The Billionaire's Second Choice: Running away with his kids.

The Billionaire's Second Choice: Running away with his kids.

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"You'll sleep with my husband, vanish before he glimpses your face. He believes I'm untouched, and we must maintain that facade." Trapped in my sister's sinister plan, enter Victor's room under the cloak of darkness, desire dancing with secrecy. As the night unfolded in forbidden passion, we shared hidden moments, but everything started falling apart. I was ensnared in my sister's plot, and the morning light exposed the truth. Victor's stern voice demanded, "What are you doing here?"

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Delinda Schumacher
109 chapters 3-1-24
2024-03-02 09:23:10
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Christine Owings
99 chapters 2/21/24
2024-02-22 11:26:58
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we need more update
2024-01-31 21:55:14
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Cruz hapi
interesting story, I love it
2024-01-02 06:51:22
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More Updates Author. I can't get enough ...
2023-12-27 03:12:59
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Favour Amos
It is a good book , enjoying so far
2023-12-24 05:03:04
166 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Watch your step, ma'am," warned the taxi driver, lending a hand to help me with my suitcase. Exiting the taxi, I settled the fare and expressed my gratitude to the driver. The city air, so familiar from my childhood, filled my lungs with joy. The sun's warmth and the gentle rustle of leaves enhanced the moment. Letting my hair down from its previously messy bun, I revealed the elegance and beauty within. Walking along the pavement toward my house, anxiety crept over me. This place, once my parents' home, held painful memories. My mom had passed away just before I started college, a time when I couldn't share my joy with her. My father swiftly replaced her with a new family, bringing in a mistress and her daughter. I suspected they were in the picture even while my mom was alive, given that my stepsister was a year younger. Life had turned into a nightmare since the arrival of my stepmother and stepsister. Initially excited about having a stepsibling, I found myself ignored and mis
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Chapter 2
Maddie Since the beginning, it's been a relentless pursuit of perfection—planning and shopping consumed my days. My stepmother's lists were my guide, demanding precision. Stephanie, my stepsister, embodied the ideal bride in this whirlwind. In quiet moments, I attempted to breach her fortress, pleading with her to address the chaos with our father. "Stephanie, can we talk for a minute?" I implored, her gaze meeting mine in the mirror. "Sure," she replied, a subtle glare revealing her irritation. "I want to plead with you." "About what?" "About all of this," I said, bridging the gap between us. "I'm sleeping with your husband in your place." "What about it?" Her response hung in the air, a mix of detachment and a tempest of emotions beneath the surface. "What do you mean, what about it?" I exclaimed, shocked. "How can you be okay with this? I'm your sister, for crying out loud." "So, what do you want?" she retorted, standing up. "Huh? Tell me, you want to be the one to get m
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Chapter 3
Maddie I stirred from my sleep, hearing the subtle sounds of morning. Blinking against the brightness, I found myself in a room flooded with light. “Oh my God!” I gasped, leaping out of bed. Victor stood near the window, a detail I missed in my initial shock. Had I known, I wouldn't have screamed. He turned, confusion marking his face, which slowly morphed into anger. My throat went dry. Supposed to leave right after, but I had fallen asleep in his arms. Trying to slip away, his gaze fixed on me. “Don't move," he commanded, stern and unwavering. I froze. “I have two questions," his deep voice cut through the tension. I nodded, unable to speak. “What are you doing here?" I began to answer, but he raised a finger, cutting me off. “Don't lie to me, and what is going on?” My attempt to find the words failed. “Speak!" he shouted, the sound echoing through the house. Fear seized me; I trembled, lips glued together. “Why are you mute, you weren't quiet last night,” he continued with
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Chapter 4
Victor I continued thrusting, driven by an insatiable desire. Her moans echoed loudly, and her inner thighs were soaked, yet it wasn't enough. It had never been enough, especially since that fateful wedding night. The memory of it intensified my movements. She kept screaming my name, and as I reached my climax, thoughts of the woman from my wedding night flooded my mind, arousing me even more. The mere recollection of her sent shivers down my spine.“That was your best yet, Victor," the woman on my office sofa complimented. She had been a recurring presence, introduced by my friends who believed I needed distraction from the woman who had left an indelible mark on my wedding night. Yet, she was more than just a distraction; she unearthed emotions I never thought I possessed. Despite my inebriation that night, the memories lingered, haunting my thoughts.“You think?” I responded to her.“You still think of her, don't you?” Her question caught me off guard. She laughed, saying, “I migh
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Chapter 5
