to keep up with my timing.I need help.My thought races as I grab my stuff after putting on my sexy heels, my nails are matching fiery red color with my toes, my off-the-shoulder evening dress is on point with my diamond-encrusted clutch. I grabbed my white faux fur coat on my way out of my apartment.Ella always said I'm a hustling, sex-craved, attention-seeking sugar baby. But I know my appearance screams million-dollar trophy wife climbing her way up to be the first lady.I intend to ask my neighbor to help me with the necklace, however, I didn't expect that when I burst into her apartment, her two gorgeous twin brothers were there.Yummm...Talk about sex on a stick.God was definitely in a happy moo
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4. Wonder Twin
Gluttony is a sinEveryone is a sinnerMe included- Jacqueline"You look stunning." He kissed my cheek the moment I was to his side, his driver close the door behind me and was back behind the wheel leaving the hot twins by the apartment lobby."Thank you, Mr. Taheri.""Ghazi, please, and I'm sorry for running a bit late,""I know, I'm trying to flirt here," I winked and rest to his side, enjoying the smell of his expensive cologne. "'re a busy businessman, you don't have to explain yourself to me. I understand."The Iranian business mogul looked handsome in his Gucci suit, which not a lot of men can pull off their glamorous design. And when we arrived at the charity venue, his dark skin, raven hair, impeccable taste of suit, designer leather shoes and gold cufflinks made few heads turn our way.I let him put my hand on the crook of his arms and while I stay pretty beside him and be the perfect date while my mind wanders back to the hot twins.Earlier this evening when I hur
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5. All Business
Women are distractionAnd I can't be interrupted- GradyI sighed and rest back to my office chair, our Financial Corporations are the most lucrative businesses that we run. We have several company names under our belt, as we have taken over a few companies over the years.At twenty-five years old people still wonder how we even get this successful in life. But their astonishment diluted when they learned that we're the genius twin.We are not mathematical Einstein-type genius, but our brains were tuned differently and the tests said that we're smart above average and we proved them right, over the years. Percy and I skip grades in elementary all the way to college and now we're skipping our way up the business ladder and be financial tycoons at a very young age.Mom and dad were still shocked that we've taken business life so easily, and they do not approve of our hectic way of living. Mom would always think of us as her cute twin baby boys, and dad still look at us as his mischievou
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6. The Wealthy Escape
Sexual pleasureA temporary high- JacquelineIt was two weeks later when Kamaria had me scheduled for Ghazi Taheri, the wealthy Iranian who showered me with gifts and politeness that I could never refuse.I have been busy with my paper and couldn't be happier when Ghazi wanted me to escort him for his little getaway. I was booked for a week in Capri where he supposedly going to go on a romantic holiday with his partner.We had been on dates where I was his pretend lover and within six months of going out with him to galas and business trips. I know the man pretty well by now and he knows for sure that I had signed an NDA to not spill anything that may compromise his public image."How are you with finishing your paper?" He asked lounging by the pool, his handsome boyfriend was clinging on to his side. Ghazi always looks relaxed and free whenever he can be himself, and in the comfort of his private villa, he can do anything he'd like. He needed me there just in case, and I was loving
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7. Lunch a bunch
Do your Power WalkShop like a superstar- JacquelineI slept like a baby, always have after a nice orgasm. But last night I had one of the best under two minutes orgasms in my adult life, and this morning I woke up at ten. Yep, almost missed the first important meal of the day. Breakfast. The thought of morning coffee made me stretch out like a cat while managing to avoid sunlight like a true vampire. Up until I feel the urgent need to pee and I grumble as I made my way to the en suite bathroom.Brushing my teeth and looking at the mirror, I think back to last night. It has been a while since I found someone who can satisfy me in minutes. Maybe it's the twin effect, yeah...I'm going to blame it on that. Or maybe it was the thrill of getting caught, cause last night was all Percy.Hmm...Wearing my floral short summer dress I exit my bedroom to have breakfast and as suspected the guys were still having theirs."Jacqueline, finally you grace us with your presence." Remy greeted looking
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8. Greedy Much?
Why have one When you can have two- Jacqueline"Grady, where are we going? Percy?" I halted my steps when I pass Ghazi's villa. I was tired, I wanted to go back to the restaurant and have a lazy day of people watching while pretending that I was typing on my laptop. But we've passed Ghazi's already and I know it'll take a while if I wanted to go back to have my quiet time with my head. We stopped exactly three houses up the hill from Ghazi's. It was a beautiful modern villa with a touch of Capri in its architectural structure."Erm, I thought we're going to visit a tourist attraction or maybe a coffee place?" I asked looking a bit too intimidated, Grady, looked like he's enjoying my awkwardness, while Percy walked through the front door then rest my stuff away in the living room."There's a private pool, espresso machine, and a full bar in the lounge." As if his explanation sort out everything, Grady slipped his hand in mine and ushered me deeper into the house. "Come on, let me s
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9. Finding truth
Curiosity kills the catBut bright minds rarely care- PercyThe beautiful Jacqueline can easily stir my emotion. I was worried last night when I couldn't call her, I know I had the right number. Then it occurs to me that maybe she'd fallen asleep. But when morning comes, I start to get worried as she hadn't answered my texts and calls.Two hours later I was upset with her thinking that she was ignoring me and I was such a fool for thinking last night meant something for her. Nearing lunchtime I was moody and borderline annoying making Grady drag me out of the villa to shake off my attitude.The afternoon air was nice, it was our second day in Capri. We were having a break from our work when Grady suggested going to Capri saying he wanted to check out a new property for our vacation home, hence the Capri waterfront villa where we stay at."I told you last night that it was a bad idea, you should stay away from her." Grady remind me for the hundredth time, while I kept holding onto my
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10. Seduce and Conquer
Seize the momentPlease her to all extent- GradyShe looked beautiful when she entered the house, Percy had his hand on her lower back and she was laughing at one of his jokes. I get back to my cooking and plated the saute chicken mushrooms. It's a simple and fast served dish, the fries were to its side and white wine was already chilled on the dining table. "Oh, Grady that smells good, it's your holiday you shouldn't even be cooking." She was to my side, helping me with the finished meal when I nodded and told her they were done and she can help me set them on the table. Percy was pouring the wine, I paused and looked at us as if it's routine stuff for us. Percy was right, I needed this, I need to relax. After Melody, everything was never the same, I went spiraling to the dark side as soon as I was able to date. I got into tattoos and piercings, addicted to the pain and pleasure they inflicted on my body. They help me forget about her, they were all random pictures that meant noth
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