MaddieThe sun shone brightly as I got out of the airplane, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. It's been five years since I saw that tree staring back at me. The last time I saw it was the moment I looked back on my life years ago.I stepped into the limousine, and a wave of cold air from the AC gushed over me.As the limo drove through the familiar streets of New York, memories flooded back. I couldn't help but recall the challenges, pain, and heartache I endured during my time here. However, I was determined to focus on the positive changes in my life. My decision to pursue the scholarship and move to Italy had been a turning point, and now, returning after five years felt like a triumphant homecoming.“Where to, Ma?” My driver, Steven, asked.“The main workshop, please.” I replied to him.After leaving New York, it was hell. Upon arriving at the college, I was told that after a year I would have to live off campus. I worked two shifts every day after work, even after I ga
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Chapter 6
Maddie"Forgiveness?" . I thought to myself as I hurriedly left his office, fighting the tears from dropping my eyes. I wondered if it was possible and if healing was within reach.As I walked out of my father's office, the memories of everything he put me through flooded back.Maeve was waiting outside, concern all over her face."Well, that went better than expected," she said, trying to lighten up my mood."Let's not get ahead of ourselves," I replied. I was still processing everything that just happened."Now that we have settled on the venue issue, we need to make sure all other things are in order. If this show isn't a success, then there is no point in coming back to New York.""I got you, babe. You know that, but you need to take it slow too. You can't bottle up all your feelings." Maeve said, trying to get me to talk about what went down with my father."Watch me," I said to her with a stern face."Ma'am, is time?" I looked up to Steven talking, then looked at my wristwatch.
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Chapter 7
Victor"Hmm, hmm." Stephanie moaned loudly. Her ass was facing me as she laid on the table, with me thrusting inside of her."Faster, oh, you feel so good." She kept going on loudly. I spanked her as she came all over my dick.I wasn't close yet, even with her big ass and her moans. My mind flashbacks to my wedding night, and adrenaline pumped through my system."Stay put, I'm coming." I commanded as I pumped my seeds into the condom.Yeah, condom, I have been careful to use it ever since Stephanie and I started fucking. I have never been careful with anyone this way."That was amazing, Victor." She said this as she lay next to the bed beside the table."Hmmm," I replied to her nonchalantly."Come on, how much more do I need to prove myself?" She said, getting tears.My attitude toward her hasn't changed, nor has her ambition to be my wife again.Like that would ever happen."This is everything I got on Kingsley. With this, you can get the client from him." She said, handing me an env
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Chapter 8
Maddie"What the hell is he doing here?!". Surprise was written all over my face. Of all the places, I never expected him to be here at my fashion show."Madison..." Victor spoke, coming close to me."It's Maddie, just Maddie." I told him, but he just kept staring at me."I'm sorry, but it's been a long time. Last time I saw you, we were both in a weird situation."While he was speaking, a familiar figure came down the red carpet towards us."Maddie?" What are you doing here?"Stephanie asked with disdain in her voice."What am I doing here? Are those supposed to be the right questions?" I asked, laughing."I thought you left the city." She said"I did, and I'm back. What are you doing here?""I didn't know it was your show till I got here." She said that. I noticed her moving close to Victor, trying to hold his hands. But he smacked her hands down and moved closer to me."Don't come any further." Maeve, who has been watching the whole thing, stood between myself and Victor."It's oka
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Chapter 9
MaddieI woke up to the sun on my face and the non stop buzzing of my phone. I have a busy schedule today, and hearing the sound of my phone isn't helping.I stood up, did my daily routine, and headed for the kitchen to get myself a coffee drink. The house was silent, which means Aiden and Caleb had left for school.My heart ached at that; at least I saw them before they went to bed last night. But it isn't enough. I knew that.Taking a sip of my coffee, I went through my phone to see a lot of messages from Maeve, and they were not good."Where are you, girl?. You need to get here ASAP." Oversleeping wasn't my thing, except when I was truly tired. I drank all the coffee and hurriedly left for the office.I wore a short body hug singlet gown with a white shirt, a long light jacket, and sneakers. I complimented my looks with a black shade, and I felt good about myself.I arrived at the office to see a lot of cameras and reporters at my entrance."What the hell?" I almost shouted."Shoul
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Chapter 10
MaddieDriving Aiden and Caleb to the park, started to feel like the wrong thing to do. I kept wondering who would have taken those pictures of me and why. A reporter maybe but how did they know where to find because clearly they were waiting for me. "Watch it." I was about to bump into another lane and cause an accident. "Watch your six ma'am!.""Do you want to cause an accident?!" "You shouldn't be on the road if you can't drive!." I heard someone. So arrogant. So many questions on my driving skills. Ignoring the rude comment, I concentrated on driving through the traffic. The weird pictures were bothering me, making me wonder who took them and why. As we got to the park, I felt uneasy. I parked, looking around carefully, worried about the chance of being followed or watched."You guys okay?" I asked Caleb and AidenI saw them shake their heads but they were engrossed in the game they were playing.The park was like a little break from all the crazy stuff around me. Seeing Ai
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